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500.) Hi Bill, Just said I'd let you know that last Sunday I was awarded the Irish Professional Photographers Association Photographer of the Year for 2010. This is something I could not have achieved without the use of your fantastic Nodal Ninja panorama head. THANKS
Peter O. Ireland

499.) When I purchased my NN3 MKII I commented on this forum that it was a superbly engineered device, but Nick has managed to find room for improvement with the introduction of the Nodal Ninja Anti-Twisting Camera Mounting Plate...... Yes Nick, the enhancement is very helpful. It is clear that when one purchases an NN product you get more than just a great bit if kit.
Hugh - NN forum

498.) When I purchased my NN3 MKII I commented on this forum that it was a superbly engineered device, but Nick has managed to find room for improvement with the introduction of the Nodal Ninja Anti-Twisting Camera Mounting Plate. Thanks Nick, mine arrived yesterday and has made using the NN3 MKII even easier! 
Hugh - NN forum

497.) I read the review in Digital Photography magazine awhile back which prompted me to buy your product here in the UK. I've always enjoyed making panoramas and as a professional photographer I have always grappled with the stitching taking endless hours to fix in Photoshop. Having a pano head has made my work easier. I was a bit reserved initially thinking low cost head equals low quality results, nothing could be further from the truth. My Nodal Ninja 5 is strong, robust, and gives me the precision I seek. Excellent product all the way around. Best regards
Robert H. UK (Nikon D3)

496.) Nodal Ninja Team, Thank you very much for taking care of me in such a timely manner. So far, I am very impressed with the quality of the NN products. It was more money than I was hoping to spend (even though I do recognize that it's not all THAT expensive), but I suffer no buyer's remorse. I feel like I've gotten more than my money's worth. On top of that, and as I've already said, I'm thrilled with the customer service. I feel like you've gone above and beyond and I thank you.
Jeff N - USA

495.) Bill, Thanks for sending them so promptly. Sorry again for all the confusion surrounding this procurement, and we appreciate your patience and business. Sincerely,
James D. - California Department of Transportation

495.) When I purchased my NN3 MKII I commented on this forum that it was a superbly engineered device, but Nick has managed to find room for improvement with the introduction of the Nodal Ninja Anti-Twisting Camera Mounting Plate. Thanks Nick, mine arrived yesterday and has made using the NN3 MKII even easier! 
Hugh, Nodal Ninja Forum

494.) Simply amazing! :) Just received my Nodal Ninja 5 w/ R16 Rotator and Easy Leveller II. Very easy setup... just took moments... Thanks Rob for all your help..
vibes35, Nodal Ninja Forum

493.) It's not so much about getting it as it is you guys going the extra mile to try to make it right for me. It may be that it won't work at all (I hope that's not the case), but I'm not going to hold that against you. I think the "wings of support" are excellent and will keep me coming back. I also appreciate the return/exchange policy. You haven't developed a product and just rested, you keep developing new stuff. (I'm especially excited to pick up that little Nadir Jig you have coming soon.) End of gushing... starting to sound too much like a fan boy and not just a fan.
patella - Nodal Ninja forum

492.) Hi Bill, First off, I LOVE your products. After shooting tours with a [DELETED] for years my new R1 is a welcome relief in size and weight, and has more functionality (but you know all that). 
Andrew J, San Diego CA

491.) I have almost made an image of about 10 to 15 Gpxel ,...." Made entirely with nodal ninja machine, rotor 16 and the EZ-Leveler-II, very good products, well built and precise,
Manolo07 - Nodal Ninja Forum (Canon 5D MKII 400mm lens)

490.) Hi Bill, I received my Nodal Ninja 3 MKII with RD3L 6-8-10 rotator/EZ-Leveler-II today and was very impressed with the craftsmanship and precision of your product. Now is the best of time.
Keith C. USA 

489.) Hallo Team Nodalninja, Your Adapter have arrived me. Thank you so much. Your System is verry better as al the adapter in Germany. With best regards Mit sonnigen Grüßen
Harald H. Germany

