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Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package(GTPPKG)

  • shown with lens ring for Sigma 8mm Nikon Mount
  • pkg also include free compass (not shown)
  • R10 with spirit level and compass on rotator mini  - Nodal Ninja Online Store
  • Rotator Mini - Nodal Ninja Online Store
  • Lens Ring Clamp - Nodal Ninja Online Store
  • Camera mounted on R1 - Nodal Ninja Online Store
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Product Description

GTP's Receive 10% discount
(ask your Google rep for coupon code)

This is a Google's Trusted Photographer (GTP) recommendation. One of the smallest, lightest precision heads on the market. A single row pano head designed for use with circular and full frame fisheye lenses. It's was NASA's choice of equipment for shooting VR aboard the International Space Station.
When purchasing the GTP Package you have the option to select which ring. The ring clamp mounts directly onto the lens itself freeing up the camera. Different cameras can be use on the same lens without adjusting any settings. Also included is free external spirit level. The items comes fully assembled. If you are a GTP be sure to ask your Google Rep for the 10% Google coupon code. 
COUPON CODE REQUIRED (only valid for this package)

Testimonial from Google's Operations Lead
"Thank you for the product update and the impeccable customer service you provide us and our GTP's....
It really shows that Nodal Ninja truly stands behind their product and customer service."

Static Tilt - lens will point 7.5 degrees upwards.
RM4 = 4 stops around - 90 degree rotator.
Rail settings for Sigma 8mm F3.5 Nikon Mount = 1.4.
Rail settings for Sigma 8mm F3.5 Canon Mount = 0.85.
Rail settings for Canon 8-15mm @8mm = 1.8.
These rail settings are preset for GTP pkgs by means of pre-installed rail stop.

Features and Highlights:

  • Arca Swiss Compatible quick release design.
  • Modular design. 
  • Lens clamp mounted to lens.
  • Different cameras can be use on the same lens without adjusting any settings.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Small nadir footprint.
  • Built in compass.
  • Spirit level that allows rotation to the side and back for better viewing.
  • Rail stop that is integrated into the Lens Ring Plate.
  • 15 day money back guarantee.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Selected by NASA.

Rotator Mini Features:

  • Compact and light weight, 46mm diameter and 88g (vs RD4/5 220g).
  • Smooth rotation with lubricated bearings.
  • Interchangeable detent ring.
  • Rotator lock for use on pole.

Notes: images shown may vary slightly from actual product.
NOT compatible with Nodal Ninja 3/4/5, Ultimate M1 or the Quick Mount Mini.

Includes: R10 Head, Arca swiss style lens ring clamp, Rotator Mini (RM4), quick reference guide, attached spirit level and "compass", hard case - foam lined and zippered, 3/8-1/4 thread adapter, hex key + misc.

Positive attributes over other similar products
Model R10/RM4
1. Weight 358 grams
2. Supporting Lenses 30+
3. Tilt Options (based on selection of head) 4
4. Number of "interchangeable" detent rings 4
5. Lightweight aluminum rotator base yes
6. Inexpensive upgrade path for swapping out select lenses (only $20) yes
7. Lens clamp attaches without need for hex key yes
8. Graduated scale marking for use with different lenses yes
9. Arca Swiss style quick release system yes
10. Modular design yes
11. Ability to swap out tilt option yes
12. Ability to swap out clamp option yes
13. Ability to swap out vertical rail yes
14. Ability to swap out lens clamp rail yes
15. Knob tightened to lessen risk of accidental release  yes
16. Zippered hard shell protective carry case yes
17. Wide plastic "lens protector" - Metal to lens may cause scratches or damage lens yes
18. Rotator lock screw to allow for use on poles yes
19. No tools required for initial setup true
20. Lens mount can be used with other pano heads or 3rd party equipment yes
21. In-house Google Trusted Photographer (product support only) yes
22. Can be purchased inside the USA yes
23. Google Trusted Photographer Discount yes
24. Free domestic shipping yes
25. Participating Dealer discounts in other countries yes
26. Modified version selected by NASA for shooting VR inside the International Space Station yes
27. Offices open to public  - walk-ins welcome yes
28. Direct phone support available for all products and general inquires (see hours below) yes
29. Industry leading Customer Support - search phrase: customer support w/ company name google results
30.Price US$234
after discount
You save = $170 over other GTP suggested heads

Note: If you find any claims above to be untrue please contact us and amend as needed.

