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600) Waw!!!!! Thank you very much! I love NN!!!! :-)
Mario C., Columbia

599) I got this product about a week ago and wow! Very well made, easy to use, easy to set up in the field, simple operation and excellent results. My panorama stitching is seamless. Really excellent designed product for the serious panoram pro! 
Cecil (M1-L w/ RD16 II)

598) Wow Bill Bailey you have outdone yourself.. yet again.
Chaim P. USA

597) I see well, I think it'll work! Thanks so much, Bill you're the best!
Fabio M. USA

596) Good advice. Thanks for all your tips Bill, much appreciated.
Dave K. USA

595)  Dear Bill, Hope all is well with you. I have been using the nodal ninja carbon travel pole & I must congratulate you as its truly a fabulous product. Its wonderful !!
Harmeet S. India

594) Bill, I used the NN5 for years and upgrade to M1L as I realized it was possible. I like the NN-products a lot.  Your and also Mauros Service (Italy) is fantastic. Thats why it was a pleasure for me to send some suggestions for minor hardware updates (like marks at the upper M1L-rotator a.s.o.) That it is - for now ;o) Cheers.
Norbert S Germany

593) Feel free to ask for a virtual tour (or several) to use on your website as a testimonial of what a nodal ninja can achieve. Best regards
Murray Q. New Zealand

592) I am in the BFA Photography program at the University of Nevada, Reno and have been documenting the Truckee Meadows through large panoramic images for the past two and a half years. My NN5 has been a workhorse. I decided to keep it as a backup for my latest purchase, the M1 (soon to become an M2). Rob rocks: Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi.
Rob O. USA 

590) we look forward to using your product with our Digital Visual Effects Post Grad students. take care,
Ken W. Canada

590) Thanks again for all your great service and support! If you are ever in need of customer testimonials I'm happy to provide one. Best
Roy N. California

589.) Dear Nodal Ninja people ... I thought I would drop you a line after 6 months on Nodal Ninja 5 ownership. My observations will be doubtless apply to the newer models. I procrastinated for at least 9 months before buying a Nodal Ninja head. What a fool I was. The quality is superb from the first moment you open the padded case it comes in. You notice the quality when using this superb head ... its precision really is a pleasure. After calibration (on a lazy Sunday afternoon), the time you save in setting up your shot is immediately apparent. This time alone is worth the price, even above the quality feel and operation of the head. Anyone wanting to do well at Panorama photography will NOT be disappointed. When you stitch the picture, you see the quality again ... The image stitches about 5 times as fast because individual images are so precisely aligned. Also, there are a few good you tube videos to help you align your body with all your lenses ...My sincere thanks to your company for making and selling this excellent product.
Mick Deutsch, Australia

588.) Panoramic photos:reality and easy to use - 4 stars.
About Me, Photo Enthusiast. Rapid and easy to use to create very good panoramic photos.
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
By JR from Madrid, Spain (B&H NN3 MKII review)

587.) Nodal Ninja MK3 II - 2 stars.
About Me, Casual Photographer. I used this head to shoot panoramas. It's inexpensive but takes tideous amount of work to keep it level throughout the whole range (360).
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
By j05h from Detroit, MI (B&H NN3 MKII review)
(moderator comment: customer simply did not tighten lower rotator)

586.) Beautifully crafted - 5 stars.
About Me, Pro Photographer. I photograph architecture. Leveling is important to me.I get close to straight with my ball head and now I can fine tune my leveling with the EZ-Leveler.
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
andrea b. from honolulu HI (B&H EZ-Leveler-II review)

585.) Great compact solution for sphere panos - 5 stars.
About Me, Pro Photographer. This is an excellent product. I bought this for use with the Google Photographer program and it works flawlessly. I use this with a Canon 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye lens and I can acquire a full spherical panorama in about 15 seconds once the equipment is set up. Setup takes about 1 minute from when I unzip the case to when I have it mounted onto the tripod. It is a very easy solution and it has rock solid stability. I am very happy with this product.
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
By TriExposure Photography from Phoenix, AZ (B&H R1 Adjustable Tilt Ring Head review)