488.) This is what I have been waiting for..... Now it is a breeze to make 360. I love the rotator that came with it. Thanks!!
Larry H. San Jose California

487.) Hi,Bill..... The ninja 5 L It's awesome!!!! I have a [DELETED] head and a ninja head it It's miles advanced. regardes, A new costumer.
sergio d. Brazil

486.) Hi Bill, I would like to send a note thanking you and the team at Nodal Ninja for the support and quality of products that you guys have been hard working on. It is during a recent conversation with my customers that made them truly understand that quality products alone is not enough and they are very very happy with the support that they have gotten from us. There was a few calls from 2 particular customers here in Singapore that stood out. I would like to convey their message to you should they not have emailed you directly yet.... more 

485.) Hello-My first embedded Facebook pano-of course, shot with the NN3! Thanks for making great products!
Shawn S. Facebook

484.) Rob, I'd like to thank you again for your quick response time and excellent customer service!!....You have left me with a very positive, confident feeling about Nodal Ninja.
Frank D. California

483.) I´m very satisfied with my NN5, done some 360s but no gigapix yet tho. Beats my bulky Kaidan QP by lightyears. Gigapix next :)
stevenilsen (Twitter Follower)

482.) I am SOO impressed with this rotator it just got in the mail I have not had a chance to test it on the field but WOW its so beautifully build I can only say... WOW Thanks for such a wonderful product!
Shanti, Mexico (Nodal Ninja forum)

481.) I am a NN3-user with a Nikon D300 / Sigma 10mm Fisheye. And for my NN3 i got a really great and helpful support. Not monday to friday. I mean this weekend. Dear Mauro, thanks a lot for your kindly support!!!
Michael, Germany (Nodal Ninja forum)

480.) I will like to also add my thanks to Mauro and Rob (in shipping) on my recent purchase. Excellent support from both... thanks again.
charliez, USA (Nodal Ninja forum)

479.) Hi Bill, Thank you so much. I'm perfectly happy with the unit. The quality of your customer care is much appreciated!
Uri C, BC Canada

478.) Dear Bill, thank you very very much for your fast and good job to send the lower rail…. GREAT. also – we now are lucky owner of another new nn5....we did get it from pano-store in berlin last week. we do recommend Nodal Ninja. !!!! with best regards
Ina + Hans Germany

477.) Bill, Thanks for all the great help. I did order two NN180's to use with our current P5100 & FC-E8 set up. Out of the box these NN180's are sharp and solid, so I'm impressed. Thanks again,
Erick R.

476.) I just wanted to say thanks! for shipping your product out to me so quickly! Maine is a helluva long way from AZ; I ordered from you on Sat./Sun (don't remember) and I received my panohead today! (3 days). How timely, as I want to shoot a bunch of panos of our beautiful Maine coast this weekend; and you didn't let me down! Thanks guys!
Gary S. Maine USA

475.) Hi Rob, Thanks a million for all our help... and for the upgrade...I have read about your excellent customer service and with Mauro and you, I have now experienced it. You guys are first class... thanks again and keep the good work...I am sure that in a few months I will go for the Ninja 5 which is what I really want! Saludos,
Carlos Z. Mexico

474.) last week I received my pole for panoramic work. set at 6 meter this is the first real test I made. The R1 is amazing! I would like to thank Nodal ninja for their support and amazing tools. Guys you are like family to me!
discocandy, Nodal Ninja forum

473.) Hi, all I just received my new RD16 and EZ-Leveler, to match with my NN5. I must say that I'm impressed. About EZ-Leveler-II, If you saw "Cast Away", the movie, the main character , played by T. Hanks, how hard he tried to make fire on the island, then long after, at home, how he looks in his hand and lights the pocket lighter, making the fire in a split. The same was me, enjoying allot how I can now fine move the bubble on the spirit level by rotating the knobs of EZ-Leveler-II remembering the leveling on my first cheap tripod which had strong legs but soft plastic head..... both products looks awesome, strong, and professional made. thank you,
Dorin, Romania (Nodal Ninja Forum)

