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Tutorials about using Poles


Fanotec Poles & General Photography. Take you photography to new heights. In this video we show you how to mount a standard DSLR and mount it directly onto the top of a Fanotec Carbon Fiber Pole.


Pole Segments - Locking and Unlocking. Fanotec's Carbon Fiber Poles - how to raise and lower segments. Similar to many tripods these poles use locking collars. Rotating the locking collar counter-clockwise loosens the pole segment allow you to extend it. Turning the locking collar clockwise tightens the pole segment into place.


Quick Mount Mini Adapter System for Fanotec Poles. The Quick Mount Mini Adapter System is designed to be used with the new Fanotec Carbon Fiber Pole system. This adapter systems is primarily comprised of two pieces - the clamp and plate. Also included are hex keys, set screws and a M6 threaded screw. The mini adapter can be mounted at the top of the pole to allow for easy on and off of pano head / camera and can be used at base of pole for easy on and off of rotator/tripod. Watch our other videos on how to set this system up for use on top of bottom of pole.


Mounting the R1 to a Fanotec Pole. How to mount an R1 onto the top of a Fanotec Carbon Fiber Pole. Each pole comes with a 3/8 male thread. You screw this thread into the top of the pole and tighten with included hex key. The R1, and all Fanotec pano heads, use a 3/8 female thread mount. Tighten the advanced RD4 rotator on the R1 first using the rotator lock knob and simply screw onto the top of the pole. Leave the rotator in the lock position when raising the pole and shooting your photography.

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