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These settings are for the use of our customers and may not to be reproduced, copied or shared in any manner. Many of the settings have been submitted by end users and as such we cannot guarantee the accuracy of each setting. 

If you do not find your camera and lens listed in this section, we provide tips on how to find the entrance pupil of a lens in our manualWe also provide a tutorial on how to find the No Parallax Point (NPP) of a lens in our tutorial section. Also here is a link to a tutorial by John Houghton and how to find the no parallax point of a lens:

Key points in understanding the settings below.
Camera Settings

The settings are comprised of A, B and sometimes C settings for cameras with offset tripod mounts. 
The settings are:
"A" setting is the setting on the LOWER RAIL measured from center of lower rotator to inside foot of vertical rail - denoted by the scales marked in millimeters (mm's).
"B" setting is the setting on the UPPER RAIL measured from center of upper rotator to the camera mounting screw. If using a camera plate (CP-1 or CP2) there is a line on the underside of the plate with reference marks to screw location to aid in lining up with rail markers which are also marked in mm's.
"C" setting is the amount of offset when using a t-adapter on cameras that have an offset tripod mount.

Settings for all rotator configurations with NN3 and NN5 series are the same.

If upper rail B settings for NN3 series are greater than 107mm you will need to use the t-adapter as an extension of up 129mm. It is strongly recommended you consider upgrading to the Nodal Ninja 4 series if your lens NPP exceeds 107mm on the upper rail.

w/CP-1 denotes when using with Camera Plate CP-1 (now disconituned) or the newer CP-2. The use of the camera plate is optional on NN3 series but required for NN5 series pano heads. Some DSLR’s with battery grips have an offset tripod mount which would require the use of the optional t-adapter. The t-adapter is primarily used for camera tripod mounts that are offset from the center of the barrel of the lens. They may also be used as an extension (up to 22mm) to the upper or lower rails of Nodal Ninja’s. While you want to get as close as possible to the settings listed below variance of up to 3mm are generally still acceptable for many software programs.

If you find error or disagreement with any settings please let us know.

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