Testimonials 201-300

300.) Extremely happy with the Ninja! I've recommended it to a friend who runs a real estate photo shooting company. He'll be buying a nice collection of NN3s / NN5s to outfit his crew.
Degrey - Nodal Ninja Forum 

299.) Gee - you guys keep improving on what I thought didn't need improving. I bought the MKII rotator for my 2 year old NN3 which by the way has been dropped and abused (sorry) and the thing works like new. The new rotator has much better feel and much easier to use not having to worry about the lock screw. Well done Nodal Ninja team!
Mike R. Texas (D70/ 10.5 Nikkor) 

298.) hello, i bought the original and sold that to a friend to upgraded to the NN3. i love this unit, it is inexpensive (compared to most others on the market), well built and easy to use. i mainly create multi-row flat pan images and the NN3 has helped to speed up the stitching process with better alignment of the individual shots. thanks for coming out with such a great product. 
1_special_k Nodal Ninja Forum 

297.) I just couldn't bring myself to the nearly $1000 with all the bells. I decided to put together my own. I have the shop with all the tools to do this. I was in the process of ordering materials and some off the shelf parts when I found the NN 3 mkII. I put all my material purchases on hold and did some quick cost analysis. The result: I can't even buy the materials for an indexed head nodal panoramic head for what I just paid for the NN 3 mkII. Thats not counting what my time is worth to do all the machine work to put one together. For example the Manfrotto 300n indexing head currently sells for $180. Then you need 3 sliding rails and another way to index the upper head for multi-row panographs.
PS I used to do all this in the old days with a tripod with 360 degree markings and a long long long.... time in the darkroom ! Thanks for a great product(NN 3 mkII)........
Carl C. - Nodal Ninja Forum 

296.) I just received my NN3 after only 3 days of waiting. I must say that I am blown away by the quality of this product! This is a precision piece of equipment nicely packaged and well thought out. I am simply amazed! INCREDIBLE piece of engineering! Thank you so much for providing such a quality product at an affordable price. Can't wait to put it to use on my trip across Europe in a couple of weeks. Thanks again!
DeGrey - Nodal Ninja Forum 

295.) Wow! That was fast and you and your company are AWESOME!!!!!.....However, seeing how you quickly take care of your customers here and in customer service and support through all the forums I've visited and seen you assisting other as well, I'm very confident in my decision to go with your product. I look forward to a very long relationship with you and Nodal Ninja, Thank you, 
Al M. Washingon USA 

294.) I own several (deleted) models that are trash compared to the Nodal Ninja 3. Its tightness, precision and light weight make for simple, easy repeatable setups that yield excellent results.
ventifact - Nodal Ninja Forum 

293.) I want to thank you for a quality product. Keep going!
Benedict K. USA 

292.) I'm back in Korea from my month in Hawaii....I am happy to report that everything about my NN5L continues to work well and exceeded my expectations.
David H. Korea 

291.) I got the new indent today. Thanks. Excellent customer service and an excellent product. I really like the NN3 MKII. Thanks
Dan A. USA 

290.) I wanted to let you know I've received the NN3 and absolutely love it! 
Matt S. USA 

289.) Hi, Nick, Bill and everyone who visit this forum, this is another success of the NN staff and a new place online to share with new nodal ninja users and panographers. This is what was missing the creat the perfect balance between a great product, an excellent service and an enthusiastic and increasing community of pano-makers. With the hope to share useful and interesting experiences, I send a greeting to all.
Luis Nodal Ninja Forum 

288.) Hello, Nick, Bill & Everyone! "build it and they will come"... yes they will and im here lol!
Glad to see one of the best Pano Heads in the world now has its own dedicated forum! Nodal Ninja all the way!!!! How am I every gonna get any work done now with all these forums lol!
Carl Nodal Ninja Forum 

