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If you are interested in become a dealer see below.

We always encourage our customers to order from a local authorized dealer within their region. 
Buying locally helps to keep your economy strong.

*GTP = Google Trusted Photography Equipment Dealer

  1. Australia - *GTP
  2. Austria / Germany - *GTP
  3. Belgium - *GTP
  4. Belgium -
  5. Brazil -
  6. Brazil -
  7. Bulgaria -
  8. China -
  9. Columbia -
  10. Czech Republic - *GTP
  11. Estonia -
  12. France
  13. France - *GTP
  14. France -
  15. Germany / Austria *GTP
  16. Hungary -
  17. Indonesia -
  18. Israel -
  19. Italy - (Dealer / Warranty Center) *GTP
  20. Japan -
  21. Latvia
  22. Malaysia -
  23. Malaysia -
  24. Netherlands -
  25. Netherlands -
  26. Netherlands
  27. Netherlands -
  28. Netherlands -
  29. New Zealand
  30. Philippines -
  31. Poland -
  32. Poland -
  33. Romania -
  34. Russia -
  35. Singapore -
  36. Spain -
  37. Solvakia -
  38. South Africa -
  39. South Korea
  40. Turkey -
  41. UK - *GTP
  42. United Arab Emirates -
  43. USA - (New York)
  44. USA - (New York)
  45. USA - (Massachusetts)
  46. USA - (California)
  47. USA - (Cailfornia)
  48. USA - (Hawaii)
  49. USA - (Arizona)
  50. USA - (Colorado)
  51. GLOBAL - (Dealer / Warranty Center) *GTP

*GTP = Google Trusted Photography Equipment Dealer

Becoming a Nodal Ninja Authorized Dealer

If you represent a camera store and have an online business selling photographic equipment consider becoming a Nodal Ninja dealer. Nodal Ninja is distributor for the Fanotec protect line encompassing Panoramic Tripods Heads, Carbon Fiber Aerial Poles, Super High Resolution Gigapixel Heads and many related accessories. Fanotec is known for quality, precision and reliability which is backed by industry leading support. We sell to many Fortune 500 companies, Federal and Local Governmental Agencies, Law Enforcement, Forensics, Education Institutions, Media/Production Companies, Engineering & Survey Companies, Museums, and Parks & Recreation and much more. Click here for partial list of Notable Customers. Our largest customer base however is the end user, from amateurs to seasoned professional. Many of these buyers search local dealers within their region before coming to us.

Key Benefits:

  • Very attractive dealer discounts.
    • No need to carry inventory - we will drop ship direct to your customer (smaller discount).
    • If you physically stock inventory you'll enjoy much higher discounts.
  • If your inventory does not sell we will buy it back within 6 months of purchase.
  • We are a top global supplier of panoramic camera equipment.
  • Products are backed by full 5 year warranty against defects.
  • Non-competitive US pricing (shipping may vary).
  • Dealers can pass along discounts by offered bundled solutions.
  • We offer more choices for panoramic equipment than any other company in this market.
    • Universal solutions - 2 of our base products would satisfy the needs of 90% of all users.
    • Camera specific solutions - with 5 base models, rotator options, lens rings choices user can choose from over 100 specific configurations to meet specific needs. More than any other company on the market.
  • Add more profit to your year end bottom line.

Before becoming an authorized dealer for Nodal Ninja you will need to sign a Nonexclusive Terms and Agreement (TA). Here is list of some basic terms:

  • Should be knowledgable of panoramic photography and able to fit customer to right product.
  • Cannot sell to large 3rd party distribution houses like Amazon.
  • US Dealers;
  • Dealers outside the US;
    • Cannot ship outside their region (i.e. Europe cannot ship to Asia, Africa, Canada or US).
    • Must keep pricing within reason so as to not encourage pricing wars with other dealers.
  • No term limits to TA, either party may dissolve agreement at anytime.
  • Fixed flat rate discount - all dealers are at same discount levels.

And there are other terms outlined in the formal Nodal Ninja TA. 

If you would like to become an authorized dealer for Nodal Ninja please contact us today. For reselling in the Asian market please contact the manufacturer Nick Fan of Fantoec.