472.) I just bought the NN5 with the R-D16. I picked it up from Dennis over at North Bay Panos and should be getting it anytime. I must say that Dennis is very nice, and easy to talk to , even helping with suggestions on software etc which for a pano newbie is always great. We PayPaled him the payment and he had it overnighted to us the same day. Looking forward to sharing some of the shots I get with this new toy.
cgerrells, (Nodal Ninja Forum)

471.) Nick: Your innovation and customer relations should be a model for other businesses. I love my new RD8 rotator. A real home run! Season's greetings,
Tim E. (Nodal Ninja forum)

470.) Hello, I've had my NN for about 2 months now and love it. I'm also using the R-D8 lower rotator. Thanks
jeremyes (Nodal Ninja forum)

469.) My first professional panoramic tripod head! I have just purchased my first panoramic tripod head: Nodal Ninja 3 MKII with RD3L 6-8-10 Rotator/EZ-Leveler-II! I am so excited I can barly wait! I bought it last Thursday and I can't stand waiting. I keep refreshing the tracking page of USPS every hour! I am new to panoramic photography but I have been fascinated with it for a long time now.....So I finally decided to commit some money to my fascination and I purchased a very promising product. I can't wait to try it out. For a beginner in this exciting photographic sector....Like I said before, I can't wait!
VinkoCM (Nodal NInja forum)

462.) I love my NN3 pano head: handy, quick and precise.
ti360 (Nodal Ninja forum)

468.) I love love love the RD-16. What an amazing piece of hardware that is, and I can't wait to take some panos with it. Hats off to you gentlemen for making it.
tailwinds (Nodal Ninja forum

467.) Hi Bill, Nick, I love my NN3 MKII and have been using it for a couple of months with great success!
rstone (NN forum)

466.) Congrats to the Nodal Ninja Team! Congrats to Nick and Bill and everyone involved with the Nodal Ninja! I am a true believer in this product and their dedication to excellent service. I couldn't imagine using any other pano head. The size and portability, not to mention the low cost, just can not be beat. This forum is another great way for anyone interested in panoramic photography and I have definitely added this site to my list of resources when I get stumped or need some advise on anything related to panoramas. Please post your appreciation here when you have a moment. I know the Nodal Ninja team would love to hear your thoughts. 
Thanks! Ed F. (NN forum)

465.) My First NN panos: I got my NN5 this week and I finally had the chance to try it out. I LOVE IT
Stuman (NN forum)

464.) I recently got my NN3 MKII...love it compared to what I had before (the [DELETED])! It has been a great addition to my camera bag of tricks. My primary use for the NN3 MKII is for mosaic images pano's.
jldt706 (NN forum)

463.) I am working with Nodal Ninja 2 Head and I will soon upgrade my gear to NN5. Its light its fast and I love it!!
giorgosmg (NN forum)

462.) First Panos! Yay! For those looking for a review of the RD16... I love it, it's easy to use, built rock solid and the stops just click into place perfectly. I haven't tried any other pano head setup, but this one works so well I'll never need to worry about it. I'm going to pick up the leveler next, because leveling on the tripod was a tremendous pain in the arse (certainly not NN's fault!!), but otherwise it's glorious. Buy one immediately!Cheers
johnny236 (NN forum)

461.) Great, this is why I love Nodal Ninja! Thanks Bill
mikexm (NN forum)

460.) I have just (2 weeks ago) bought from NN in the states a NN5 and Rd16 rotator. Today, after two weeks it didnt arrive so I mailed Bill Bailey at NN in the US. He told me my package was lost by the couriers, I was devastated as I had a shoot this Tuesday in Liverpool and needed the NN so bad.
To my AMAZEMENT Bill Bailey immediately contacted his suppliers in both Scotland and Italy, both of whom contacted me within minutes and were bending over backwards to help in getting an NN5 to me. It has ended up I am having one couriered from Italy to the shoot in Liverpool at the expense of NN. I just had to write this as I have never had such great service from a company in my life. Brilliant Nodal Ninja, great customer service.
Mike S. UK 