287.) Congrats to Nick and Bill and everyone involved with the Nodal Ninja! I am a true believer in this product and their dedication to excellent service. I couldn't imagine using any other pano head. The size and portability, not to mention the low cost, just can not be beat. This forum is another great way for anyone interested in panoramic photography and I have definitely added this site to my list of resources when I get stumped or need some advise on anything related to panoramas. 
Ed F. Nodal Ninja Forum 

286.) Thanks a lot Mauro, your level of service is unprecedented. Kind regards,
Marcel V. Netherlands 

285.) Hello, Greetings from Germany. Since January 2007 I am a very satisfied user of the NN3 with Nikon D200 + Nikon AF DX 10,5 mm. Congratulation, the new developments look great! My interest for the future is to do the panos with my D2Xs. So I will need a new Nodal Ninja Cheers,
Pepsi - Nodal Ninja Forum 

284.) I've used the NN3 for about 18 months now, shooting hundreds of panoramas. I've just changed a detent pin for the first time because I could barely feel the clicks-stops. I'd love to upgrade to the MKII or the NN5 just because I like to unpack and use new gadgets but I don't actually need to, my NN3 serves it's purpose just fine.
Henri Nodal Ninja Forum 

283.) wanted to give a quick report of the NN3: Without knowing exactly why, I am getting amazingly accurate stitches on the first try. This is also true for NN5. I suspect that the improved accuracy of the indents with the ball bearing makes it much easier for PTGui to optimize. When walking around with the tripod with camera and NN3/NN5 mounted, the first optimized pano can be used as almost perfect template for the others that were shot near the same location. 
Carel S. California (Canon 5D w/ 10.5mm Nikkor) 

282.) The NEW Nodal Ninja 3 MkII is a fantastic panohead and the improvements to the rotator and detents over the NN3 is significant.
Smooth, Bathhurst Australia 

281.) I received my NN3 Mk2 today and having shot a few interior test shots I must say that this head is great. Some may consider this a downgrade from the likes of othr more expensive options but I beg to differ. Previously I used a (deleted and the results were good a best. I would have to retune the head constantly and even configured perfectly still found the head to sag under the camera weight. For a head that weights less than a quarter of the (deleted, the Nodal Ninja its far superior. It can be locked by plates to keep its setup and does not sag in the slightest. PTgui stitched a 6+2 shot sphere flawlessly with no need to fiddle with control points - that's what I want - a head that I can take time to produce great shots and not have to worry about alignment errors occurring that can ruin a pano. I would recommend this head to anyone intreated in starting panoramic photography for its simple setup, and further endorse it for professionals because its lightweight, flexible and outperforms heads 2x or more its price. See the results of a super quick test capture thrown into PTGUI via my attachment image - please don't mind the watermark - now i know this head is perfect I will be moving to PTgui from my previous (more expensive) stitching application. The shot is just a simple 6 row fullframe fisheye in a cofined space to really push the alignment accuracy - results perfect.
Patrick C. Ireland (Nikon D70 10.5mm DX) 

280.) Studying the detailed photographs on your Web pages gave me a fair idea of what the Nodal Ninja 3 looks like, but I was truly surprised and greatly impressed when I finally had one in my own hands to examine. My late father-in-law was a skilled engineer who produced, amongst other things, precision medical equipment. Seeing his work gave me some appreciation of the challenges involved in making exactly calibrated tools. How well you have succeeded in meeting the manufacturing demands of a spherical panoramic tripod head! The build quality is impressive and adds to my confidence that I shall enjoy many years of useful and rewarding service from this photographic tool. While the essence of the design brief for a panoramic head is quite straightforward I recognize that implementing all the consequential details is not. In this you have succeeded marvelously and in particular I note with approval that the Nodal Ninja 3 is a mature product incorporating many refinements, no doubt based on years of experience and problem-solving. Also to be applauded is the reasonable pricing of all the items in your catalogue. I wish you continued and growing success in your business. Creative photographers need dedicated, skilled and sympathetic technicians like you to support what we're trying to achieve with our art. I have completed a number of basic experiments using the Nodal Ninja 3 and the results have been all that I could have wished for at this stage. The head is quick and easy to assemble, thanks in particular to the rail stops, and the E-Z-Leveler simplifies tremendously the sometimes very fiddly task of getting the camera exactly horizontal. With kind regards and best wishes,
Graham S. Adelaide, South Australia ( Sony DSC-F828 CZ VS T 7.1 - 51mm) 

