Nodal Ninja Affiliate Program coming soon

by Bill Bailey

One of our most featured requests - will you have an affiliate program?

With our popularity and strong customer base, many people realize there would be an excellent potential to earn extra income by simply by referring people to our website and they have been asking. In the past, we ran a very successful affiliate program but in early days it was quite frankly too technical to administer and maintain. In transitioning to a new server, and being unable to move over databases, unfortunately, it was time to pull the plug. We paid out all affiliates with some earning as much $1,000+ monthly.

There have been great strides in the development of affiliate software since and after extensive shopping and testing of programs, we have found an extremely powerful system. We're working on applying some final touches to our affiliate program which we'll be launching publicly very soon.

We suspect many of our customers and those using supporting our products will be very interested in making a little passive income. Even if you know nothing about photography and looking for affiliate programs to blog about or post links with this will be an excellent opportunity for you as well.

Watch for the Affiliate link in the bottom footer of our website.