Testimonials 301-400

We enjoy hearing from our customers about our products and services.


400.) I am already a very satisfied customer, having bought quite a lot from you in the past. Great stuff!
Christian B. Hollywod CA

399.) Rob, thanks for the quick fix on my order. I appreciate the express ship even though it wasn't necessary.Cheers
Tony R. USA

398.) Hi Bill,I just got this. Already placed the order, received the NN5, and used it a bunch. Thanks a bunch! Great product.
-Richard W. - Flickr

397.) I'll be honest in satying I was going to buy the best and probably the most expensive pano head, it was a [deleted]. After reading about thier poor support and realizing they might not be in business much longer I decided to shop around a bit more. Mauro was very quick to answer my questions and actually convienced me to go with one of your smaller heands

396.) Hey Guys, Things are working well with my new gear and not sorry at all I went you over [deleted]. I saved a few bucks as well. thanks
Ernie R. USA

395.) Here's my first panorama with my new NN3MKII. I'm very please with my purchase, great rig !
drflash - Nodal Ninja Forum 

394.) Hey Mauro, I like all of your help, it has made me more secure in finding the right head for me. I took your advice and bought a NN5L and it does evenything I need it to do. It is simple to setup, good idea with stops, and I know it will last many years becuase of the build quality. I will tell people I know about your items. Very best.
Jesus T. Mexico (Nikon D3)

393.) Nick, your commitment to quality and precision are worth recognition. I have the Nodal Ninja model #5 with one of your new rotatos, the R-D12. I love the fuild movement of rotation and the precision is spot on. This is a beautiful pice of gear. Regards,
Charles G. Ireland 

392.) Dear NN - great product (NN5L)- great price - great company - thank you
Bill T. New Zealand

391.) Just a quickie to let you all know of the great service I've had from the Scottish reseller www.360tacticalvr.com. I first contacted them just before Christmas to inquire of NN5 availability to be told that they were out of stock until the New Year BUT that I could have an NN3 loan unit over the holidays. What service.
I've now taken delivery of the NN5 and can't wait to get out there with it.
Brendan M.. Edinburgh. Scotland. UK. - Nodal Ninja Forum 

390.) I can confirm the great service from red door. I ordered a NN3 with rd12 and since it was out of stock they offered me a NN5 at discounted price, great comunication too with the staff. regards,
Davide - Nodal Ninja Forum 

389.) Dear Nodal Ninja, I just thought that I would drop a quick message here to let you know of the great service I received from one of your resellers, Red Door VR. Last year I purchased a Nodal Ninja 5 Lite from them with the idea of upgrading it when the upgrade was released. When you announced your upgrade program here I contacted them asking what I would need to do. They promptly informed me that as soon as they had received the stock from yourselves they would announce their own upgrade program. Just before Christmas I was informed of the process, signed up and at the beginning of January they told me which bits to send where. I dispatched my parcel to them and the next working day, when they received it, they were good enough to drop me an email to let me know that it made it to them safely. After the upgrade they again emailed me giving me a tracking number if needed. It wasn't as it turned up safely the next day. After my experiences with Red Door VR, I would be more than happy to recommend them to others. 
Robert B. UK - Nodal Ninja Forum 

388.) Bill, 'After reading Panoguide forums and several reviews of your products, your prompt attention and kindness are exactly what I expected from your company. Please accept my sincere thanks. Keep up the great work!'
Tim W. UK

387.) OK, thank you a lot Bill, I just bought the NN5 Complete package that you have with the R16 Rotator. I received a email today saying that it was shipped to me. Thank you one more time, the costumer support and your fast respond is outstanding, I'm impressed. 
Ernest F. USA

386.) Hello Bill, Wow,thank you! What can I say? I am running out of words. This is really "the extra mile" - and longer. I do not take it for granted.
Christian T. USA 

385.) Rob, Thanks again so much for your incredible personalized service.
Jon A. USA 

384.) Bill: The RD 8 Is a very nice piece of work. No slop and no worries about tensioning the knob. Just level and shoot! 
Tim E. USA

383.) Hi Nick,I received from Hong-Kong your special 1/4" QR plate for my non threaded [deleted] clamp.....I don't know how many times I could write "Thank you"... "Thank you"... "Thank you"... Very well done....Best regards to you Nick. Also to Bill and Rob. Among others, I've choosed to buy a NodalNinja pano head. Now, I really know why.
Marc C. Paris - France

