Virtual Photographer's have a BRIGHT future

by Jason Glaza

Hey there fellow photographers!

As someone who began their photography career shooting 360 degree immersive images (panos, VR, real estate photography -- or what ever you may call it ) I often would wonder to myself "Is there an end in sight?" I felt nervous that the competition was fierce, and that the marketshare was shrinking, quickly.

However, having been an active photographer for nearly a decade now, I can assure you that we are no where near the ceiling.

No way.
Not close.
Forget it.

With the ever-changing landscape of photography needs, changes in business and shopping centers, real-estate markets, the way that online consumers want to view products (in a real, tactile and immersive way), along with the endless positive improvements that Google maps ALONE places on the industry, these avenues offer photographers a platform to constantly have a space to feed our insatiable appetite to take pictures. This is great news!

So what does the growth curve look like..?? Well, the VR work-world stands to increase in demand by over 40%. Yes, you read that correctly 40. Percent. The big 4-0. 40 never looked so good

Here is only one of many articles showcasing the metrics (nerd-speech ) on how this industry will continue to grow, and continue to impact OUR future in a very positive way. Think bigger, think different, create panoramic images in a way you did not believe possible for you, and watch with amazement as your photography life grows to heights that YOU never expected until you tried! Be brave!

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