459.) Bill, I thank you for your prompt response and accept your apologies. The way you responded to my dissatisfaction made me think that you indeed care a great deal about your customers and that I was just unlucky. With the regained confidence in Nodal Ninja I ordered R-D16 today.
Piotr M USA

458.) Dear NN Team, I know you have heard this before but I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents worth. I hear about you guys everywhere, not only for the wonderful products you sell which I too have been excpetially pleased with to, but also the great support for helping the lesser expereincec like me. keep it up, your company sets the standard.
Charles L. South Africa (D700 Nikon 10.5mm lens R1 pano head) 

456.) Bill Bailey, This was really helpful! I did my first test shot and had the pano made in 15 minutes! This is a great product! Thanks! 
Steve B. Ohio, USA

457.) Bill and Rob, My Ultimate R1 arrived this morning and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks again so much for your graciousness and professionalism. I'm looking forward to using the R1 right away and spreading good words about it! Have a great weekend! ~mark 
Mark S. USA 

456.) Very impressed with your trade-in program; refund was processed within 2 days 
Larry L. USA

455.) I upgraded to a NN5 to support more extreme conditions, such as being on top of a windy volcano. So for most conditions you can do just fine with the [DELETED]. Also the [DELETED] I had was a little larger and did not pack up as small as the NN5. 
S.G. (panotools forum)

454.) What I use now, are Nodal Ninja products (NN5 head, Ultimate R1 lensring, EZ leveler, D16 rotator) and THAT I am very happy for, and can absolutely recommend the NN products to others based on high quality build and super customer service. 
T.H. (panotools forum)

453.) NodalNinja is "THE BEST" & Customer Service is Awesome - Hello Pano Lovers I really can't put it in words the way i feel about nodal ninja company and their customer service. Especially Bill. They have replaced my Nodal Ninja because of the small issue i have been having. You may be convinced saying that all company will replace. But can you expect them to replace the way you expect? That's where nodal ninja & bill comes. Yes, He received my NN5 today and he told me by max he could do that driving 30 miles for me to get it shipped by tomorrow overnight since i need it for a shoot on thursday. But supposedly he has to send it to me on friday since they are on holiday tomorrow. I did not want him to drive 30 miles for me and i convinced myself because i made a mistake not sending it in express shipping so it got delayed. But now he replaced it and sent it in a USPS express shipping. Which company cares that you take pano or no? All they care about is to sell their products and simply make money. They are least worried about what you do and when you need it. But NODAL NINJA IS THE BEST EVER FOR PANORAMIC INDUSTRY. Anyone would like to write a review about Nodal Ninja please use this thread. It will be helpful for the future buyers. Thank You! Best 
thambi (Panoguide Posting)

452.) thambi, I would also like to add my praise to Fanotec. It all started when I ordered an Ultimate R1 head and a Sigma 8mm f/3.5 lens clamp. The plastic insert was not allowing the focus to operate correctly and the lens was not being gripped correctly. After modifying the plastic insert for the ring clamp, Nick sent me the new insert, a monopod adapter, two rail stops (still prototype), a clamp on bubble level and a carrying case all for free! He even paid for shipping. All I was expecting was a new plastic insert for the lens clamp (which by the way works GREAT). I had suggest a design for a monopod adapter. I did not know that they were just finishing up their first production run. Nick included a one for free. I have no problem giving my hard earned cash to Fanotec. I know that I will get a very well designed product and EXCELLECT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!
Dennis (Panoguide forum) 

451.) Same here...
Bigwade (Panoguide forum)

450.) Fanotec/Nodalninja are the greatest when it comes to service. Nick and Bill are great guys and really listen to costumers Products are almost flawless and when there is something wrong they prompty help you. I really love you guys! (well in a matter of speaking that is. Regards,
Freddy (Panoguide froum)