382.) Thanks Bill. I knew you'd come through for me.I must say that it's very refreshing to find any company that really takes pride in their customer service. It really makes you guys stand out from the crowd. Having been a Technical Sales Rep. for many years in the Dental industry, this is one of my pet peeves. It's a lot easier to lose a customer than it is to gain one. Best,
Dave S. USA

381.) Dear Mr Bill, Thanks for your quick reply.Your company is small as you say, but your product is fantastic and also is robust, and in terms of quality and price it beats every big daddy's out there, so I just love NN.
Satinder R. India

380.) Hi Bill – Thanks for the speedy reply. I had heard you actually give a damn about your customers - I am glad to have experienced this first hand.
Doc B. USA

379.) Hi Bill, Just received my Nodal Ninja. This is one beautiful piece of work! After reading all the glowing comments on the various Pano sites, all I can say is most are understated. 
Fred B. USA

378.) AMAZON.COM - 5 out of 5 stars - simply WOW

I got this package to be able to shoot full spherical panos. Its great! light weight, and the packaging is beautiful. Best of all, its price is unbeatable compared to other pano heads and the quality delivered. To top it off, outstanding customer service from Fanotec. I use it with my Canon 40D + EFS 10-22 / Sigma 8 FE.
no issues at all. 

378.) Hi Bill What excitement !! The NN5 has just arrived at my desk in Q8. It's a thing of beauty and quality and I can't wait to get it home and put it through its paces. Already I have a few ideas here in Q8 to test it out on. I will probably set it up for the Sigma 12-24mm. I'll post the results if they pass Quality Assurance ;) Thanks again Regards
Dave E. Kuwait (Q8) 

377.) AMAZON.COM - 5 out of 5 stars AWESOME
By R. W. (Sunny Florida)
Best price for a Pano QTVR head you will find. Great customer service. I just upgraded to the NN5 (it supports SLR cameras with a battery grip.

376.) AMAZON.COM 5 out of 5 stars Best affordable panoramac head on the market.
By Lincoln G. "infinity_plus_one" (herenow)
I am a professional virtual tour photographer. I have shot over 1,300 virtual tours. I have tried numerous panoramic heads, including [deleted], [deleted] and custom fabricated models. The Nodal Ninja performs better than the [deleted] and nearly identical to the $900 [deleted]. However, the Nodal Ninja is about 1/4 the size and weight, and breaks down small enough to fit into your pocket. I highly recommend the Nodal Ninja 3. For the price you can't find a better panoramic tripod head. No quality heads are lighter or more compact. You can't go wrong with this product. 

375.) I'd like to say that my first impression of the NN5 is AWESOME! What a great piece of hardware! I'm pretty excited to get out and give it a try. Cheers
Russ O. Canada 

374.) Hi Bill, I already received a note from your shipping team. Thanks so much! You guys really deserve the praise on the internet for your service!
Jonathan Z. California 

373.) Not sure you need any more testimonials but here's mine. I bought the NN3 MKII and I do Real Estate VT's. This makes the job so much easier and makes my panoramas go stitch together automatically. I don't know how I was doing this without a pano head and thatnks to you guys my work as stepped up 10 notches. If anyone is considering geting into panoramic photography let me save you the time and trouble to shop around. I've done the shopping, done the research, and contacted other vendors. Nodal Ninja was the best for the money and I am in no way sorry for my purchase. Bill Bailey with Nodal Ninja has helped me to understand my needs but wasn't pushy in trying to sell me more than I needed. I wanted the NN5 but he convinced me to go for the NN3 MKII for my camera. Thanks Bill.
Nathan K. Miami Florida Nikon (D200 and Sigma 8mm) 

372.) I am very impressed with the construction and tight tolerances with the unit and ease of setting up. I know that my money has been well spent and this unit will give me many years of service. Thank you
Dan D. California USA 

371.) Hi Bill, What a great surprise! Just got back to work from my Germany Trip, and there it's sitting on my desk! Shiny NN5! And what a beautiful piece of engineering! Rocksolid rotator. And I love the material on the knobs.....really hard and solid. Awesome!
Christian B. California USA 

