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Here are a few selfies and images of our Nodal Ninja customers and their equipment or wearing our hats.

If you have a selfie of yourself with your Nodal Ninja or image someone took of you using a Nodal Ninja we would like to add you to our wall. This is still in early days but we'll be adding more as we go. Also we'll post images we find on Facebook or other public social media of our Nodal Ninja customers - if you see your image here and would like it changed, edited or removed just let us know/

send to bill AT nodalninja DOT com or through our contact page

Many thanks! 

Dominik Baumann
Featured Selfie - Dominik Baumann 

Mario Carvajal - www.mariocarvajal.com - I use all time the Pole 2 with tripod adapter. I think, this is a great product and very, very easy for transport in my shoulders. Look...Featured Selfie - Mario Carvajal


Bill Bailey number 1 Nodal Ninja user Carel Struycken serving up a Nodal Ninja 3 John Houghton Tony Quinn | Director | Red Door VR Limited - www.red-door.co.uk Jook Leung
Andrey Ilyin James Webb  Space Telescope - http://nasatech.net/ Florian Knorn‎ Ron Pepper Mikal and Danyah Preston - Nodal Ninja R1
Ayrton Camargo with R10 Andrea Simões Machado Nuno Madeira Andrew Bodrov Dmitry Moiseenko
Sam Rohn Andrew Bodrov Gabriel Garbár Gabriel Garbár Bradford Bohonus
Billy Munsell Adi Mera http://www.panopixel.ro Jim Watters Hans Doehle ... my panowife Ina-Maria Meckies Jeff Handley with Nodal Ninja R10 and carbon fiber pole - in Iceland
Tomonori Taniguchi Henri Smeets At 'work' C360.NL Gavin Farrell Christian Clewing Denis Gadbois Derek Richae
Kirk Membry TD Garden in Boston..center ice! Kirk Membry NN5 and EZ Leveler..at the summit of Mount Washington Valentin Matache Dirceu Cavalheiro from Brazil. http://dirceucavalheiro.com
the late Pat Swovelin Rob van Gils Joergen Geerds - shooting 360 video on a Fanotec Travel Pole - learn more at http://freedom360.us/ Salma El-Dardiry - www.360phied.com Dennis Angelica - http://www.northbaypanos.com/
Jeremy Khatchadourian Andrew Bodrov Jerome Boccon-GIbod - 360images.fr - Nodal Ninja Pole Series 2 with Nodal Ninja R10 Ayrton Camargo with R10 and Fanotec Pole in Iceland Martijn Baudoin - www.studiomambeau.nl the late Pat Swovelin
elipe B. González Panos at Tiffany´s Cedric Paulin Halenria Randy Hufford Joergen Geerds - Shibuya Crossing Judith Richey
Jay Lee Farsid Raihan Dennis Angelica - http://www.northbaypanos.com/ Jon Witsell Jerome Boccon-GIbod - 360images.fr - Nodal Ninja 5 using Advanced Rotator RD16 
Andrew Baddeley and Co-Founder Neil Tocher of NCTech take a moment in Iceland to capture some amazing sights using iSTAR in Iceland. Zepedrorusso - http://zpr360.com/ Rhonda Barczak - http://360enable.com/ http://photo-nature.ericlopez.fr/ Andrew Baddeley - www.NCTechimaging.com - iStar  
Peter Braatz - Nodal Ninja Pole river crossing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EAZTqtDWpY#t=14 Jean-Pierre Lavoie Good morning guys, From Milan i wanna give you a special thanks you for your great and useful products!!! Bye!   Marco Bove Dorin Godja inside al masjed al haram in Makka   By : Mohamad Younis Website: www.360riyadh.com
tefan Traumflieger Martin Hertel - On the edge - using Nodal Ninja Pole and R1 Radosław Piotrowski http://www.sklep-panoramiczny.pl Radosław Piotrowski http://www.vr24.pl Rami Saarikorpi - Me shooting with NN head at Ilosaarirock Finland :) - http://www.360panorama.fi/
Scott Highton http://www.vrphotography.com/ The Geysir geothermal area, Iceland Gary O'Brien - Using my NN3 in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series garage at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, NC in May 2007. I was working on a series of panos of the raceway for thatsracin.com.- http://garyobrien.com/ Shigeru Okada    
Chaim Perl using Nodal Ninja Travel Pole Alain Hamblenne - http://ivrpa.org/user/4591 Alex Duffield - www.incontrolsolutions.com My favorite photo of DeAngela and Daniel in Belize.
Marcio Cabral NN Pole 2 Carsten Thomas Rees Jean-Pierre Lavoie‎ Andrea Simões Machado Denis Gadbois  
Nodal Ninja Pole River crossing | Iceland 2013 Mark Banas - That's me, at Pinewood Studios Toronto, shooting with the Pole2, Tripod Adapter, and R1 Brumby Carroll Morgan Ultimate  M1L Nodal Ninja Pano Head  
http://www.mihalicek.net/ www.magi3dmonk.com Nodal Ninja Travel Pole - Freedom360  


Nodal Ninja Travel Pole Ayrton Camargo - father to Ayrton da Motta Camargo Júnior Richard Rilley - www.riley-productions.com MARTIN EDSTRÖM - http://martinedstrom.com/blog/2014/09/24/gear-nodal-ninja-improving-360-workflow/ Aerial Pole Series 3 Melinda - copyright Scott Highton
Mike Anton - http://www.panoramio.com/  Thomas Hayden · Standing on a van to shoot 48 precision frames for this GigaPixel image - http://360labs.net/ALZ/. High school math teachers will notice my cheat sheet on my left palm. Palin-style. Photo credit to Brad Gill  Ayrton Camargo  Bart de Boer - www.foto2b.nl Bart de Boer - www.foto2b.nl   
 Igor Socha - Using Nodal NInja 5 - http://www.igorsocha.photography/  Ignacio Ferrando  Abaco Digital 976297980 / 646154023 http://www.abaco-digital.es  Thomas Bredenfeld   http://neunzehn72.de  Karel Gillissen - Nodal Ninja Pole 2 - http://360vr.nl/Trappenhuis/
 Nodal Ninja near The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem Zoran Strajin  Chaim Perl - Holy photo! There are 2,000 rabbis in that selfie Orthodox rabbis attending an annual conference take their traditional group picture the newfangled way, with a giant selfie stick, a wide-angle lens and a drone to capture the whole thing.   Nodal Ninja near The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem Zoran Strajin    

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