Studio Set

by Bill Bailey

Today we started setting up a studio in our offices. Workload permitting, each week we'll try work to produce new videos. Fanotec will primarily be producing actual setup videos that cover the specific design elements and how they go together, as with cad animations on the actual products. We, on the other hand, will be creating broader scope videos covering discussions on products and product lines. How they can be used in the field, different setups for different workflows, benefits of each series etc. We want to show you how our panoramic tripod heads can be used to shoot 360-degree panoramas all the way up to super-high-resolution gigapixel imagery. And we know you're excited to see the new Robotic modules being used as well.

Jason will be the director, editor and production artist and will most likely be seeing him in most of the videos. Our videos will be informative, fun and splashed with some creativity to lessen any boredom. We hope you'll give a thumbs up to our videos - we'll be posting them on our YouTube and Vimeo channels so please subscribe.

We may also bring you live FB feed during some of the production sequences. If you have any special requests just ask.