370.) Woo-hoo - got my Nodal Ninja #5 and I'm happier than a pig in [expletive deleted]. This is just what I'm been needing, sturdy, well engineered and sexy. Thanks guys!!!
Tony G. Montana (Nikon D3 w/ 12-24) 

369.) You guys are ridiculous - seems a bit over the top (OTT) with support. Sure I lost a knob (my fault) but damn Bill driving 30 minutes across town to delivery it personally is the type of support I would never expect from anyone. You really do take a special pride in not only the products you sell but in also making us feel special. Clever keeping a box of products in your car, the EZ-Leveler is a sweet little accessory. I will surely recommend Nodal Ninja to anyone who asks. Thank again for OTT service :-) And oh, btw, thanks for the pointers.
Alan W. Scottsdale AZ (Nikon D3 w/ 12-24mm lens) 

368.) Rob Van Gils....Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and with such enthusiasm.
Very refreshing....Director of Shipping, and Customer Support Trainee of the month I say!
Ryan M. Japan 

367.) Just wanted to thank everybody helping out a newbie…After 1,5 weeks after I recived my NN3 MKII I'm was able to make this 360x180 panorama. A special thanks to john Houghton Regards
Touareg - Nodal Ninja Forum 

366.) I love my NN3 pano head: handy, quick and precise. 
ti360 - Nodal Ninja Forum

365.) This tool is so handy to use!! Just love it!!
discocandy - Nodal Ninja Forum 

364.) very much thankful to NN for giving such a fast and robust head platform. my few months back shoot i am posting first time at NN3 forum. used 2 nn3 for more than 2.5 year and ordered new nn3 mk2 receiving tomorrow. Thank you again bill.
atomicmak - Nodal Ninja Forum 

363.) The NN5 (full model) performed perfectly with the long exposure times (normal was 1.6 seconds).
John - Nodal Ninja Forum (40D + Tokina 10-17mm ) 

362.) NNL5 is great value for money. Solid built and works perfectly. The only thing which I miss is (cm) scale on one side of lower arm. Beside that NNL5 is flawless. Customer service is superb, the parcel with NNL5 reached my doorstep in less than 5 days (USA--.)Poland), everything nicely wraped and secured.
Jack S. - Poland (Canon 5D & EF 17-40 f/4) 

361.) I just wanted to say thank you for an outstanding product and even better customer service. I have had 2 phone conversations with you (one before I purchased my NN5L and the other right after) and both times I was really struck by your patience and your professionalism. You and your product are in a class by your/ themselves....Thank you so much for your time and your excellent product and service. Sincerely,
Kamran S. UA (Nikon D300 10.5mm, 12-24mm, 18-200mm, 80-200mm) 

360.) hi Bill, I bought my nodal ninja from you last november and took it to Antarctica the next month. It worked out great and I know have some very large, very high definition prints of the spectacular landscapes there. thanks for this great product!
Joe H. - Antarctica 

359.) I had a small glitch in my NN5L order placed today. Bill made it right .... I'll just say I am a great fan of Bill & NN even before I receive my NN5L. Customer service BETTER than it should be!
MisterMo - Nodal Ninja Forum 

358.) Bill, You're a model of customer service! A class act. Let me know if I can do anything for you. Thanks
Ed G. USA 

357.) Yes, support from the NN team is outstanding in every way. If there a question or problem, they make it right - FAST!
Macro - Nodal Ninja Forum 

356.) I would echo the comments: I had purchased my NN3 via a UK reseller, and to cut a long story short the horizontal arm got damaged with usage, nothing wrong with the product it just took a heavy whack that bent the arm. I emailed NN3 for advice and very quickly got a replacement arm delivered through the mail. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. Customer service that is way beyond what I expect and I look forward to making future purchases. (well, apart from actually parting with cash, never did like that bit) 
Ped - Nodal Ninja Forum 

355.) I would like to add my thanks to the Ninja team! As a new customer who purchased a NN3 and then decided to return it and upgrade to the NN5L, I have had an excellent customer experience. Mauro and Bill have been very responsive to my questions and my new NN5L is winging its way towards me Thanks
emac50 - Nodal Ninja Forum 