584.) Great Product for Panos - 5 stars.
About Me, Photo Enthusiast. I use this to make single row panoramas with my Olympus e5 DSLR and it works great. No more parallax problems! Well constructed and easy to use, you can even buy alternate plates to accommodate an area style plate from Nodal Ninja's website.
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
By Mike from Long Island (B&H NN4 review)

583.) Nice budget panoramic head - 5 stars.
About Me, Photo Enthusiast. I've used this head to take 360x180 full spherical panoramas and some partial spherical panoramas with my 5D Mark III. It's so much faster and easier to get all the needed shots for a large panorama! It's worked great with a variety of lenses. I've successfully used it from 24 up to 100mm focal lengths on full-frame. It's lighter and cheaper than some of the alternatives, but still solidly built and easy to use. It comes with some extra parts and a nice carrying case.
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
By Jeff from Seattle, WA (B&H NN4 review)

582.) It does what it promises - 4 stars.
About Me, Pro Photographer. Are there better panorama devices? Absolutely, but they cost a lot more. At this price point (especially if you want to minimize parallax) there is no competition. I improved it a bit with an arca-style clamp that I had sitting around. If you had to make hundreds of stitched photographs on short notice, it makes sense to spend the extra money on the more expensive model or perhaps the motorized version but for the occasional pano or Brenizer, this is light, travels well, and works as promised.
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
By Ben from New York (B&H NN4 review)

581.) Good value for money - 5 stars.
About Me, Photo Enthusiast. This is an easy to use, well thought out panoramic head. I mostly take 3-4 shot stitches in portrait orientation, and I don't have a complaint. As another reviewer said, those with very demanding needs might want something more elaborate, and perhaps mechanized, but this is a solid product that won't get in your way.
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
By Photomatrix_1 from Vermont (B&H NN4 review)

580.) Hi Store, I know y'all don't make money shipping things. VERY pleased I could buy this product and support your company!
Best, Cramer G. North Carolina

579.) Dear Bill, You guys are awesome, best customer service ever.
Mina I. Florida 

578.) Hi, Just a little note to thank you for the excellent after sale service you provided. I will be pleased to talk about your quality products and very good service if an occasion rises. 

577.) Hi Bill...I love your products and your service has always been excellent...Last year after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami I thought it would be a real good idea to document the devastation with 360s so people could get a sense of the overwhelming scale. Also to document the progress at the same places a year later. I tried to figure out if there was a way I could do it myself but it was beyond I could pull off. Last month I bumped into the 360s by Akila Ninomiya with support from several 360-related companies but particularly by Nodal Ninja. I was glad to see that someone was able to do it. Those panos are so painful to look at but so important. Good on you for stepping up and helping!
Blaine E. Japan 

576.) Hi Rob, Just a short note to thank you again for your recommendation of the Nodal Ninja 5 with the RD16 rotator. I also have the EZ Leveler 2. This is a significant upgrade in terms of the cost versus my previous panoramic head, [deleted]. I've used the [deleted] for many years, both the 2 and original version, primarily for landscapes....Today I tried my first spherical HDR pano using the Nodal Ninja system. I've now branched out into interior HDR spherical panoramas and while I've only used the Nodal Ninja system only once I am very impressed. Just the time saved using a 35mm lens for a spherical HDR pano makes the investment worthwhile. The Nodal Ninja NN5 is sturdier which I notice most with shots requiring pitch beyond a second row. The EZ Leveler 2 makes it fast and simple to accurately level the head. Thank you again for your recommendations....Regards,
Bob B. Rockville, Maryland

575.) Hi Bill, First of all, congratulations on a great product – I’ve been doing a lot of research into 360 photography recently and the Nodal Ninja always comes out top of the pile when it comes to reviews! Thanks 
Nick G. Canada 

