Testimonials 101-200

200.) Several years ago, when I discovered the liberating combination of digital camera and multi-exposure panorama, I knew, someday, I would probably end up either getting some expensive setup (having started with a point-and-shoot camera, or never attempt a panorama again. Needless to say, with Canon releasing the 300d, the panorama addiction grew. Then I discovered the ridiculously amazing works featured on sites such as www.panoramas.dk, and I knew I was going to have to get a well made tripod head in order to have the ease of precision that is afforded to the pros. The last straw in my age of freehand panoramas was a commissioned work for a large-scale backdrop for a museum on a shoe-string budget. Shooting the pictures was easy - shot about 30 in two minutes. But then came stitching and correcting them. It was a nightmare. 20 hours of Photoshop gave me a releasable product, but I swore off shooting panoramas unassisted unless it was an emergency. 
So I then looked on the net for a suitable pano-head. I have to admit: When I first looked at the Nodal Ninja, I wondered whether it would work with a setup using a 5D body. But it was the most affordable and portable rig I could find. When I put it to use though, I was glad I had gotten the T-adapter as well. The learning curve with this device is non-existent, and I got immediate results with 30min of trial and error (possibly less if I had used the grid technique)......To finish, all I really wanted to say was I appreciate having such a well-made panoramic head made available for such an excellent price. (next to filters and a camera rain cover, it's the least expensive piece of gear in my kit) It works with the Canon 5D setup perfectly, and I can't imagine not working without it (even though I really know I had to before). I certainly will recommend it to any one who inquires about panoramic photography. Thanks Again,
Emil E. Victoria Canada (Canon 5D EF 16-35mm f/2.8L)

199.) I've had NN3 now for about 6 months and use it almost daily. The thing is build like a Sherman Tank - very strong and durable. I don't believe I didn't order sooner and really kic myself. I haven't had a chance to experience your talked about support because I haven't had a change to even use it. I also own a (deleted) and it's for sale if you're interested. Many thanks for a great product.
Bret H. (Nikon D70s Nikon 10.5mm Lens) 

198.) Just received my Nodal Ninja 3 the other day, just wanted to let you know I appreciate the fast delivery and the exceptional build quality of your product. Your product obviously reflects your attention to detail and the product performs flawlessly! I actually ordered the 2-3 day express delivery, ordered it on Tuesday and the post office tried to deliver it on Wednesday afternoon! Excellent customer service, can't wait to shoot with it! Thanks again.
Dan C. USA (Nikon D200 18-70, 50mm, 70-200) 

197.) Hi Bill, I've been using the Nodal Ninja now for almost 4 months and it's everything you said it was! Very easy to use and quick to set-up. My real estate virtual tours look great and I actually sold a property site-unseen...they only saw my virtual tour! Great product at a great price!! Just had to drop you a line to say thanks! All the best,
John F. USA (Canon EOS 30D + Sigma 8mm Fisheye) 

196.) Bill, thank you for your prompt attention. May I congratulate you on your great customer service. Thanks again,
Richard G. UK 

195.) Nodal Ninja is truly a great product and I spend much less time stitching panoramas than I did before hand. BY taking two images of the floor, my bottom cap is reduced as much as possible so I can generate the largest possible view. After using the Nodal Ninja, I can't imagine ever taking another panorama without it! Best Regards,
Mark N. USA (Olympus E-500 w/ Olympus Fisheye) 

194.) Hi Bill, Never in my dealings on the internet, have I had personal replies and service like yours, congratulations and thank you. Almost like talking to an old friend.....Hope to hear from ya soon Regards
Gary K. Australia (D70s and 10-20 lens) 

193.) I bought the Nodal Ninja 3 about a month ago to replace a (deleted) and could not be happier! It is an excellent value - superb design, construction, finish, and precision in use. Thank you and Nick for such a great product that is obviously a labor of love. Thank you again, 
David M. Texas 

192.) I decided to try the NN3 because I wanted a much lighter and smaller head than my (deleted) to carry in my photo backpack. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the head. In several tests I am now getting better results that with the (deleted). I will recommend the head to anybody.
John B. New Jersey 

191.) I just ordered the NN3 about two days ago and it showed up today. I am amazed at the quality of this product. I can't wait to get it in the field and start using it. This is a great bargain in pano photography. Congrats for the excellent product design and finish!
Joe B. USA (Pentax K10D w/Pentax DA21mm) 