279.) Took my first pano today with the D300 and NN3II. The pano looks great...
Simon S, Australia 

278.) All in all, I am extremely pleased with the NN3. I think it is the most appropriate tool for my needs and it does everthing I require of it. If I were to require another pano head, I would certainly get another NN3 and I would certainly get it from Rosauro. Happy Nodal Ninja 3 user,
Tom B. Canada 

277.) I use my Nodal Ninja all the time in my professional resort photography and especially when out in the field. I thought about the new Nodal Ninja 5 for my Canon 5D but decided to stay with the smaller lighter version. Maybe I'll get the bigger one later.
Richard C. New Caladonia 

276.) Dear Nodal ninja, thanks for creating & re-design such a good gear.
C. Chia Maylasia 

275.) I received the shipment today and have tested the leveler and camera plate. Love them both. I appreciate your continued commitment to developing for the VR community. 
Gary O. USA 

274.) I Use the NN3 kit for use with my D200 and 10.5mm and had to take the time to say it works perfectly! A well designed product. Thank you
Brian. H Ireland 

273.) I really appreciate Nodal Ninja's commitment to its customers. It's a pleasure doing business with you! Cheers, 
Jim C. Atlanta, GA 

272.) Hi Bill, The NN5L rings arrived today - thanks they will be very useful, and they are such beautiful things, just as objects, aren't they. My NN5L arrived last Friday along with the T-30 adapter I ordered from red Door VR. The 'fit, feel and finish' are excellent and it has a very 'pro' appearance. My initial efforts with my D40+10.5 fisheye and my small P5100+WC-E68+T-30 (3 rows of 12 around for 360x180) have been very pleasing. I'm glad I chose the NN5L rather than the NN3 - which would have been quite 'good enough' for either of the cameras - because I actually like it being bigger - I'm not planning to hike with it - and the 'excess length' on the arms provides nice 'handles' with which to move it around. 
Andrew S. UK 

271.) So far, I really like what I see. This NN5 is much stronger than my previous QTVR head. I was able to do a quick and dirty pano almost right away and it should work well. I am impressed by it. Look for a Blog post about it on my site soon.
Joe L. St Simons Island, Georgia USA 

270.) Hi Bill, Thanks so much for your help today! I've read on the web that you guys have GREAT support, and they weren't kidding!I should be good to go now!
Gary D. USA 

269.) Excellent product! Why I spent a thousand dollars on a (deleted) I'll never know. Sure it's a quality head but certainly does not justify the cost for my purposes. This is testament to the fact that you need to shop around before you buy. In my case I only had to ask once. I'll sell my (deleted) and take the money saved (or lost) to buy a lens. Thank you Nodal Ninja - you rock!
Chuck A. Texas USA (Nikon D200 w/10.5mm lens) 

268.) Its a great product, your efforts are much appreciated and are benefitting many people.
Phil, Australia 

267.) Love my NN5 by the way, feels very well machined and nice positive clicks.
Henley B UK 

266.) Thank you for your exceptionally prompt service - the package arrived on 29 Feb in perfect condition. Regards
Tony H. Australia 

265.) Hi, I wanted to thank you for getting this out so quickly. (and for making such a cool product!) It got here in plenty of time for me to tinker before the shoot and it really was the perfect tool. I have even had a chance to do some creative work of my own too... 
Bill P. USA 

264.) I received the NN3 early this week and am anxious to use on my camera when I receive the new tripod. I do want to commend you on the excellent quality of construction.
Tom M. USA (Canon Digital Rebel ) 