574.) Having used swing-lens type systems to make panoramas for several years I have only just made the switch to digital. Starting with 'guessed' motions I was not very satisfied with the results I was getting. I started looking at panoramic heads and a friend recommended I check out the Nodal Ninja. I can not be more happy with the NN3mk2. It is very easy to set up and use. It is very light and comes in a very nice travel case even making packing easy. That alone should be enough, but add to that truly excellent customer service makes this a very easy recommendation. 
Andrew J. - Amazon.com 

573.) Bah, I just went and got the NN4 Starter Kit for $350. This is going to be my 3rd Nodal Ninja bracket (I've got a business). 
fuzzybabybunny - Panoguide Forum 

572.) Using the Nodal Ninja for spherical panoramic photography will be a great asset to fortify our usual crime scene photographs. This will allow us to use a dynamic presentation to better potray the scene of any crime. 
David A. Illinois 

571.) Having used swing-lens type systems to make panoramas for several years I have only just made the switch to digital. Starting with 'guessed' motions I was not very satisfied with the results I was getting. I started looking at panoramic heads and a friend recommended I check out the Nodal Ninja. I can not be more happy with the NN3mk2. It is very easy to set up and use. It is very light and comes in a very nice travel case even making packing easy. That alone should be enough, but add to that truly excellent customer service makes this a very easy recommendation. 
Andrew J. Amazon.com 

570.) This is my first unboxing video Ever. Just showing You Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1 from Fanotec. First, I unpack the pano head itself and then move to the ring for Nikon 10.5 fisheye lens. I didin't get time to use it as much but I can already tell the precision and feel is so much better than my old NN3. Hope you enjoy it fellow panoramists. 
DavvidGorny YouTube.com 

569.) The NN Fanotec carbon fibre pano pole and tripod clamps were delivered promptly, were well packed and exceeded expectations of engineering and finish. In use the kit combines with my Gitzo cf tripod seamlessly and the combination works extremely well. Recommended without reservation! 
John L. Bath 

568.) The item was dispatched on time as promised. It was easy to contact for any queries to be answered. Today, I have attached the GPS device to my Nikon D200 camera and taken a test picture. I have been able to Geotagg the image and the location is very close, within a reasonable tolerance. The only thought that I have had is I need to establish a suitable Workflow when considering working on 100s of images. Thank you 
Peter A. UK 

567.) A very well engineered, ingenious product. It's sold 'flat-pack', so 5 stars for being complete down to the last washer! Obviously, it has to be sold this way, as you have to customise it to the dimensions of your own camera. The inclusion of a millimetre steel rule and the link to very user-friendly step-by-step instructions on the website makes everything straightforward. My only caveat is that I felt it it was slightly expensive (maybe we're still paying off the R&D costs?). However, when you compare it with the competition (Manfrotto, professional kit at professional prices), it's undoubtedly the best deal available for anyone who just wants to get into panoramic photography for the pleasure of it, but wants to get it right. 
Bob G. Ely 

566.) What I like: Sturdy construction should last a long time, Rotator works really well and allows for click-stop rotation points from 3.5 degrees up to 120 degrees for lots of lens/field of view/coverage options. Not too heavy so will likely take it to most locations. 
Landon M. USA 

565.) I bought the Ninja 3 Mk11 as a replacement for a Manfrotto 303, which was too heavy to carry for long distances. I am delighted with the Ninja 3 - it has all the functionality and accuracy that I require, it weighs very little and can be easily stowed in any camera bag. With the addition of an optional T bar it can be used with compacts etc that do not have a mounting screw on the lens optical centre. Highly recommended. 
Richard P. Storrington 

564.) I ordered an NN3 T-adaptor thinking it was a bit expensive. It turned out to be an excellent piece of kit which fits neatly on the NN3, has a lockable camera position, and a couple of stops to make setting up easy. Still not cheap, but good value for money. The adaptor was securely packed and budget delivery only took a couple of days. So all good for me. 
Keith D. Ruislip 