190.) Hello Bill, I have received the NN3 today. It looks so beautiful! I tried it to shoot a full spheric pano with my Nikkor 18mm lens, 12x3=36 shoots. The result is perfect! Thanks for your smart product! B.Rgds,
Jesse L. China 

189.) Just got the product and the first test done for the Nodal Ninja... incredible product so far. It's much smaller than I thought... highly portable and incredibly accurate....Thanks so much again!
Josh K. USA 

188.) Dear Nick and Bill, I've been a customer for a couple of years. Just sold my old SPH-1 on eBay for $110!! That's only $9 less than I had orginally paid. Not bad after 2 years of use and it was still working perfectly. Because the older model withstood the test of time I had to jump in and buy the new NN3 and I wasn't dissappointed. NN3 is nice and light, and easy to use, I love the 45/60 clcik stop plate.....Thanks guys, wish you the best of success!! Cheers,
Christian D. Sydney, Australia (D200 w/ 10.5mm Nikkor) 

187.) Dear Bill, many thanks for your message and service! I've been giving the Nodal Ninja 3 a good workout and it's performing very nicely!...Again, many thanks for your kind help and fantastic service. 
Stephen N. USA 

186.) I received the Nodal Ninja 3 last week. It works great, very easy to adjust the controls, even in our freezing temperatures. It's a very well-designed piece of equipment. Thank you
Harold R. Montreal Canada (Canon Rebel XT/Sigma 8 mm 3.5) 

185.) Hi Bill, I am very happy with my NN3. It works for the 5D/Nik10,5 and for my brand new 400D/Sigma 8 f/3,5....The NN3 I can put on a light stand and I like that ! :-)) The (deleted) can go to eBay then :-)) Regards,
Frank D. Netherlands 

184.) I have a Ninja 3 and I do love it. I am lucky because in the first time I have a Ninja.
Pham L. Vietnam (Canon EOS 350D, Tokina 10-17 fisheye) 

183.) What a well made pano head. Great service from you all around. Regards,
Kevin C USA (Canon 30d 8mm sigma and 10-22mm) 

182.) Appreciate your assistance in helping me. I'm new to this and the added support you provide is very valuable to newbie's like me. Thanks again
Shelly O. Washington DC (D70 with 10.5mm lens) 

181.) I am very happy with my NN3. It works for the 5D/Nikkor 10,5 and for my brand new 400D/Sigma 8mm f/3.5....The (deleted) is very heavy , needs a sturdy tripod. So for indoor I have a lot of shade from that combo. The NN3 I can put on a light stand and I like that ! :-)
Frank D. Netherlands 

180.) Hello Bill, here are some words from a satisfied customer. I am the house photographer for a large restored very ornate 1920's era movie house. I have been making large panoramas of the interior, for years with great difficulty. Upon getting the Nodal Ninja, I immediately started a new panorama project for the theater. The ease of use is outstanding. I wish I had this wonderful tool years ago. Also thank you Bill for the wonderful communications, I highly recommend your product and of course, you personally.
Lou B USA 

179.) I have received a parcel from you with NN3. Many thanks!... It is good, that in a complete set there is a T-adapter...In any case, I very much liked your panoramic head, is very simple in use, literally for 5 minutes I managed precisely to adjust a camera of concerning an entrance pupil. Once again many thanks.
Alexander S. Israel 

178.) Order has been delivered. Fantastic Tool!!!!!!! Tested it, flawless quick stitch!!!
David F. USA 

177.) I got my NN3 today. It is great and it was rather quick here in Germany - only five days. I give you my recommendation. (Hope my english is not to bad ;-) Thank you very much,
Peter L. Germany 

176.) Hi Nick and Bill WOW, The NN3 arrived today in the post!!! What outstanding service and speed, truly an amazing conclusion to sorting out the NN order.Many thanks to you both for looking into the issue and providing such an outstanding result. Tried the NN3 today and the ease of use is so much better than the NN2. The NN2 was good but the improved arm and mounting for the camera is so much better.
Paul P. New Zealand 

175.) The important thing is I have the NN3. The quality is very good and I appreciate a lot there are some spare parts with it.
Paco R. Spain 

174.) Hi Bill, I can not explain how happy I am with the NN 3. Installing, setting for my Nikon was so easy. In the meantime I did three 360? Panos. How many of my time was wasted to plan, buy stuff, screwing, sawing...to built a DIY Pano-Adapter. And always it took a lot of time to set up the heavy beast with three spirit levels.... IT WAS BORING ! 110% satisfied I wrote: I will tell this to my colleges in the forum. Done !
http://www.panorama-community.net/thread.php?threadid=653 a valued customer say THANK YOU for making my life easier. Greeting from Germany 
Pepsi S. 