354.) Here's my first panorama with my new NN3MKII. I'm very please with my purchase, great rig !
drflash - Nodal Ninja Forum 

353.) I have to say, you do nothing but amaze more and more :) Thank you very much for the super quick reply. I know the settings come with the CD attached to the package but the moment I got my NN5L I was on my way to Singapore and I only had with me the MacAir which does not have CDrom. I followed the link provided below and found what I needed. Did one simple test and it came out superb. I mean, the quality of my image are not as good as other Panoguide forum members but the stitching was flawless on first try. I didn't need to do much adjustments using the PTGui PRO. Normally I had lots of problems fixing problems and really hard time setting up my (deleted) you wouldn't be able to imagine. I have to say, your product and support really is worth every single dollar. Thank you very much :) best regards
Sebastian P. - USA 

352.) Hi Bill- I spoke to you on the phone this morning about the 5L. I made the order and now I see that you've already shipped it- thank you so much for that super quick work. I'll have plenty of time to get used to using it. If you ever decide to add a customer gallery feature to your site I would be happy to contibute to it. Anyhow- thanks again for the great service. 
Greg R. - USA 

351.) Bill, Thanks for the great support of your product!... All the best,
Paul H. - USA 

350.) I want to thank you for your quick super service. It was way more than I ever expected but with a great product you guys are full of surprises!.... Thanks again for the great service and such a great product.
John C. - USA 

349.) It arrived yesterday! Again, thank you for all your help..... I can't wait to get it out in the field! I'm stoked!
Gilles D. - USA 

348.) Thank you, Bill. That was unexpected and exceptionally nice of you. I am exceedingly happy with the NN5L. It is really a quality piece of gear. Sincerely,
Steve D. - Arkansas USA 

347.) Rob, Thanks for the quick response and the upgrade on shipping !!!! Now I know why people say good things about Nodal Ninja ! I'm anxious to get start using my NN3MKII. Thanks again,
Rich D. - USA 

346.) Rob, I can't say enough about how spectacular your customer service is. I wish I worked for your company. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your tremendous responsiveness. I look forward to sending you guys some samples of the work I create with my NN. Thank you!
Brad F. - USA 

345.) Mauro, The NN5 and EZ-leveler arrived today. Kudos to Bill for calling me on my cell phone Friday to tell me he had both in stock. That sort of customer service really impressed me. I am even MORE impressed by the actual product. Both the NN5 and EZ-leveler are beautifully machined, precision tools. After seeing the NN5 in person I don't know why anyone would buy a cheap plastic imitation or pay MORE for the competitor's version. There is no doubt in my mind I made a very wise purchase! Please compliment Bill on getting me these products so quickly - well in advance of my shoot. Now I just need to figure out the logistics of creating spherical pano's! It has been a true pleasure doing business with you.
Bob Miano - USA 

344.) I've had my NN3 since last October, and I am so, so pleased with it. I have done many 360/180 panos with it, plus a number of high-res mosaics, and I really cannot fault it. It's light in weight and compact, and simply does the job! Congratulations to you and Nick on a superb product. Kind regards
Andrew H. - UK 

343.) Thank you Bill, I've heard alot about you and your excellent costomer service via online forums and word of mouth. You simply dealt with my problem quickly and without and issues, thank you so much, I can now go back to my daily routine without having to worry about this problem.... Thanks again. sincerely
Will Chang - USA 

342.) Bill I appreciate you telling me what other companies are in the market. I've looked at them all and see for my 5D your 5L will give me exactly what I need. What's with [deleted]? Man don't tell people they even exist, totally negative vibes, it's like they could care less about customers. Slow to answer emails, condescending remarks like they don't care about “me”. The heads behind the heads are as, if not more, important than the heads themselves. I looked at some the forums you suggested, not really a chatty chap myself, but I see others speak as I do about [deleted]. Thank you for addressing my concerns, perfect! I wish you great success
Chuck J. USA (Canon 5D 17-40mm) 

341.) Thank you guys, I got the NN3 yesterday in my hotel. And I love this tool.....Greeting from LA
Norman S. - Germany 

340.) I am very impressed with the quality of your products and great customer service!!.... Thanks for all your help.
Rome H. Maine - USA 