449.) I'll add my endorsement as well! It is great to see a company that believes in customer service. Thanks. 
Tim E. (Panoguide forum) 

448.) yes i totally agree with all the positive feedback about nodal ninja. 
fatchai (Panoguide froum) 

447.) BECAUSE of the very positive comments about NN and having seen the HUMAN approach towards the customers, I have no reason to even consider buying a manual head from anywhere else. When those who buy a product are treated well EVEN when there may be some problems in the transaction or production or shipping dates expire etc, it shows that it's a company worth doing business with. I will be placing an order in the coming days, knowing that the service will be exceptionally good and friendly. Everywhere I have come across comments relating to NN, these have been positive. Both in private discussions and on public forums. There are "some people/businesses" who could absolutely benefit from studying and adapting the customer-care NN so blatantly has on public display. Will I find out when buying NN, that I get more than what I pay for, in contrast to other companies that claim their customers only get what they pay for? Time will tell. But it sure is good to see so many positive and happy customers leaving their comments. 
Trausti (Panoguide forum) 

446.) thank you again. your customer service is simply the best!
Gorana J. MD USA 

445.) Translated by google: Hello. I already have the new Nodal Ninja R1 and it seems to me a gem. Lightweight and robust. And I have studied the protocol for taking pictures nadir and zenith in the nodal point. I wonder if they intend to make an accessory for mounting the panoramic head (R1) over the Rotator with Bulit in EZ-Leveler-II (RD3L). Thus Leveler would be incorporated into the system. I have also seen that by combining different accessories can mount Ring Lens for Nikon 10.5mm at Nodal Ninja 3. Thank you very much!
Joan P. Spain 

444.) Dear Bill, The pano of the Museum is 14GB. And it is the largest spherical Pano. There are some much larger cylindrical panos but the second largest spherical pano ( made by the XRes studio) is "only" 2 Gigapixel ( The Museum Pano I created is 5,3 Gigapixel ).....I used NN5... 5dmk2, 100mm Macro and NN5, Regards,
Julian K Austria 

443.) Rob: Once again, NN sets itself apart with superb customer service... Thanks,
Tim E. USA 

442.) Hello Rob We are back now from out trip in Canada. Thank you for your courtesy. As we left the Vancouver Island, we picked up the parcel at the hotel on our way to the Rocky Mountains. I really need to congratulate you for that high-quality tool! It makes really fun to work with that head! I didn't expected that he is so solid. Thank you! Best regards, 
Michael B. Canada 

441.) Bill, I realize you guys probably do not receive as many thank you's as you should. So here it is - I just ordered my NN5 with RD16 late Thursday night I believe. It just arrived this morning - wow! I just cant say thanks enough for the super fast shipping. It is still sitting wrapped in my lap at the moment, but I will get it out and begin playing tonight! I am super excited! I've got to get familiar with it before my big trip at the end of this month to Teton National Park and possibly Yellowstone. And on top of the fast shipping, the military discount is very much appreciated too. Thank you. 
JEFFREY R. Base Photographer Abacus Technology Corp. FE Warren AFB 

440.) Hello Bill,..... I just wanted to say that last week I purchased a Nodal Ninja 3 from Red Door in the UK and I think it is a beutifully engineered piece of equipment. I would send this message to Nick Fan, but his address is not listed. I have been using another make of Panoramic Head, but there is no comparison with the Nodal Ninja. Great product! Best regards,
Hugh A. UK 

439.) Hello Bill, just wanted to say thank you very much; I've recieved my Nodal Ninja!! You guys are a great, I'll recommend anyone here on the island that if they're wanting to get into 360 panoramics I'll put a good word for you guys over there. Thanks again, you guys rock!
Greg U. USA 

438.) Bill, The Nodal Ninja is working out extremely well (Fantastic)! Turned this average photographer into a pro.Thanks for all your help,
Stan R. Alabama USA 