173.) I'm getting along really well with my NN3 and EOS-20D, now that I have my Tokina Fisheye.....My pal wants to get himself a NN3 'cos he sees me having such fun with mine! All the best
Simon M. USA 

172.) Very nice piece of equipment, I am delighted with the results. Thanks also for the postal upgrade, I got the package in four days. Best regards,
Vincent M. France (Canon EOS 400D, Rebel XTi & 17-40L) 

171.) My work has steadily improved and I have been asked to provide work for the liberty State Park complex including the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Eland and so forth. It's not a big payer mind you but the commission should be a good platform for some press releases to my commercial direction. I just wanted to say that I could not have done it without your help, support and of course the Nodal Ninja tool.
Riki B. New York 

170.) Just to let you know that I have just received the NN3 and I am already impressed! I normally use the (deleted) unit (which is very heavy) but this one will be excellent for traveling. Thank you for an excellent product and service. Cheers, 
Mike K USA (Canon Rebel XTi Sigma 8mm) 

169.) Bill, I bought the Nodal Ninja 3 about a month ago to replace a (deleted) head and could not be happier! It is an excellent value - superb design, construction, finish, and precision in use. Thank you and Nick for such a great product that is obviously a labor of love. Thank you again, 
David M. Texas 

168.) Anybody want to buy my (deleted)? Wish I found your Nodal Ninja before I bought the (deleted). Nodal Ninja is more accurate, stable, smaller, and MUCH cheaper than (deleted). Thank you Nick for developing an excellent product.
Jerry T. Las Vegas Nevada ( D80 with 10.5mm lens) 

167.) Hi Bill, Thank you for your speedy response. Much appreciated. I got to give you a credit on knowing how to treat your customers. I read and heard about lots of people having excellent experience with you and the pano head you sell, and it looks like I'm having one, too. I haven't started to work with the head yet, but I already like what I'm seeing. Looking forward to start shooting my panos with it in a couple of days. Thank you again for your service.
Sergi Y. USA 

166.) On a scale of one to 10 I give nodal Ninja a 9. I would like to see it work with my Canon Mark II. It does work perfectly with my 5D using the 8mm 3.5. Regards
Chuck B. New Hampshire 

165.) Whoa! How cool is this? What a neat little setup! This is my first VR head and really glad I bought it. I was doing things by hand before but now that I have this Nodal Ninja I can keep it in my bag (fits nicely) and use it whenever I do my panoramas. And the tutorial on your website (I do use different software however) has helped me to fine tune my techniques. Many thanks
William H. Germany 

164.) I've bought both the NN2 and NN3. I love them both, they are outstanding products. This is a must have for any panorama creator.
Chris J. USA (D70 & D200 with 10.5mm lens) 

163.) T H A N K S A L O T for your patience with me, an my order. Your email makes my feel very happy
Pepsi S. Germany 

162.) You may remember that the other day I explained my dilemma about what lens to buy to go with my NN3, EOS20D, PTGui & Pano2QTVR setup. Well, I plumped for the Tokina 10-17mm AT-X 107 DX Fisheye in the end.... The Tokina fits perfectly - it is only a little larger than the Canon 18-55mm kit lens. I took my time setting the rig up to eliminate parallax and I have been rewarded with some very successful panos. Thanks again for all your help
Simon N. UK 

161.) Nick - you have done it even better! I had the SPH-1 and NN3 is a vast improvement. I wish your company great success. Bill is a great community and I owe him thanks for answering all my questions and getting this out to me so quickly.
Charles G. Maine (D80 with 10.5mm Nikkor) 

160.) OKAY for $200 and in seeing what else it out there it's a no brainer. Your 30 day refund option allowed me to see for myself. I'm impressed and keeping it!
Tiki M. Hawaii USA 