563.) i've dragged several different nodal ninjas all around the world for a few years now, they are incredibly durable and i have never had any sort of prob w any of my NN gear with which i have shot hundreds of panos with over the last 5 years or so, and i am not always the most gentle person w my gear... [deleted] was an ok head in its day when there were few other options, but these days it is a boat anchor, unnecessarily heavy and bulky, overpriced and outdated, and w nothing like the (best in industry) support provided by bill & the other folks at nodal ninja. 
Sam R. USA - Panoguide Forum 

562.) I just received my NN4. What a joy this product is. I took me approximately 4 minutes to set it up and calibrate to my d3000s/10.5mm Fisheye. My first stitch (12 stops) was excellent. The NN4 is well made and engineered for heavy use. I am very pleased with the product and look forward to many successful sessions. Great job guys!! 
KyleMD - NN Forum 

561.) First bought [deleted] device - quite dissatisfied. Use PTGui and looked at the "pano head" links in that site. Also looked at ReallyRite Stuff (from which I also buy). Liked what I saw at your site about your product the best. Haven't been using it frequently but like it a lot (easy to understand, set up and use - don't need to carry the manual with me); expect frequency will increase now that I am retired. Will be showing it to the Baltimore camera Club of which I am a member on our "Show your Gear" (tomorrow) night. I bought directly from your store.
Bob H. USA 

560.) Bill, I used the NN5 for years and upgrade to M1L as I realized it was possible. I like the NN-products a lot. Your and also Mauros Service (Italy) is fantastic. Thats why it was a pleasure for me to send some suggestions for minor hardware updates (like marks at the upper M1L-rotator a.s.o.) That it is - for now ;o) Cheers.
Norbert S. Germany 

559.) I do have lots of panoramic photographs from CT, Las Vegas, Grand canyon, Texas and virtual tours in and around new england and texas area..... I love this tool. It's the best you could find in the market.
ihariharan - Nodal Ninja Forum 

558.) I support and train on the Nodal Ninja 3 solution for Leica HDS in the UK and really do have confidence in recommending this equipment to Customers because of the quality and relaibilty of the products, which I feel are supurbly engineered.
anonymous - customer feedback form 

557.) you produce a beautifully fuctional piece of equipment from which I hope to get years of use. Kudos also to your top-notch customer service dept. & it's dedication to rapid response.
Jeff T. USA 

556.) NN3 was everything I was expected from this kind of product in panophotography market. It proved to be solid, reliable, ease of use and affordable. I would trust any product from Fanotec.
Laurentiu R. Romania 

555.) Just took delivery of my very own M1L pano head with the RD16 rotator, Nadir adapter, camera plate and quick release clamp. What a magnificent piece of photo equipment! It came pre assembled, but knocked down and stored in the protective case. I did not have any of the assembly problems I have read about here. It was basically slide the parts together, calibrate and start shooting. The precision, the construction, the craftsmenship! WOW! My last pano head purchase from Fanotech was the Nodal Ninja 3 (without the upper rotator click stops). Very well done Nick. It was well worth the wait. 
Dennis S - NN Forum 

554.) We have been using the NN3 up to the NN5 for the last 8 years and our company has done more than 20k tours using your pano head. The only time we had an issue with a bent rail (our fault) we were back up and running in days. We love the product and the service even more. Thank you 
Ryan H. Canada 

553.) Great Rob, Thank you for the great service. I will recommend nodal ninja to all i know. 
Edwin S. 

552.) Of course! I had forgotten about the tools and extra parts that came with the NN3. I made the adjustment and aligned the calibrations. Works like brand new again! Thanks, Bill. I wish everything was as well-made as the NN3 and that every company provided the excellent service that yours does. 
Peter S. USA 

551.) Your the best. That's very kind and very pro, I knew nodal ninja was making great products but they are also great sellers! A big bravo and a huge thanxs! Kind regards, 

550.) WOW! thanks Rob,I have read on the blogs your guys have great customer service, and I can see that is true. Plus you have highly rated product. I had just booked my first job right after I ordered, and the client only has the morning of the 23rd open. Before they where telling me sometime in June. Oh well, maybe I can book another project for June to. 