437.) Hey Rob Nodal Ninja arrived today, and I really like it, afraid my old NN will unemployed soon.Thanks again for the great prize, I promise I will put it to very good use :) I will put it to very good use this summer greetings
Markus O. USA 

436.) Mauro:I have to admit this is the BEST customer service web site. I'll work on what you said and let you know. Thanks.
Suzanne J. Montana USA 

436.) Hi Heinz,....Thanks in advance for the info, the world is a better place with people like you around!
Jake B (NN Forum) 

435.) Bill, Received the NN5L with RD16 yesterday as advertised. Set it up on my patio, played with determining nodal point for 24mm end of 24-70mm Nikon zoom and had test shots stitched in short order. Very nice product!I can see the added detent stops of the RD16 are very useful, especially when working with longer focal length lenses. Thanks for the advice and quick response getting everything shipped.
Randy M. California USA 

434.) I will highly recommend you guys to my photographer friends.. Many businesses would have just shipped it with no questions.. Your company took the time to ask.. This is an exceptional company in my book that I am glad to deal with! 
Paul G. USA 

432.) Nick how cool is the R1 Ulitmante? I use in on my Canon 5D and a 8mm lens. The setup is soooo easy and the workflow is soooo fast! I can get into a location setup, take the shots, and leave all befoe folks say "who was that fast man". Very clever design. 3 shots arounf with a 2.5 tilt up and done. I can very repeatbale results. The equipment is solid and very well built. I'm keeping the Nodal Ninja 5 as back up for when I do moasics. Bill was very helpful and even gave me a cursoity call a couple weeks later to see how things were going - WHAT COMPANY DOES THAT? Excellent product, excellent service - happy customer.
Steven F. Nevada USA 

433.) Dear Mauro, this morning your shipment with the my new NN5 arrived here safely. Let me say the following very clear and loud: You - and the people at Nodal Ninja as well - managed this issue in a superior and absolutely professional style! It is great to meet and do business with people like you!Thank you very much for your great support. With best regards from Germany, PS: No problem, if you want to quote this customer feedback somewhere.
Josef T. Germany

432.) Thank you, Bill.FYI only, we used to use others, but eventually "standardizing" to your system because of:
1. The bottom footprint is very small 
2. Light weight to carry for photographers (important for us) 
3. Good price 
4. Sturdy (haven't failed yet on the road) Definitely best we’ve found so far, so thanks.
Mok O. MA USA 

431.) Hi Bill, The R1 is amazing, and its so easy to use, a great replacement to my iPIX rotator!! Take a look, I bet they will look great on your office monitor.
Jeff H. Phoenix Arizona USA 

430.) Hello Bill and Rob, Received today after a break on the Cayman Islands my order. Thanks a lot. So far, I unpacked it and installed it quickly. Really, I’m overwhelmed. I love tech stuff and to look at 3 different devices build together, wow. So I’m going to try it out soon and will let you know my experiences. Again thanks a lot. Greetings,
Rob v.d.V Cayman Islands 

429.) Hi Mauro and Bill. It works beautifully and seems solid -Very nice! Thanks a lot for your support! Kind regards
Michael v. R. Denmark 

428.) Buongiorno. Thanks for your quick reaction. We solved the problem that is, instead of change the NN3 for a NN5, the sales people at fotoKonijnenberg, Turnhout (where I bought the NN3) proposed a non-zoom lens, a Canon 28mm, which fits nicely and alows me to make panos' ad galore. Just in time because we are leaving for an Italian two-weeks holiday next saturay. (Bari etc).Again, many thanks.
Jean V. Netherlands (Canon 28mm) 

427.) Hi Bill, Let me first say the speed and extensive help of your response has been very favorable, I greatly appreciate that. As I am very anxious to finish my panoramic project I will go ahead and take you up on your offer for the Lite version of a used NN5. As far as returning the NN3 what are the steps? I did not expect such an offer and you have turned my disposition to Nodal Ninja in a complete 180. If all goes well and the product I receive works as advertised I will be sure to share my pleasant experience and the functionality of your products on the many forums I am active in. While of course maintaining discretion on the gracious offer you have made. 
Thank you,
Daniel K. USA (Canon 5D + 24-70L) 