159.) Perfect!
Branden. R. Ireland 

158.) Nick, you have a designed a product that suits my needs perfectly! I travel allot and always on the go, being single is tough :-). I don't do panoramas for a living but probably take more panoramas that many pros. It's a fun and a very exciting aspect of photography. The fact I can hike out into the desert or climb some hills and easily tuck this is bag is what sold me. The build quality, detents, and handy little case (snug fit) only adds it it's lure. Bill is tops! Give him a raise, opps, maybe not or you would have to raise the price :-). All kidding aside I hope you add this testimonial to your page as your panorama head is an excellent value for it's price.
Mike H. Flagstaff Arizona (Nikon D70s with 17-55mm) 

157.) Hi Bill, Just got the product photography and the first test done for the Nodal Ninja... incredible product so far. It's much smaller than I thought... highly portable and incredibly accurate. Thanks so much again!
Josh K. USA 

156.) ...here are some words from a satisfied customer. I am the house photographer for a large restored very ornate 1920's era movie house. I have been making large panoramas of the interior, for years with great difficulty. Upon getting the Nodal Ninja, I immediately started a new panorama project for the theater. The ease of use is outstanding. I wish I had this wonderful tool years ago. Also thank you Bill for the wonderful communications, I highly recommend your product and of course, you personally.
Lou B. USA (Canon 5 D with 16-35mm) 

155.) Hello Bill, This was quick...got the missing knob today...now I will learn how to use the equipment. I will get back to you when I know more. This is exciting! Thanks for all your trouble.
Jan B. Sweden 

154.) Works with a 5D+ shaved Tokina10-17/Sig 15/Nik 10,5 and more, even without mirror up. What can I say more ........ Have Fun
Paul K. Iceland 

153.) I just thought I would drop in a note about Nodal Ninja. Compared to other pano heads, it's smaller, lighter and significantly less money. I was going to build anothr head, this time for my D200, but splurged on the NN3...I'm impressed. I can't say it's better than other pano heads because I haven't used other heads. But it's fast and easy and very compact for taking along with you.....I'm using it with the D200 and the 18-200 lens at 18. You have to pull it all the way back on the top rail to get the nodal point, but it works great and helps speed panorama factory along to make QTVR/Panoramas. I find at 18 degrees, 10 shots works perfectly for a full QTVR. With a adaptor, you can shoot horizontal, landscape mode panoramas. I love this thing! I use Panorama Factory but also have tried a number of other programs like Hugin for the MAC, Photovista etc. The NN3 is mounted on a Manfrotto Ball Head (488rcd) on a 3021Pro Manfrotto Tripod.
reader Discussion Forums @ Nikonians 

152.) Nice job with the tutorials, the author has done you well. 
Martin N. London, Ontario Canada (Nikon D200 10.5mm Nikkor) 

151.) I have never used a pano head before and i am thrilled at the results
Lou B. USA (Canon 5 D with the canon 16-35 L lens) 

150.) My new NN3 arrived yesterday. I have been quite impressed with it so far, using a 20D+Sigma 8mm combination. No problems setting it up and it looks very smart and neat.
John H. England 

149.) While the lighter weight of the NN3 is attractive, given transatlantic travels, I find the price of the discontinued SPH-2sd more so, in light of my relative inexperience in panos. I also like the fact that your product is partially pre-assembled, that it is well tooled (from reports on dpreview) and that it comes in a case.
Sydney H. Toronto Canada 

148.) “First Panorama with Nodal Ninja 3” I have to give two thumbs up to Nodal Ninja 3 at this time. I got the full kit which included the T-Adapter so I could do landscape panoramas in addition to a full spherical. It seemed like I figured out the Entrance Pupil for my Tamron 17-50 so I went out to San Diego Bay to try it out. What a piece of cake! I set my D70 to Aperture mode and set my focus to Manual after setting the Hyper focal distance. All I needed to do at that point was push the shutter, rotate 30 degrees and repeat. I didn't need to look through the viewfinder or anything else. It took about 15 seconds to shoot and I was done. 
rklingman Discussion Forums @ Nikonians 

147.) Your prompt replies and gracious handling of my request are outstanding examples of above average customer service. I look forward to using your products and thanks for making the purchase experience truly outstanding. Best wishes, 
Alan H. Canada

146.) I just got NodalNinja this week...works for Olympus E300...I have to say ... NodalNinja ROCKS~!!!....... 
Realviz Forum. 

