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Used Equipment

We have good supply of used equipment mostly NN3. NN4, NN5 pano heads and RD4, RD12, and RD16 rotators). People taking advantage of our trade-in program is resulting in build up of used equipment.

If you are looking to save a few bucks and you don't mind a few nicks and dings email us at store-at-nodalninja-dot-com for quote. All equipment is reconditioned tested and come with 1 year warranty.

Condition rating:

A - like new hard to tell signs of useage. May have been used as in-house demo unit.
Discount = 15% off.

B - minor signs of wear noted but not excessive. 
Discount = 20% off. 

C - been used normally but taken care of. Signs of wear are obvious but not overwhelming.
Discount = 25% off. 

D - excessive signs of wear. Usually a unit that is thrown in a box with other hardware that has many marks and scratches. Not attractive to look at but as with other conditions fully functional with any worn parts replaced.
Discount = 30% off. 

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