426.) No complaints! In fact, The reason for this message is to tell you how pleased I am with my NN3-II, which arrived today. Now that I can hold it in hand, instead of just looking at it on my monitor, I can't imagine what one of your competitors would be giving me for the extra $300-$1000 dollars. Well done!
Charles C. USA 

425.) Hi Mauro, Firstly let me say that I am OVER THE MOON with how quickly I received My Nodal Ninja 3 MkII. I actually received my item this morning after only placing my order last Thursday; and considering it is the Easter Break kudos must go to you guys for exceptional service and speedy delivery. I must also commend Fanotec for the build quality of this product, rarely do you see products these days that are as advertised, I can’t wait to start using my Ninja 
Toby B Australia 

424.) It was worth the wai... Thanks for the information....I did catch a nice article in one of the UK photo magazines that you contributed to. It was one that I pick up at our local Borders stores from time to time. I was flipping through it at the store and saw that it had an article on Panoramas, so I purchased it. When I got home and I started to read the article. Your name just popped out. You were so helpful when I made the purchase. So thanks again!
Paul K. USA 

423.) Hi Bill, received the Nodal Ninja today. First impressions...Really light, Really compact, Very very well made and did I mention really really really light.Well done, the Nodal Ninja looks and performs far better than expected and well worth the price. kind regards
Peter O Ireland 

422.) Small complaint. I got my 5/16 pano head here in Germany and it is a well built item. I did however have to pay the $85 in taxes- ouch!. On top of that I had to pay $45 for shipping becuase you only allow me to select Express for Germany. So my pano head cost $130 more than the website price. If I would have known that before hand I would have shopped around here for the items. People buying from here Germany beware of the custom tax. Other than that I am very happy for the pano head. regards
Hubert G. Berlin, Germany (Nikon D3 12-24mm lens) 

421.) Nick, The NN5 with RD16 is a dream come true. I can't believe I have been using this (deleted) for the last 2 years. It's like comparing a Hummer to a Lexus. It's easy to tell you take great pride in quality. What really surprises me as well is your attention to others. I see posts in the forums where you take the time to not only answer and help people but you listen to their suggestions for product improvement. You have a manufacturer that listens, products that are precision built while keeping it within financial reach, and a never ending barrage of people bragging about support throughout the net. This is the mark of a real company. I wish Fanotec the best of success. Thank you
Bill H. New York USA

420.) Mauro, Thank you for taking the time to go above and beyond in helping me with my issues. As expected it was an easy fix and I feel stupid for even asking. Cheers
Mark F. USA

419.) Thank you Bill Bailey and Ron in shipping for a VERY generous amount of your time with a noob on heads, software, workflow, etc. The questions have only just begun!! Thanks a lot guys, i really appreciate it. Best regards, Dave
2nd followup
Gents: I wanted to take a sec and thank both of you for your generous amounts of time discussing not only the NN5 but pano photgraphy in general, workflow, software, etc. I really appreciate it. When buying a product, I believe you not only have to look at the product itself but at the people behind the product. At the end of the day after talking to both of you, the decision was real easy to purchase a Nodal Ninja product. I look forward to recieving the head shooting my first panorama later this week. Finally - Rob, I called you Ron on the website order form yesterday. My apologizes. Best regards, 
Dave T California USA 

418.) Hi Bill,Thanks for the quick reply. I think you'd have to be sleeping with your computer to have replied much quicker. Anything within 24 hours is pretty quick these days. NN customer support is still the benchmark IMHO. Best regards,
Dave S. USA

417.) Hi Mauro, how are you? The shipment arrived perfectly already 2 days ago. I just came back from an assignment and got it in my hands. I have just downloader the manual and started reading some FAQS. For the time being everything went perfect. Thank you very much. Excellent job and A+ communication. Regards,
Yannis Italy