263.) Fantastic customer service from across the work, im so impressed, i've already recommended you to other photog's here in sydney. cheers
Mark K. NSW Australia 

262.) NN5L is what I have been looking for. It works well with my D3 using the 70-200 2.8 VR lens. I use this lens for doing mosiacs so sturdyness is important. Nick you did well on this. Regards
Alfred B. Hamburg Germany 

261.) I recently purchased a NN5L (2/23/08), In past I've used a (deleted) Pano Head and a (deleted). Your NN5L is very well built, a solid, well thought-out piece of equipment, Nice JOB
Gregory M. NY (Canon 40D) 

260.) Hi All, I recently purchased the NN3 from Rosauro (Candian Reseller) - by the way... he is a true professional with exceptional service. Thanks Rosauro!
Tom V. Canada (Canon 400 Xti with a Peleng 8mm)

259.) I use a Canon 400 Xti with a Peleng 8mm.

258.) Well well well this NN5L a piece of quality work. Nick did well in the design and development of this model (as in previous models). Many thanks and keep up the great work!
Steve W. California (Canon MKII) 

257.) I purchased from my local shop in Alba Piemonte Italy. I was going to buy from the Uk but wanted to support my local shop so I asked him to source it for me. I guess he contacted your Italian guy. Great product Nick, very easy to use especially with all the lens settings on your site. Regards 
Clive W. Italy (D300 + D70s Sigma 10-20) 

256.) Hi Bill, The more I use this Chevy, the more I like it. This is really a nice piece of craftsmanship. Everything fits well, clamps down tight, and it's very easy to use. Swapping out the detent plates is even less fuss than I anticipated. Thanks!
David H. USA (Canon 400D 10-22, 24-105, 70-200 IS) 

255.) Hi Bill, I want to thank you for your wonderful product. I'm a professional photographer and I use your head when I travel. I have other products that I use for my professional work. One product that I have was very expensive. $1045 is what it cost me plus shipping. I won't mention its flaws or name manufacturers but one day I decided to use your head with my Canon 15fe lens. I've since purchased other panorama heads because I need to do template stitching on most of my assignments. However I keep your head in my camera bag whenever I go out. Its the best backup a professional can have. Its also the best head to travel with. I also want to thank you for your superb customer service. I've dealt with many companies in the past. Your service tops them all. Great job and keep producing great products for the VR community.
Paul L. USA (Canon 5d and 15mmFE) 

254.) I got your head some weeks ago and spend much time with it. Its a really good head and in my opignon the best compromise between strudity and weight....Congratulations to your head!!!!
Julian K. Austria 

253.) Bill, You certainly do live up to your reputation. Thanks for that most valuable link...just when I thought I had some free time... I am aware of Panoguide forum and have used it - information overload usually. FYI - I am now selling my (deleted) head there - too heavy and more than I need. Best regards,
Hamish T. Wyoming (Nikon D80, Sigma 8mm f3.5) 

252.) Thanks again, I received the NN5 on last Friday. I used on Sunday. Very nice and soooooooooo smooth. I like it.
Karl S. USA (Pentax) 

251.) I've just sold my (deleted) and purchased a NN3 through your UK distributors - great service. Essentially nothing has changed apart from I now have and extra $300 in my pocket and I'm not in danger of injuring myself from carrying around a panoramic head. THe NN3 is about 1/3 of the weight and packs down for more conveniently for traveling. Great product - thanks
David C. UK (Canon 5d / 17-40 f4l and 50mm f1.8) 

250.) I'm really thrilled with the NN5. The build quality is first rate. It easily supports the D3 and 70-200 2.8 zoom,just like you said it would. Excellent product!
John B. USA (Nikon D3, Shaved Nikon 10.5 fisheye) 