Rebuttal to 360precision's website comparison table which simply are NOT TRUE.
* They state equal sale numbers of 1000+ - NOT TRUE - this is purely speculative on their part.
* They state R10 comes with 2 year warrany - NOT TRUE - R10 comes with full 5 year warranty.
* They state R10 not being recommended by top GTP's? - NOT TRUE - testament to our own in-house GTP.
* They state we copied the 7.5 degree tilt - NOT TRUE - 7.5 degree tilt workflow has been used for years.
* They state R10 has no original design features? - NOT TRUE - we have many unique features as outlined above.
* They state R10 has not zero setup? - NOT TRUE - R10 requires "no tools" Atome requires use of tool.
* They state we do not have Precision Aluminum Lens Ring? - NOT TRUE - our aluminum rings are precisely engineered for perfect fit.
* They state our online support staff is telling potential customers that the Atome lens ring damages lenses. - NOT TRUE - this goes against our core values.


This package is designed exclusively for the GTP, however anyone may purchase this package.
1 purchase per person limit (excluding dealers).


User Guides and Manuals

All User Guides and Manuals (html, pdf, doc) - click here

QRG - GTP with R10 (Google Trusted Photographers): html .:. pdf

QRG - GTP R10 Package for Sigma 8mm f/3.5 for Canon: html .:. pdf

QRG - GTP R10 Package for Sigma 8mm f/3.5 for Nikon: html .:. pdf

QRG - GTP R10 Package for Canon EF 8-15mm: html .:. pdf

Because this is a "discounted" specialty item
we can only offer "15 day" return policy if not 100% satisfied.

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Product Reviews

  1. Foolproof setup for No Parallax Point and Tilt Angle

    Posted by Al Kawasaki on 5th Jul 2013

    Once the lens ring is installed, this kit makes for quick and foolproof panorama shooting.

  2. huge timesaver

    Posted by Tim on 1st Jul 2013

    Very happy with this product. The compass is a bit too small and alive to small vibrations. For the rest, excellent!

  3. Very good product.

    Posted by Shawn on 27th Jun 2013

    I found everything to be ideal on this unit for 90 degree increment pano photography. My only criticism would be to put the level in the center of the bottom circular black piece directly below the camera mount. I find sometimes that leveling is difficult when the level itself is not centered.

  4. Very Good, but beware of a couple of issues

    Posted by MIke on 26th Jun 2013

    I have a Nikon D800E with the Sigma 8mm lens and when mounted as described in the instructions the lens will pick up the outside edge of the Ninja base. You will need to reverse the back plate so that the lens does not pick it up in your shots. Doing so fixes this issue but the compass is backwards at this point so your south becomes your north.

  5. Exellent Service

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jun 2013

    Same Issue. Compass is too small. Fast Shipping. Super Service!
    4 stops works perfect with cropped sensor camera and Sigma 8mm Lens as advertised.
    Total time for shooting 1 HDR panorama including stitching in PTGui: 5 minutes.

  6. Works ad advertised

    Posted by Morten Hartvig on 12th Jun 2013

    The only reason for 4 stars, instead of 5, is that the compass is tiny, and therefore not as precise as u expect a compass to be.

  7. You guys Rock

    Posted by Nolan on 7th Jun 2013

    so my review is more for your company than the product. The product is awesome and works great. But what made me really love you guys is that I had forgot to put part of my shipping address in when I ordered. So I called you guys up and left a message explaining my situation. The next day I got an email with everything corrected it was one of the best feelings knowing that you guys actually tried to make the customer happy. (especially after the horrible experience I had with Sigmaphoto). thanks you so much for the awesome support you guys have won a customer for life!!!

  8. Good but could be better

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd May 2013

    this product works as advertised. It is smooth and well finished. However, it was iritating that I had to buy a separate base to get 60 degree click stops for my DX format camera instead of being able to use the one that came with the Ninja unit. they should tell you that 90 degree stops are good only for full frame and that you'll need to pony up another $90 for a pano base that works will all cameras.