416.) Just would like to share what your product is helping create. Thanks for a wonderfully well made and easy to use peice of a equipment. 
Gary W. USA (Nikon D200, Sigma 14mm lens) 

415.) Bill, Thanks again for the call and for taking care of this. I appreciate the great customer service. I will definitely recommend the ninja to my friends. Thanks Again,
Aaron K. USA

414.) Howdy! Got my NN3MkII on the 25th! Thank you, great looking piece of kit ... looking forward to using it :) Cheers!
Kevin H. USA 

413.) ....and btw...your (either you or Nick) way of handling customers complaint/inquery at some forums really appeals to me....somehow it convinced me that should i be your customer...i don't have to worry should i have some issue on the products....:) well....hope to hear from you again...:)
Have a good day..:) Cheers,
Riefa I. Indonesia 

412.) Thank you Bill. The service you have provided me has been outstanding. 
Edwin J. USA 

411.) ...received the Nodal Ninja today. First impressions...Good; Really light, Really compact, Very very well made and did I mention really really really light.Well done, the Nodal Ninja looks and performs far better than expected and well worth the price. kind regards
2nd followup: 
Have been using the Nodal ninja for over a month now. It cas completely replaced my manfrotto 303sph + leveling base. It produces consistantly excellent results with the minimum of effort. WELL DONE.. .regards
Peter O. Ireland 

410.) Thank you Bill. The service you have provided me has been outstanding. 
Edwin J. USA 

409.) Hi I have been a nodal ninja user for close to two years now and absolutely love it. I have been using a Nodal Ninja for 2 years now and i absolutely swear by it. My tutor allowed me to borrow his many years ago and I instantly fell in love with it. I still can't get over how cheap and easy to use it is. Also the customer service it brilliant being in the UK i actually purchased mine through red door VR but before i did i got in contact with this site asking them questions about the Ninja and I always received a swift response that was more than sufficient for answering all my questions.
Fern T. UK 

408.) To Mr Bill Bailey,Have read your fine article on panoramas in the British magazine "Digital Photographer" (issue 76) and your answer to a reader's letter (issue 78), I would like to purchase a Nodal Ninja for use with a Nikon D300 camera and to take advantage of your kind offer.
Richard C. UK

407.) Hi Bill, I heard a lot of good things about you guys, but in reality it is even better.... :-) ...so I decided to buy a panohead and (of course) I chose a NN5, which I received yesterday. And my first experiences with the NN5 are very positive. It is sturdy and pleasant to handle.
Karel G. USA

406.) Mauro, I recieved the package just a minute ago. I understand why you were "Voted #1 in customer support for 2008". Where can I vote for "best customer support 2009"? Thank you!
Johannes, Italy

405.) Under 4 days to get to New Zealand? Unbelievable, considering USPS says 1-2 weeks. It's a beautifully made product, and indistinguishable from new, even though second-hand. Thank you so much.
Peter W. New Zealand (Nikon 10.5mm) 

404.) I just received my NN 3MkII and got it all set up. I took a multi-row mosaic as a test and loaded it into PTgui. After it was done stitching the 67mp equivalent file I loaded into PSCS3. I was so pleased that there was not one stitching problem due to parallax. I have not been this excited about photography in years! I can't wait to take my new toy out and use it! It really works great. Thanks for all the help getting me set up and everything. I have recommended NN to two other photographers just today. Thanks for everything.
Ryan C. USA (Panasonic LX3, Olympus E-3-502) 

403.) Dear nodalninja, I just want to know that I was deeply impressed with your service. I have been researching this technology for many years and when I got into digital I start searching the net. You answered my questions on my own forums! Very impressed. I am excited to see the head. Thanks!
eBay User 

402.) Hi Rob, I wanted to let you know that I have received the order. I also noticed that you have included the quick-release plate for free. Please extend my gratitude to everyone at your company for this generous offering. It was a sincere pleasure doing business with you.
Walter C. USA 

401.) I am already a very satisfied customer, having bought quite a lot from you in the past. Great stuff!
Christian T. Germany

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