249.) Hi Bill, i've got it today. GREAT STUFF ;o) Thank you one more time - for your service, for the goodies and the very friendly communication. Now i will try it - and, sooner or later, you will find my firts - nodal-nija-panorama on my homepage. So, I think we will have contact in the near future because of further business. Kind regards
Norbert S. Germany (Nikon D2X) 

248.) Bill- Thanks for taking care of me. I did indeed get the NN5! Although the 5 looks like it will become my go to rig, the 3 will stay in my camera bag for a long time. My initial impressions: Hefty feel, thick arms nice finish. Rotator detent screw adjuster makes getting the feel of the detents a breeze without screwing up the rotator operation. Camera plate looks to make the setup faster. Damn, it's big. I wonder if and how the friction control knob on the side of the rotator is going to effect nadir stitching. The upper rotator detents are pretty stiff, I'll have to adjust them. The bubble level works! Yay! Please pass on my congratulations to Nick for a successful product launch. And, thank him for his efforts and his commitment to our little niche of photography. Hope you have a great '08!
Rob C. Virginia, USA 

247.) I love Panoramas and have struggled making good ones w/o a pan head. I did some homework, found your product and the new NN5! Pre-ordered it, and WOW! First, I'm amazed at how beautifully made it is. Second, but even more important, I was able to set it up and use it in about 10 minutes from start to finish, even with a change of detent plate included. First series of shots came out dead bang perfect on the first try... absolutely perfect stitch, no parallax error, no ghosting. I'm impressed. Thank you... my panoramic world just got a whole lot easier and a whole lot better. Love the nice case etc., too. Best,
Rand A. USA (Olympus E-3, E-510, E-1 ) 

246.) Thanks heaps, just received my nodal ninja 5, what an awesome product!! It is long enough for my camera/lens combination, but small enough to fit in my camera bag. Thanks aswell for the case that I didn't know I was getting. It was worth the wait.
Toby H. New Zealand (Nikon D80 + Nikkor 18-200VR)

245.) Superb service and packaging. In eagerness to find the camera lens's nodal point, much to my partner's annoyance, I have taken over the brightest and longest room of the house, the kitchen. No supper tonight! I have read so many favourable reviews of the NN3 but now I have it in my hands, rather on my tripod, no words can do the service and the device justice. Thanks Bill & Nick!
Steve A. England (Canon G5) 

244.) Very interesting product, key assets are: the small size, the light weight and the reasonable price.
I absolutely love the small hard shelled case which fits into my pocket. ;-) I have to recognize that the NN3 in it's simplicity is very functional, robust and well engineered. A great asset, considerably reducing post-pro time is the possibility to shoot the nadir avoiding the tripod footprint in the image, by simply unscrewing and turning the vertical element. To my knowledge the NN3 is the only head on the market having this feature.

243.) I have given my Nodal Ninja a real workout over two months of professional tourism/resort photography sphere images that includes trekking for miles in very rugged terrain. It's light, quick, easy to set up, easy to use, well thought out, and otherwise a fine and well made panorama head. Thanks for a permanent addition to my photo kit. I've already thrown away my former pano heads. 
Richard C. New Caledonia (Canon 5D Sigma 8 , Canon 15mm) 

242.) This is a great item, it does what it has to do perfectly well. I had a technical question and the answer came back within hours! Great product, great service.
Jorge S. USA 

241.) The NN3 has been working out just fine and has taught me a lot. Rosauro has been great in making suggestions on how to improve my projects.
Keith M. Florida USA (D300 10.5mm Nikkor) 

240.) Just like to let you know that I've just got back into Bangkok after being in Laos for about 1 month. The Nodal Ninja you sent me is very convenient, small lightweight, and strong. I had no problems what so ever with it. Thank you very much. 
Thomas W. Thailand (Nikone D200 w/ Sigma 15mm) 

239.) Thanks for selling me the NN3 nearly a year ago. It has paid for itself many times over. Customer service has been excellent. I have shot and stitched a number of stunning wedding panos with the Ninja: 
Mike J. USA 