339.) The NN5 is a Superior System, beautifully machined, amazingly strong, and amazingly well thought out. The speed it sets up and the portability combine to make this is a real winner. I love the stops because they are easy to adjust and positive without using undue force that might accidentally move something off line on the tripod, or the tripod itself depending on the terrain..... For the first time user the NN5 is a no brainer to put into action. Nevertheless, I am glad you have meticulous instructions for changing the indent rings, washers, and whatever I have yet to encounter as they are quite detailed from a quick read. Again finding the nodal point and setting up has never been any easier because nothing is moving while I change my setting; this made it a snap with a lens I had not used before for a mosaic. My compliments Bill to you and Nodal Ninjas on making a system that is strong and fits in my bag. I am all smiles here! I will definitely want the stop upgrade on the vertical arm when it is available. Thanks for your help and look forward to a long relationship. 
Rodney O. - Georgia USA (Nikon D300 w/ 28-135mm lens) 

338.) I already sent you positive feedback shortly after I received my NN3, but now that I've been using it for several weeks, I really wanted to tell you how much I appreciate (love) it! It's so easy to use that I don't even have to think about it. Is there a better definition of a good tool? It just does what it's supposed to and does it so well! It small and light, yet strong enough and clearly well made. I've been taking more panos than ever when I was using one of your competitors tools. Hey, can you design and build my next car!? Thanks! A very satisfied customer
Sy B. - USA 

337.) Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks. It took the NN3 less than 4 days to arrive (Japan), tested it last week end and i'm really happy with this purchase. It's worth every penny. Thanks again, and i'm looking forward to the NN5 when i upgrade my DSLR Cheers!
SamSed - Nodal Ninja Forum 

336.) I bought my Nodal Ninja about three years ago. I have the first model, which have always been working great up to this day. I now own a 40D and it still does the job ! I am not a pro, but I like to be able to make the best possible panoramic photos, and in order to do that I really needed a device such as the nodal ninja...
Inexpensive compared to others, and very easy to use. It is invaluable and I couldn't have made my panoramas without it. The new models are more expensive but as I've read, they offer a great deal of improvements. So that'd be great if I could win one of these top of the art goodies :-D Keep up the good work, Phil.
TheJuice - Nodal Ninja Forum 

335.) In praise of nice workmanship . . .My NN3 II was shipped quickly from Rosauro and I couldn't believe the quality when I unpacked it ! (Even my wife was impressed at the 'microscope precision' look of everything) I sat in my car in front of the post office and just stared at the looks of this BEAUTY. The concept and implementation are superb. The black case is very nice and functional too. (I don't usually appreciate when a product comes with a case to make it look 'special') BRAVO !! The EZ-leveler is awesome! I used to mess with my tripod constantly to level it up, now I just make sure the tripod is "level-ish" and then use the ez leveller to adjust quickly. Can't beat it!
Wide-Eyed - Nodal Ninja Forum 

334.) I recently purchased the NN5 and it's definitely a beefy unit! I have my Canon 40D with WFT-E3A wifi grip on it. I just got my pneumatic air mast (for pole aerial photography) and did a few trial runs. I sent the mast up with a motorized pan/tilt head, with the NN5 and Canon40D/WFT-E3A on it, that's about 10lbs of gear. At 49 feet (fully extended) it worked great, eventhough I did have guy wires on the mast and it was leaning over a few feet (that means even more force on the joints on the NN5) It worked flawlessly!
spyboy - Nodal Ninja Forum 

333.) The combination between NN3 and the appropriate software convinced me that this panoramic head was just for me - especially after I had the opportunity to try the new MKII rotator thanks to your new dealer in Bulgaria. Probably my next purchase will be exactly MKII. I am quite pleased with it and with the last NN3 version on the whole. The new accessory products you have been developing recently also make excellent impression to me.
rico_e1 - Nodal Ninja Forum 

332.) I had purchased my NN3 via a UK reseller, and to cut a long story short the horizontal arm got damaged with usage, nothing wrong with the product it just took a heavy whack that bent the arm. I emailed NN3 for advice and very quickly got a replacement arm delivered through the mail. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. Customer service that is way beyond what I expect and I look forward to making future purchases. (well, apart from actually parting with cash, never did like that bit)
Ped - Nodal Ninja Forum 