145.) I received the Nodal Ninja in time so I took the NN with me on vacation. (the perfect opportunity to try out the NN) It works great! Really worth the wait!! I'm still a beginner in photography, so I have to practice a lot, but the NN is really a must have! Especially for 360° photos.
Ester D. Netherlands (Panasonic FX 01 ) 

144.) “Review of the Nodal Ninja" 
Early thoughts on the Nodal Ninja I've recently acquired. The slings and arrows of life have kept me too busy to do anything with my Nodal Ninja until now; I've finally "calibrated" one of my lenses. Well thought out, well engineered, and very well made, and reasonably priced. Designed to be used with the camera vertical....Based on the pictures done while finding the "nodal" point of my 18-70mm at 18mm, (78mm set back on the Nodal Ninja) I think it will do just fine. 
Bron Discussion Forums @ Nikonians 

143.) Hi, I received the extra T-Adapter a couple of days ago, and it works great with both the Raynox and the Olympus WCON-07C :) 
Bjrn N. Norway 

142.) Really happy with my Nodal Ninja 3 - thank you. 
Sim R. Britain (Canon 300D and peleng) 

141.) Thanks again Bill. Your service is as excellent as before. Kind regards
Simon N. UK (Canon 20D and a borrowed Sigma 12-24m) 

140.) I got my Ninja today and it seems quite sturdy and handy for travelling used to carry (deleted) Best
Kimmo T. Finland (Nikon D80 with Nikon 10.5mm) 

139.) Thanks Bill! Your response has really been above and beyond. 
You can be sure NN will get my recommendation whenever the opportunity arises.
Michael K. USA 

138.) I received my Nodal Ninja 3 yesterday and although I have only shot one panoramic with it so far it looks as if it is a fantastic product. Thank you so much with your support.
Patrick B. Tasmania, Australia 

137.) By the way, I love the Nodal Ninja, I've been able to take some great Equirectangular panoramas with it already. And pass on my thanks to everyone else involved with the Nodal Ninja 3. Such a great product at such a fair price with really good instructions and help online as well. Thanks!
Josh S. Petaluma, CA. USA 

136.) Hi Bill, That's brilliant. Much appreciate it. I've just put the NN together and I think it's brilliant. I had a (deleted) before which cost about $450 over here and it was crap. Absolutely terrible workmanship and so many design flaws. So happy new year and keep up the good work
Masten G. England (Nikon D50 and Sigma 8mm) 

135.) Thanks for the parts - arrived today. Excellent. Went out with the nn3 and managed to take the attached last night. Overlap wasn't quite enough (will be great with the n=20 disk you sent me), so you can just about see the joins in the sky, but pretty excellent anyway. The stitching process (10 images) in ptgui was the easiest ever due to the consistent overlaps and perfectly vertical images. Images were taken with my Canon 30D and new Canon 17-55 f2.8 - a superbly sharp lens and ideally suited to panos. Regards,
Mike T. Australia (Canon 30D, 17-55) 

134.) Bill, Thanks again for all you've done to make this transaction go great including the express shipping... Even with the rough weather around here the NN3's arrived about an hour ago and I've already been playing with one of them trying to see exactly how they work, w/o reading the manual of course! I will need to print it out and do some studying as this is a really well-designed and capable piece of equipment. Had some doubts re using every-other detent to get e.g. 36 degree intervals but this turns out to be no problem at all, easy to skip right by the first one by "feel" and then there you are ready for the next shot. So thanks to you for your good support here in the states, and for making this transaction easy, and to Nick for continuing to improve the design!
Charlie C. (Canon XTi w/18-55 kit lens ) 

133.) Bill, Thank you for sending the 15/18 detent disc.... I have been doing cylindrical panos for 5+ years so I really like how I can now do the full sphere without the 5+ need for a super wide angle or fisheye lens. Your product is certainly the best I have seen and used for size, weight and price. Most appreciated, 
Dylan S. Brisbane, Australia (Canon 400D, 17-85mm IS USM) 

132.) My wife got me the Nodal Ninja for Christmas and I'm delighted with it. Many thanks and I love the Ninja !
Jon W. England Canon EOS 350D w/ kit lens) 

131.) I really like some of the gallery links you guys have on your site. Especially the shots by Carel Struycken. That is my goal. Anyway, thanks Bill for your time and efforts.
Howard W. USA 

