Factory Irregulars - Refurbished - Discontinued - Older Models

SAVE BIG on Discontinued, Factory Irregulars (X), Refurbished (R), Older and Used items (X). 

  • Discontinued: 10%-25% off. No change in SKU. It's out with the old in with new.  These items are "new" but one inventory is depleted they will longer be produced. Discontinued items carry the FULL 5 year warranty. 
  • Factory Irregulars 25% discount off retail price (SKU#000X): During production there are occasional paint coating flaws on some finishes which may show signs of irregularity. The manufacturer deems these items as Factory Irregular (FIR), places a stamp on the product, and reduces the price. ALL FIR's units include all parts and carry the FULL 5 year warranty. 
  • Refurbished 15%-30% discount off retail price (SKU#000R): We have the occasional demo units and/or product exchanges from customers. These units are tested, cleaned up, and worn parts are replaced. These are completely functional and work as designed. Refurbished units are in "current" line of products only. Some units may show sign of wear. ALL Refurbished units include all parts and carry the FULL 5 year warranty. 
  • Older and Used Models 10%-75% discount off retail price (SKU#000U): Some of these items are "new" and never been used. As older items are improved upon it's "out with the old, in with the new". When the manufacturer discontinues an item further production on that item is halted.  The price is reflective of the condition. Actual photos available upon request.
    Unless otherwise noted on item listing ALL discontinued, older and used models come with limited 1 year warranty which is dependent upon availability of parts. 

No other coupons, discounts or offers apply to this collection of products. All products come with 30 day return policy.