331.) Man I cannot believe I spent all this money on a (deleted). The [deleted] is great but try getting some help from [deleted]. I'm only sorry I did not see the NN5L earlier. I don't have deep pockets but went out and bought your Nodal Ninja. I appreciate you guys being there, when I have a question you are quick to answer. This is important for me from a professional standpoint. Now I have to try and sell my [deleted] and see they do not hold there value. I learned the hard way. Thank you NN team.
Barry B. New York NY (Canon 1ds - various lens) 

330.) Thank you very much for a great product and an informative forum. I attended Jook Leung's first-ever 360 Degree Panoramic Workshop at the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, Maine in April. We all tried out various pano brackets and most ended up using the Nodal Ninja. It works (extremely well). Thanks for your incredible "support", Bill.
haroldro - Montreal Canada - Nodal Ninja Forum 

329.) Hi, 2 years ago, I bought a Nodal Ninja SPH2 model. I know ...you will tell me that it is now a vintage piece... but it works just perfect.
saraniel - Nodal Ninja Forum 

328.) Again, you went the extra mile when you really didn't have to. I really appreciate it.
Tarick F. USA 

327.) I just spent two days working with friend who has been shooting VR professionally for years. It appears as if Nodal Ninja is the WAY TO GO!
Just waiting for the IRS check to arrive and stimulate us out of this depression.
Ninja is a great solution to real problem for anyone serious about VR.
Diver George - Nodal Ninja Forum 

326.) Your Staff have been wonderful to deal with, which means more to me than a low price item or a purchaseable item without support. Thank you!
Vince K. USA 

325.) Had a chance to use my new NN3II on the ninth of June with a Nikon D200 and a Nikor 10.5mm lens. The NN3II worked just great and very easy operation of 6 around for a 360 and one up for a zenith. On the 360 shots I did tilt the camera down 15 degrees. A fine piece equipment. Thanks Nick, 
Lanky - Nodal Ninja Forum 

324.) Hi Bill I'v received My NN5L today I'm very happy to start with NN5L + Nikon D300 +Nikkor 105mm Fishieye lens
Takezo - Nodal Ninja Forum 

323.) Had a chance to use my new NN3II on the ninth of June with a Nikon D200 and a Nikor 10.5mm lens. The NN3II worked just great and very easy operation of 6 around for a 360 and one up for a zenith. On the 360 shots I did tilt the camera down 15 degrees. A fine piece equipment. Thanks Nick, 
Lanky - Nodal Ninja Forum 

322.) Hi Bill, We love your bracket so much that we are getting a second set for our new Photographer. It is a great system and we are looking forward to seeing the new improved version! Thanks,
Maz H. New York USA 

321.) Hello here from a very happy customer - first a NN2 SPH and then a NN3 (mk I) - and soon a NN5 that I am going to order without waiting for the result of this giveaway. When my NN2 was stolen with all my camera gear, it was one of the first things I ordered back (and Bill was incredibly nice).
sbprzd - Nodal Ninja Forum 

320.) Thanks a lot that is much appreciated. We are looking at expanding our Virtual Tour team so later on in the month we will be ordering more. Thanks again for the great service Regards
Murray W. New York USA 

319.) The new one arrived last week and it works perfectly! Thanks so much for the EXCELLENT customer service!! I am so impressed.
rebecca - Nodal Ninja Forum 

318.) I bought an NN3 last year for my first trip to the National Parks of the Southwest (Zion, Bryce, Moab, etc). I'm not sure what I was impressed with most. The sights I saw or the ease of use and beautiful design of my NN3. Oh, and I brought back some awesome photographs, compliments of my NN3!
avpman - Nodal Ninja Forum 

317.) Hello Bill, thanks for your mail. And thank you for that nice NodalNinja - panorama photography opened a new world for me and my NN3 helped me a lot to discover that world. And after more than 300 pictures my NN3 is still in a very good condition and working fine. But i can take a second NN3 when i'm taking pictures with friends and the can start making panoramas to :o). thanks
Klaus F. Germany 

316.) Thanks for the forum, it should allow me to shoot better. I bought my NN3 from France when it was just released but never had the time to really use it. I'm glad I kept it though! I knew I would put it to good use one day and enjoy it. By the way, I want to send my best regards to the guys who manufactured it and take good care of the forum and the website which are crystal clear.
Daedalus - Nodal Ninja Forum 