130.) Thanks to Rosauro's tutorial, it gave me some ideas I hadn't thought of....it was very well done and must have taken time to produce. It helps to have stuff like this out there for us newbies.. 
Brandon C. Ireland (Nikon D80 with Sigma 8mm) 

129.) Please add this to your testimonial site....your product is superior, I haven't had to use your support but have heard it's superior as well. I use Nodal Ninja on almost a daily basis for work and play. I had to take a recent flight and the guy at the security gate asked me to explain what it was. Guess when they saw it folded up that I might be concealing something dangerous. Product and support are the two main ingredients to success and of course price. It's good to know I have a company behind me if something breaks or goes wrong. 
Mic W. Berlin Germany 

128.) The only thing I see that I don't like about Nodal Ninja is the wearing out of brass parts. I've shot 100's of panos with NN3 thus far and haven't yet needed to replace any wear parts. Thanks for adding in the extra parts, I won't have to bother you when the time comes to finally replace the detent pin. 
Tom T. Denver Colorado 

127.) What's planned for the future? Nodal Ninja is well designed. Looking forward to seeing what's next. 
John. T. NYC New York (Canon EOS 20d with 10.5mm Nikkor with adapter) 

126.) The tutorial “How to Make a Panorama” is very well done. Rosauro Ona does a well written tutorial with lots of photos. Credit well deserved. 
Joan S. Austin Texas 

125.) I broke my Nodal Ninja oh no! Bill was super quick and more than fair in offering replacement part. You didn't leave me hanging. Thank you
S.S. Fairbanks Alaska 

124.) OKAY, you have rave reviews but let's see if you post this one. I'm not happy with with your Nodal Ninja, why? Because it doesn't fit medium format cameras. The design and build quality are undeniably but it just doesn't support the big guns. I'm not going to return it though as I may step down to a DSLR one day. So with that said I do believe that once I step into the world of DSLR I feel this will be a welcomed addition to my gear. Regards
Dana F. Austria 

123.) I just bought a used Nodal Ninja on eBay. I was disappointed to hear you don't offer a warranty but with the model being over 2 years old I understand. This Nodal Ninja was sent through the grinder but it all still works perfectly. I do single row pano's and had to send you an e-mail telling you and your readers (assuming you want to post this on your website) that the product is smartly designed. I'm a bit of cheap guy and would buy used before buying new but may after a few months consider the new model for it's click stop feature. Good luck and keep on keeping on.
Randy M. Miami Florida (Canon Rebel) 

122.) Bill, the link you put on your site lead to my first job!! Now the pressure is on to produce some primo work. I got the hardware down but need to learn the software end. I appreciate your recommendations and assistance, you go above and beyond.
Darly H. Chico, CA (Nikon D50 18mm Kit Lens) 

121.) Just received my Nodal Ninja. What a mess!! I'm talking about the package this is :-) The postal workers must have used it as a hockey puck as the package was very abused to say the least. But I am happy to report the pano head was just fine. I took it out out hooked it up and it works great! It's perfect for my needs (Real Estate QTVR's). I did have a bit of trouble with it at first and appreciate how fast you were to offer the quick fix that was also posted on your website FAQ page. Apparently it just needed some tightening. It shows company concern for consumer satisfaction. Thank you very much and wishing you the best of success for 2007.
JR British Columbia Canada 

120.) I have to give you my two cents worth. Nodal Ninja model 3 has been and continue to perform well. It fits into my camera bag nicely and the setup is quick and painless. Thanks guys!
Mark W. South Africa (Canon 20D w/ Sigma 8mm) 

119.) Hey - the tutorial posted on your website is a nice addition. I realize it's geared towards specific cameras and software but gives me an idea of what to expect if I want to do full panoramas. 
Robert B. Sedona AZ 

118.) I have just received my Nodal Ninja, it's a fantastic bit of kit and will definitely be recommending it to my friends and colleagues. Happy New Year!!! Best regards,
Phil T. UK (Nikon D80 and AF Nikkor 28-80mm 3.3-5.6G) 

117.) Bill, I've read good things about you and customer service on the various message boards and you over did yourself......the NN3 works perfectly! I was about to order a (deleted) when I saw a recent review of the NN3 and I am so happy I got it instead. The construction is great and feels like it will last a lifetime. Thanks for a great product and for a quick response.
Mike O. USA (Nikon D70 w/10.5mm) 

116.) Got it! Had a bit of wobble and you were quick to address my concerns. I did as you suggested (in the FAQ page) and works perfectly now. We're planning a trip to Europe soon and this will be great because it fits in my pack nicely. Wishing you the best of success in the New Year. Many Thanks!
Georg. R. Maine (Nikon D70s/10.5mm) 

115.) Bill thanks so much....I may indeed hold the record for most panos taken with the SPH-1i (over 1000 homes in the last year @ a minimum of 6 panos per home = at least 6000 panos in the last year - no wonder I am getting carpal tunnel!!!) Have a great holiday!
Justin A. Cupertino CA. 