549.) Well guys and girls.. My NN4 has arrived!!! I guess since I am the first in the world to officially receive one, this would be the first basic overview review of the New Nodal Ninja NN4... First impressions are always the best... Well, as I opened the box I was lost for words, except for the many ''Wow's''!! If I were to compare the NN3 to this New NN4 I would have to say there is no comparison. I am truly blown away. It is a beautiful thing..! The finish is really nice, perfect in fact. Nodal Ninja have certainly put a lot of thought into this New NN4 pano head... The Nadir Adapter for NN3 and NN5 series is a really nice thing too. It feels nice in the hand and works great, very precise clicks with great functionality. I guess the new name for this Nadir Adapter might be the Nadir Adapter for NN3, NN4 and NN5 series..... My NN4 with all the bells and whistles is now mounted on my tripod and looking fantastic. I guess I should be bouncing about the room like a spring bunny but to be honest I am feeling a bit tearful. Bill Bailey CEO of LLC dba Nodal Ninja has done a really nice thing for both me and John.. and baby too..!! He sent her a little rubber Ninja; she loves it!! And John and I do not have to fight over the Nodal Ninja coin either since Bill sent us two!! The NN4 is far better engineered than the NN3, it's thicker, stronger and when mounted onto of the RD-16 Rotor it's perfect. I am going to love using this NN4 pano head and I will look professional too. I love all the beautifully inserted cork bits. Although they have a function they also look good too, really nicely placed and finished off. Even the main plastic securing knobs are well finished with no sharp edges. The bubble leveller is clear and clean looking. The Quick Release System has a really nice fine marker for accurate placing. The Nadir setup stops are now metal, rather than the old plastic ones. I think that all of the hard work that has been put into this very fine tool will be appreciated by thousands of pano photographers around the world for many years to come. Bill Bailey and his team should be very proud of themselves for producing such a high quality engineered and beautifully finished NN4 pano head. I almost forgot to mention a really important feature of the NN4. The increments' on the rotating upper bar adjustment is just GREAT! No longer do I have to set this by eye. It works really well. I just have to rotate it to 30 degrees and 'click' its there, then up to 60 degrees and again 'click' its there. But the one's I love most are the 90 and 45 degrees, it now sets to vertical and right angle with no problems, easy and perfect every time... I love the NN4 
Destiny - Autopano.net forum

548.) I haven't used my new NN3 yet but I wanted to mention how great I think their customer support is. They sent the adapter, answered what ever questions I had to make sure that I was a happy customer. Its alway nice to do business with people who say what they mean and do what they say they will. 
Chuck S. USA Panoguide Forum

547.) Just to let you know that my NN5 has arrived up here in Iceland, already assembled, mounted on my tripod with my 5D MkII with battery grip + Canon EF 135 f/2 lens - and first test shots made. I'll keep this short - This excellent piece is truly and fully up to my expactations - a giant leap from its little sibling NN3 :-) Really sturdy and stable - and the Fanotec RD 16 rotator a real joy to operate. I just hope that coming weekend will arrrive with favourable weather for serious panorama shooting !!!! Thank you - and all the best from ICELAND 
Pall Gudjonsson

546.) Hi Rob, Thank you for making this exchange so easy! Thank you for sending me the ring for the Sigma 8mm F3.5 Ex DG Fisheye Lens. Welcome back from vacation!

545.) I've got an NN5 with an RD8 rotator, Leveler II and a nadir adapter. It's been a superb machine and I can't say enough good things about it.
John R. NASATech.net

544.) Just purchased an NN5 with RD16 factory second. The product is extremely well made. It looks like it will be more than capable of supporting a heavy SLR and possibly more. I have to say I was extremely happy with the customer service from Rob who gave excellent advice on choice of product. My order was completed Monday and arrived in Australia on Friday from Arizona. You would not know it is a 2nd I cant fault it in any way. Many thanks to the Ninja team. 
Lloyd Young.