238.) I really love the product! I makes pano's a pleasure to shoot!
Ryan M. Japan 

237.) Thank you very much for answering so fast and for your kind rebate....I really appreciate your efficient and friendly customer service, don't change anything ! Vive Nodal Ninja ! Best regards,
Michel N. France 

236.) Hi Bill, I've been using the Nodal Ninja now for almost 4 months and it's everything you said it was! Very easy to use and quick to set-up. My real estate virtual tours look great and I actually sold a property site-unseen...they only saw my virtual tour! Great product at a great price!! Just had to drop you a line to say thanks! All the best,
John R. USA (Canon EOS 30D + Sigma 8mm Fisheye) 

235.) Hi I purchased a Nodal Ninja recently and I wanted to post my results. The first thing you notice when you open the box is how well made it is. It is solid aluminum and there is no bend in it at all. It comes in two pieces with all of the accessories you might ever need for it (extra pads, extra plates, hex driver, etc) I was able to put it together and mount it on my Manfrotto 925b and mount my Pentax K10D on it in about 2 minutes without ever looking at the manual. I then took a quick glance to see about determining entrance points, and was taking pictures on my porch within 5 minutes. Very simple to use and very solid feeling..... I know there are other ones out there for a lot more money, but I can honestly say I can't imagine what might be better about them. The Ninja is built to last forever, and the customer support cannot be beat. Highly recommended.
Micheal K. (dpreview forum) 

234.) Bill, Wow.... I wasn't expecting that.... Thank you very much for the gesture, I sincerely appreciate it. I've been looking over forums etc for a while, researching panoramic heads, and I realised that you had a class outfit, but I have to say I really am taken aback, not to mention thoroughly impressed, by just how much you genuinely want your customers to be happy with their Nodal Ninja experience. Bravo! You have just relegated B&H and 17th Street Photo to positions 2 and 3 on my mental list of photography good guys! Once again, many thanks,
Graham L. United Kingdom 

233.) Hi. I just bought the NN3 last week. It was ordered from Rosauro (Canadian Reseller) and the experience was first rate. I've already shot many dozens of panos with it and I like it very much....Before closing this message, I wish to once again assert that I am a happy user..... If you do not change a thing about your detent system or your product, I will continue to use, enjoy, and recommend it. I can do what I want to do with it by putting in the plate with only two detents and using the smooth areas, however, when you're shooting at sunset and trying to take the pano as quickly as possible because of the rapidly changing light conditions, the detents are a God send. A very happy user,
Tom B Canada (Pentax K100D, DA 50-200, DA 40L, DA 16-45) 

232.) Bill, many thanks for your incredible service and the pre sales assistance. I ordered my NN3 last Tuesday and it arrived here yesterday (Monday), I should also thank the US and Australian postal services. I assembled the NN3 in less than a minute and love the rigidity, look and feel of it.
Mike C. Australia (Pentax *istD & K10D Sigma 15-30, 24 to70, 70 to 200) 

231.) Hi Folks, I bought one of the NN3 pano heads after reading the comments on these forums and I have been well impressed with it since. A well constructed piece of equipment an well priced. Unfortunately, I managed to damage my NN3 and from that experience I am even more of a fan of the NN3 as I found that their customer service is second to none. I contacted Fanotec for advice after damaging the NN3 and I was bowled over by the quick response and by a quick replacement part shipped over from the states. Often I read customer reviews on web sites and seldom believe the comments. I have to say though, I now believe all I read about Fanotec and the Nodal Ninja. If anyone is considering buying a panohead, consider the NN3. To my mind, you really cant go wrong with the NN3.
Ped - (Panoguide Forums) 

230.) The Nodal Ninja arrived safely and I have been very impressed by its construction and neat way it can been put together and then packed away back into such a small pouch. This makes it very handy and a prefect accessory to always carry in a camera bag. Regards, 
Karl H. UK 