315.) I'd like to thank you for your products, good ones but affordable ones ! Rare in the photographic world, especially panoramic one (and apologize for my poor english, too)
Fischer V. France (Canon 350D w/ 10-22mm) 

314.) I found out about Nodal Ninja by reviewing some excellent panoramas on flickr, and I am hooked! after multiple recommendations I ordered the NN3 MKII without hesitation. thank you!
heavily - Nodal Ninja Forum 

313.) Recieved my NN5L from rosaurophotography your Canadian Dealer. I am super impressed with the quality.
Gary J - Canada 

312.) How some companies stay in business is beyond me. [deleted] is not customer oreinated so Im took my business to you guys. I have heard of your support which I havent needed because your ninja is perfect for me. regards
Jerry W. Japan 

311.) Hello, upgrading from NN3 to NN3II with the new rotator is a good deed ! The difference is amazing !
Smoother rotation, sharper clicks, easier to adjust, no vibration.Much better all round.
Thanks for this evolution ! Cheers, 
Pepsi - Nodal Ninja Forum 

310.) This is why I love these guys. Where else in the world can you get customer service like this?
chuxter - Nodal Ninja Forum 

309.) Being very fond of free prizes (:-) i really thought i should add a message saying i just ordered a NN5L after several hours of research (like 60 or so over the last two months), the main competition was the [deleted] which would have ended at about the same price as the NN5L with shipping and everything, but the NN has the advantage of vertical shooting which the [deleted] has at a 40% higher price. Also the NN has recieved alot of good reviews and this forum shows a great deal of interest in me as a customer so i actaully feel safer buying a NN5L from you, half a world away, than a [deleted] from the local reseller, 15 kilometers away.
xtreme - Nodal Ninja Forum 

308.) I'm useing a Nodal Ninja 3, fantastic product!!! Light, small, compact & easily transportable 
Kuczora - Nodal Ninja Forum 

307.) Shameless plug for the NN3 (so I can get into the contest and win big. Although, I'm really very happy with the current NN3. Maybe one of those new rotors?) The NN3 is so small and light, that I was able to take it camping and hiking, and yet so accurate that I was able to template my first pano onto the following panos. Contol points? With the NN3, the word is "easy". Let PtGui generate 'em, then go to the control point table, highlight anything over 0.55 and delete it.
Kirk D. - Nodal Ninja Forum 

306.) Thanks, Bill. Your package just arrived in Montreal. Everything looks great. Your gesture is very much appreciated. Your NN products are great---simple design and very well-made. Once I can figure out which model I need, and when they're available, I'll be ordering a pair of the newly-announced NN rotators. If it happens this summer, I'll be dealing through you, for shipment to my Maine summer place. Thanks again. All the best,
Harold Montreal Canada 

305.) Just received my NN3. I can't say enough.I love it! Exceeds my expectations. Well made and just the right size so it doesn't get in the way. Thanks for a great product.
Sy B. USA 

304.) I'm using the G9 now with the NN3. It works like a charm for spherical panos without a fisheye. It does take a LOT of pics to get there, but the quality is higher. I go that route because my output is to large format print. 
Frate - Nodal Ninja Forum 

303.) I like the versatile use of the NN5 a lot, for a high pole I shoot 5 images around with the panohead mounted on the Seitz VR Drive and a Canon 5D+shaved Tokina 10-17mm @14.6mm wit a downtilt -15 degree to get a nice leap in nadir.
Wim K.- Nodal Ninja Forum 

302.) I recently became interested in doing panoramic photography. I asked 3 people for advice and all of them told me to get a Nodal Ninja! thank you for making my decision making easy.
Prunus - Nodal Ninja Forum 

301.) I have one of the first NN5's...what a great product. Very impressed when I received it...craftmanship and materials are outstanding. Used it for a client the next week, generating a QTVR of the pano created of the inside of his restaurant. Very easy to use. I played with it the day prior, then shot the restaurant the next day. Images stitched wonderfully and everyone loved the pano & QTVR. It paid for itself on the first use. Thank you for a great product! Shocked
Rob P. Nodal Ninja Forum

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