Introducing the Precision Built Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 Giga

high resolution imagery aka gigapixel imager


Precision - Durability - Affordability  - Modular - Acra-Swiss

If you're looking to delve into the world of high resolution imagery also known as gigapixel imagery without breaking the bank the M2 Giga is the best economical professional level solution. Introducing the precision built Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 Giga. This is the ideal manual panoramic tripod head for shooting super high-resolution gigapixel imaging using telephoto and super telephoto lenses. 

Features of the M2 Giga:

  • Easily support telephoto lenses up to 3 kg (6.6 lb) in weight.
  • Full bearing loaded rotators for smooth and steady rotation. 
  • Upper rotator with adjustable friction to serve as a gimbal arm. 
  • Upper rotator with laser marked index ring with fine 2.5° intervals (as with M2).
  • Our patented design on the upper rotator allows for precise positive stops of 7.5°/5°/4°/3.75°/3°/2.5°/2°/1.5° intervals. 
  • Upper rotator can be engaged and changed on-the-fly by simply switching 1 or 2 levers in the Giga model. 
  • Upper and lower rotators with indicators for starting and ending positions, ideal for making mosaics with a large number of images. Photographers can first compose the mosaic, and set the starting and ending positions horizontally and vertically. The indicators will ensure images are not missed or excessive images taken. 
  • With RD8-II (precise click stops at 30°, 15°, 6°, 5°, 4°, 3°, 2.5°, 2°) the M2G will support up to 700mm equivalent focal length lenses with camera in landscape orientation, or 550mm equivalent in portrait orientation. 
  • Precision CNC machined from aircraft aluminum and hard anodized, resulting in high precision, accuracy, durability and long lifetime.

Benefits of shooting with the M2G manual pano head over other robotic heads:

  • Lighter
  • Greater load capacity.
  • Batteries not required.
  • Intuitive design allows for extremely fast capturing.
  • Rotator indexing/detents may be setup to allow for free rotation.
  • Ability to pause and/or recapture a specific image due to elements that may be moving within a scene inside that frame.
  • Works well in many environmental conditions such as rain, dust, extreme heat or cold.
  • Makes for great “backup” pano head to those using robotic heads in remote areas or in highly critical and important shoot locations

Upgrade paths available. Because the modular design of the M-series pano heads we offer upgrades solutions to existing users:

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