229.) Just received my Nodal Ninja 3 the other day, just wanted to let you know I appreciate the fast delivery and the exceptional build quality of your product. Your product obviously reflects your attention to detail and the product performs flawlessly! 
Dan C. USA (Nikon D200 18-70, 50mm) 

228.) I just get the NN3 from my colleague who just back from San Francisco. After half day test with my camera and lens, it work quite well!!!! Light weight and compact enough! It's convenient to take with me when I trip overseas. Thanks very much!!!!
Minlang Taiwan 

227.) The Nodal Ninja has scored very very well. They only telled positive things about it. The NodalNinja is very well and strong build. Even in stormy weather it stayed stable on the stand. Keep on the good quality. Greetings and kind regards, 
Patrick from the Netherlands (Canon EOS 350D with 18/55mm Kit lens) 

226.) I am really enjoying its compactness and light weight...Thanks
Dave S. Canada (Nikon D70 Tamron 14mm 2.8) 

225.) Hello Bill,I received the Nodal Ninja 2-Sph from you off your Ebay store. This thing is a work of art! The very first ever panorama I shot was a 360 QTVR of my back yard, with just one setup, 15 images @ 24 degree plate. 100% perfect!
Gerald W. USA (Canon S2-IS) 

224.) NN3 package arrived in Melbourne on Friday 8 June (only 4-5 days later). Very quick!
I am very impressed with the quality and high standard of manufacture in the NN3.
I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun using it. Thanks again.
Ken H. Australia 

223.) Just so you'll know. I found your product on the "FromParis.com" website. It's a great pan head and I want to thank you for your prompt service. I actually received it faster than expected...
Mike H. USA 

222.) Dear Mr. Bill Bailey, MANY MANY THANKS for considering me as a 'SPECIAL CASE' and so nice of you. Till time, I was manage with my hand made pano head with lots of unnecessary editing efforts for stitching errors and now after getting NN3, I hope I will do much much batter for my VR business. All credit pass on to Mr. Bill - NN3. Many thanks for proving camera set up to start using NN3 as soon as its in my hand. (I have Nikon D50 + 10.5 Nikkon Fisheye Lens and its camera set up for using NN3 is with me in advance from your website. User Manual also downloaded & printed and found very useful. Once again Many Thanks Mr. Bill Bailey. Best regards,
Mukesh V. India 

221.) I want to reiterate that I really like your pano-head. It is the only one I am willing to travel with (the (deleted) was a pain, and the (deleted) is a monster). I totally agree that your panohead is an engineering compromise (every head is a compromise). But well used and a properly calibrated lens, I can make panos as good as with any other head.
Daniel G. Canada 

220.) Bill, Thanks a lot for the info, that worked a treat. As a normal (deleted) user I am very impressed by the way with the Nodal Ninja.. All the best,
Andy H. UK 

219.) Thanks so much Bill. If you want to quote any of my repeated expressions of gratitude on your website please do so, you have helped beyond the call. Very best wishes,
Chris. L UK 

218.) It was a quiet night on Mawson Station. Many people stayed up until the early hours of the morning watching a very spectacular aurora display over the station. Max temp:-4.0Min temp:-13.2 Max wind gust: SSE 57knots. This is a beautiful place for photography. I use a Nikon D200 with Nikon 17-55mm and 10.5mm lenses, this being mounted on my Nodal Ninja atop a Manfrotto Tripod 3001BN with the Manfrotto 3265 Vertcial Hand Grip. Because of NN's all metal construction it performs quite well in under such extreme conditions. Also being easy to setup and take down (one knob) makes it a valuable addition to my gear. A great product! Best Regards from the bottom of the world.
Megan D. Mawson Station Antarctica 

217.) I've dealt with many MANY companies and have operated a couple myself. The product you represent is everything you say and more. The support is the best I have experienced from any company and worthy of recognition. I look forward to future products - rest assured you have a loyal customer.
Shane R. Ireland (D200 Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye) 

