For a limited time we are offering free shipping, including international, on Pole Series 3. Depend on the destination country, and due to size of Pole Series 3, these are very expensive to ship and you would be saving from $200-$400.

This promotion is for Pole Series 3 F7110 (30ft / 9m) only. 

If buying additional items such as tripod adapters, guy wire systems, panorama heads etc. these items will not only NOT fit in the pole tube but will need to be purchased with separate order and shipping charges will need to be applied to all accessories and extras. We would encourage you to source these items from other dealers.


If only buying only Pole Series 3 (F7110) simply add to cart as stand-alone item and use coupon code "free-pole3-ship" to complete checkout. During checkout you see the shipping discounted. Regardless of shipping method selected we will ship via DHL or UPS Worldwide Expedited.

If buying additional items these components must be placed under a separate order. You will be charged appropriate shipping based on carrier and level of service. The items will also be shipped separately.

The recipient is liable for paying customs and VAT.