    {Nodal Ninja reply: The Google Trusted photographer package has been created per Google's requirements and its workflow requirement of shooting 4-90 degree hemispheres. The option to shoot with a 60 degree rotator is an option outside Google's requirements and should not be viewed as a detriment to the entire package. Remember you purchased the GTP pkg - for people wanting to customize the setup it is recommended to purchase the R1 which gives you greatest flexibility.}

  9. Buen producto

    Posted by www.oliveryanes.com on 17th May 2013

    Este producto ha sido diseñado expresamente para fotógrafos de confianza de Google, así que hace todo lo que se espera de el.
    Es pequeño, ligero y bien acabado.
    Echo de menos que las instrucciones no estén en más idiomas, por ejemplo el español. Esto es algo que no le supone un gran sacrificio a la marca y sin duda, mejoraría la experiencia de usuario para los compradores de habla no inglesa.

  10. Work great / tres bon produit

    Posted by www.overshot.com on 14th May 2013

    Très bon produit parfait pour des 360 avec un canon 8-15

  11. Works great for Google Business photography

    Posted by Andy on 3rd May 2013

    Very pleased with build quality, came completely assembled. Got stop insert designed for my lens in separate mailing.
    Instructions for use for Google are slightly off, best to use proprietary instructions from Google.
    Built-in compass & level are quite convenient, although small, and compass sometimes needs to be tapped to unstick needle.
    Light weight, easy to put in camera bag with lens attached.

  12. Good unit.

    Posted by Brian Carey on 3rd May 2013

    Well built and does the job. I bought the unit for a Canon lens and got the Sigma instructions but fortunately the Canon instructions were online. Info could be better, I would like to know if you can adjust the 90 degree indents.

  13. Good build, loss of ability to see the focus mark a real problem.

    Posted by Frank on 15th Apr 2013

    Was pleased by the simplicity of the design and build.
    Would it be possible to drill a view hole through the band to see where the focus point is on the lens.

  14. Excellent Nodal Head

    Posted by Tony on 9th Apr 2013

    The Ultimate R10 is smaller, lighter, and so much easier to use compared to other nodal heads I have used. Great purchase!!

  15. Great overall but weak details

    Posted by Fredrik on 8th Mar 2013

    Build quality and function is great. Easy to put together and good instructions. The only thing to complain about is the compass, cant trust it at all. If i rotate the ball head the compass get stuck in some places and will not move until i give the tripod a shake. And yes its perfectly levelled before rotating.
    (moderator note: The compass only needs to be used once to reference North on first shot. It does not need to move as you rotate the head. If you feel the compass is defective please return for replacement)

  16. Rock Solid and easy to use

    Posted by Bill Heller on 15th Feb 2013

    Like every Nodal Ninja product I've purchased (and there have been quite a few) the R10 is made to last.

    I got the ring for the Canon 8-15 and the stop to preset the exact nodal (or no parallax) point is very handy.

    Other than Google Trusted Photographer shoots, this will be used when I need to get a walking tour of an area including many scenes in an interior space. As opposed to a single multi-row high resolution panorama of an outside view, for which I would recommend one of the multi row NN heads like NN3 (which I have and use often) or Ultimate M, which I have not used, but looks like an amazing piece of equipment.

  17. GTPs - this what you need to take 360 Panos

    Posted by Jeff Finkelstein - Customer Paradigm on 6th Feb 2013

    If you're reading this review, you're probably in the process of signing up for the GTP program. This is a pretty specific piece of gear for stitching together 360 degree panoramic photos with a fisheye lens.

    (I'm in the process of signing up to the GTP program, and the Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package is amazing.)

    Bottom line: this is a really solid piece of gear. All metal construction, smooth action, and built for the professional photographer that will be using this in the real world.

    The built-in level and compass drastically simplify the setup process.

    The metal build is solid, and feels like it's going to last forever. If you're part of the GTP program, this is the one single piece of hardware that you need.

    Setting it up was really easy (even without reading the manual). The plastic insert makes it easy for the shoe to fit into the system at just the precise point. And I was never worried about the lens slipping off because everything was built for a professional.

    It's not a motorized panoramic system; rather it allows you to precisely position your camera for images, and then you rotate clockwise at 90 degree precise angles.

    Shipping was quick.

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