114.) Just arrived!! It'Fantastic...strong light and functional...i haven't words!! Awesome!! Thanks a lot!!
Denis C. Italy 

113.) Have been using the Nodal Ninja for over a month now. It cas completely replaced my (deleted) + leveling base. It produces consistently excellent results with the minimum of effort. WELL DONE...regards
Peter O. Ireland (EOS 5D + 15mm Fisheye) 

112.) I'm impressed. Great tool. Well build and will last a lifetime.
Alphons N. Netherlands (Canon 5D, 30D 16-35L 24-105L) 

111.) Just want to say how very impressed I am with the improvements. Now I can set up and level the head in record time. The results are consistent. I no longer need the extra level. Stays dead on throughout the entire rotation. No more guesswork, adjusting and readjusting. Perhaps these differences are subtle to some, but they are major to me. Great workl!!! You took a nice product to perfection. My hat's off to you. I would be interested in new products you might come out with down the road. 
Perry J. USA 

110.) Got it today, thank you for a speedy and friendly service. Looking forward now to using the kit. Regards,
Anthony S. UK 

109.) Hello, just received my Nodal Ninja and I have to say WOW! I'm very happy with your product.
Xavier A. USA (Nikon D200 w/ 10.5mm Nikkor) 

108.) Let me say that I am impressed with your service and support and on the various forums I greatly appreciate the respect with which both you and Nick treat your customers as well as your competitors. This makes you a class act in my view and you deserve our business and support!
Charlie V. USA 

107.) I got the NN3 today and I am amazed at the quality of the piece! I was expecting some plastic and some wobble but man, I bet I could use it as a bludgeoning device if I had to! The detent mechanism clicking into place enhance the weaponry quality of it. I can tell a lot of thought went into designing it. Good stuff! ... amazing value for the money. Thanks again!
Ben H. USA 

106.) I received my Ninja head (with the rest of the parts) today, 30 of November. I really want to thank your helpfulness of NN3. I put the parts together and mounted it on my camera. It looked really nice. And the best part is that one can actually without take it from the camera just put in the bag. Any ways, big thanks, and best regards from North part of Sweden
Bertil O. Sweden 

105.) Just received NN3 and it is as advertised. It's a solid, quality product that works!
Mark V USA (Nikon D200 D70) 

104.) The NN3 has proven to be easy to set up in the field, has excellent stability plus repeatability. Adjusting the rotator indent tension was straight forward. Regards.
Murray C. New Zealand 

103.) Dear Bill The parcel arrived at school from the States on Friday exactly as promised. I assembled the head without difficulty, made the adjustments for my camera and did a trial shoot on “One Tree Hill” an extinct volcanic cone fortified by Maori around 1,000 years ago. The equipment worked very well, in fact the most easily stitched image I have ever made.....Thank you for a great piece of equipment at a very reasonable price. Thanks also for the prompt delivery. Best wishes
Ken A. Auckland, New Zealand 

102.) Just returned from a photo shoot in Zanzibar (East Africa) - found the NN3 a pleasure to work with , far more user-friendly than the previous (deleted) - well done. Regards 
Kevin J. South Africa 

101.) Hi Bill, FYI I wanted to let you know I attended a meeting in Seattle that was having a demo on Realviz & (deleted) and afterwards I carried in your Nodal Ninga and Quite a few of the people were impressed and even the presenter from San Francisco was very interested, So you probably will get a few orders from the Seattle Area. Living 150 miles from anywhere in Selah WA, It is a treat to find an actual hands on demo and anybody who even has an Idea of how to go about this process I am working on a business plan for Small start up that centers around all the elements using panoramas and It Was nice to let them know a Real Person Responded to my Inquiry from a supplier. Thanks 
Gary D. Selah Washington

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