216.) Mr. Bailey,... I have tried NN3 and my first impressions are very positive. This is an excellent product. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks again,
Jack G. USA 

215.) Bill, like to thank you again for the efforts and speed and professionalism with which you operated. I have tested and made several Pano pics and am very pleased with the NN3.
Jim D. Germany

214.) 360rage.com - Dennis A. said on December 23, 2006: Rating 10 and reviewed:
This is perfect example of value for dollar spent. After my camera fell off a lesser expensive model I need something a bit more reliable. Nodal Ninja fit the bill perfectly. I do Real Estate Virtual Tours and use the head exclusively. Its lightweight, easy to setup and use and very dependable. I highly recommend this head. DA 

213.) 360rage.com - @lphons said on January 26, 2007: Rating 9 Value for money 10, and reviewed:
Good value for money. I use the NN3 since december 2006 and its a pitty I didnt get it earlier. Quick setup. I use it with my Canon 30D and 5D. Not suitable for the high end DSLR (like Canon Mark II a.o) Great service from dealer.

212.) 360rage.com - David L. said on March 21, 2007: Rating 9 and reviewed:
RE: Nodal Ninja version#3 Excellent value for the money - no doubt the best in the market for this price range. I own (deleted) and sorry I didnt learn of Nodal Ninja before I bought it. All the same features at hundreds less. I say YES to buying Ninja Ninja if you plan on doing any type of panoramas. 

211.) 360rage.com - Richard Chamberlain said on March 30, 2007: Rating 9 and reviewed:
I have the Nodal Ninja SPH-2L and have been very happy with the purchase. First rate support for a first rate product. No need to spend hundreds more when the Nodal Ninja will do all you need! Awesome product! 

210.) 360rage.com -Charles Hendrick said on August 8, 2007: Rating 10 and reviewed:
NN3 is perfect for me. Its lightweight and supports my D200 perfectly. Bill has been super quick and goes out his way to answer my questions. There is no other product that comes close to the value for dollar spent. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. 

209.) Last year I have ordered the Nodal Ninja 3 and since the first day it has arrived, I am really pleased with it! I am a mechanical engineer and I need to say that I am impressed by the simplicity and quality of your product, really outstanding! Best Regards,
Maurice K. Netherlands (Canon EOS 350D + Canon EF-S 10-22mm) 

208.) We love the ninja! It works sooooo much better for us. I'm glad we found you guys! 
Al W. USA 

207.) Hi Bill, just took delivery of my new Nodal Ninja 3 a few moments ago. Excellent service just 4 days to me on the other side of the globe!! The build quality is fantastic!! The photo's on your website do NOT reflect the level of detail and construction quality of the actual product. Can't wait to get out and have a play. Cheers, 
Ewen C. New Zealand (Sony Alpha A-100, SAL1118 11-18mm) 

206.) Bill, Many thanks. I love the portability of the NN3. I can pack and take it almost anywhere.
Larry H. USA 

205.) Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the super fast shipping and the quality of the nodal ninja 3 is even better than I expected. Great product! Thanks again,
John S. USA 

204.) Hi Rosauro & Bill: My NN3 arrived and I was very pleased with the quality and ease of use. It is a big improvement over the (deleted) that I had used with a Canon A640....As you know, I now have the Nikon D40x. My Nikkor 10.5 mm lens just arrived and I set things up per the very clear instructions for the NN3. Thanks
Keith M. USA 

203.) Hi, I received the Nodal Ninja yesterday and I'm very happy with it! I've been getting great results with panoramic shots that Warm regards from a very happy Australian customer.
Jackie D. Australia (Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ30) 

202.) Bill, I just want to tell you that your Nodal Ninja 3 Panoramic head is WONDERFUL works great and is very well made and very light.
Sergio Z. Spain 

201.) Many thanks for NN - very cool, easy to transport, and well thought-out kit!
Duncan M. UK (Canon 5D + 15mm)

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