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iSTAR - 360 Rapid Imaging
Demonstration of how fast iSTAR captures a panorama


NCTech RGB LiDAR Overlay Module
RGB Overlay module makes it possible to colourise any point cloud data from any scanner, by directly mapping the colour data to the point cloud from the RAW iSTAR images without stitching.


UAV iSTAR Test Flight - PhotoShipOne 
Initial test flight to see how iSTAR handles on a UAV. Testing was done using a UAV from PhotoShipOne and location was kindly provided by Bill Bailey at Nodal Ninja in Chandler, Arizona.


iSTAR landing from a PhotoShipOne UAV
iSTAR being expertly landed from a UAV by DJ Vegh from PhotoShipOne - note the hands free technique while taking a photo of the unit in flight!


iSTAR & Surphaser RGB Overlay
iSTAR® proves to be the perfect solution for providing HDR colour overlay with Surphaser scanners. Example shows multiple scans / multiple iSTAR images perfectly aligned with the scan to colourise the entire location. Surphaser software maps the colour directly from iSTAR’s un-processed data to create an accurate, measurable overlay.


iSTAR & Trimble Automatic RGB Overlay
iSTAR used with Trimble scanner and software to overlay scan data with HDR image colour.


Comparison between iSTAR & LizardQ
A direct comparison between the 2 systems.


iSTAR Measurements
Example from 2013 of how Immersive Studio will support measurements directly from iSTAR data


iSTUDIO 5 Walkthrough
Quick look at iSTUDIO 5 with new iSTAR Share capability built in.


iSTUDIO Faro Module
iSTUDIO to SCENE WebShare Module



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