543.) I had the pleasure of chatting with Mauro....and I can literally say that he provided to me support of quality beyond my best expectations. Many thanks,
Thomas M. Slovakia

542.) Hi Bill, I just have bought a Nodal Ninja 5 and it is a real (!!!) cool panohead! Best regards, 
Holger T, Facebook

541.) note: We contacted customer for feedback after 3 year old purchase: 
Hi Bill, They are holding up perfectly. I love them. I've been using the NN5 with a Mamiya 645AFD II and a Leaf Aptus digital back. the files that I can generate with relatively few images are very impressive. I'm beginning to consider getting an 80MP digital back in the not too distant future which would allow me to make files in the 2GB range with 5 exposures. If you are interested in seeing any of the images they are on my website. Most of the images that are larger than 24x30 are stitched. Anyway - your products are great and they are holding up well. At some point I will be trying to get several NN3s for my program. Best, 
David T. NM USA

540.) Hi there. I have just come back to the UK on my R&R and found my delivered Nodal Ninja. I can report that it is of really good quality and I am well happy with it. Money well spent. I have yet to use it but I must first look for a good solid tripod but I am sure it will give me good service. Thanks
Ross B. UK

539.) Our ez leveler arrived today!(3 days! wow) Thank you Nodal Ninja. This is a fine piece of metalwork, fit and finish are exceptional. Tactile feel of the jackscrew threads is just plain sexy, with no perceptible backlash. The ez leveler will speed up your workflow. ...As for the people of Nodal Ninja, not only did they honor their word, but went even further by sending me the case when I unwittingly choose the caseless model. To top it all off, they also sent me a "Nodal Ninja Coin". Customer appreciation and service of this caliber are rare. If anyone is on the fence about purchasing a Nodal Ninja product, don't hesitate. These are the kind of people you want to deal with everyday.
Buffalo Vr - Facebook

538.) Hi Derek, THANK YOU SO MUCH, I really appreciate your personally getting involved and getting this order shipped. Your personal touch will help this company grow, for sure. And, if you have a survey that I can fill out about what great service you gave, I am happy to do that. I look forward to dealing with your store much more due to your courtesy and rapid responses and making me feel like you're ONLY customer.
Bobbie H. USA

537.) Incredibly generous seller, allowed me to return the lens when it didn't suit my needs, even though he was not obligated to. Highly recommended
Joshua R. - Amazon.com

536.) Very Prompt shipping. Very Happy with product.
Rob C. Amazon.com

535.) Excellent product. Fast shipping
Tony L. - Amazon.com

534.) My new R1, pole adaptor, RD16 adaptor, Rail Stop, Olympus 8mm ring kit and free silicone plugs arrived yesterday, very nice piece of kit, looking forward to trying it out in Winchester, UK next week while on Holiday.
Neily S. - Facebook

533.) I have the RD3L on my NN3 and absolutely love the ease of use. I could not imagine not having the E-Z leveler!!! Congrats!!!
Jarred A. Facebook

532.) NodalNinja was extremely helpful with my order. He went out of his way to make sure I received the product on time. The product was in MINT condition as advertised and he also provided helpful and intelligent responses to my product questions. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.
Tyler K. - Amazon.com

531.) Seller very generously reversed all charges when I canceled an item during transit; very courteous and professional communication.
Oliver B. - Amazon.com

530.) We just had a Photo Adventure Maui and everyone loved the NN5 w/RD16. We had a shoot out between Really Right Stuff and Nodal Ninja and The Nodal Ninja WON!!!!!!! I will send Panos as soon as I process.
Randy H. Facebook

529.) Thanks for supporting us... and enjoy your Ninjas ;)
Roman M. Facebook

528.) I have used the R10 for well over a year now and have shot hundreds of panoramas with it. The anodizing is wearing off. It has never let me down. The lens mounts in the exact same position over and over again. I like the lens ring clamp system so much that I adapted my pano head to use a ring mount and eliminate the upper arm (sort of). It is a great clamping system.
DennisS - Panoguide Forum

527.) You are going to need a proper pano head - especially if you are shooting with a fisheye lens. I would recommend a Nodal Ninja 3 or 5 series pano head:
Andrew - Panoguide Forum

526.) Big thumbs up for the Nodal Ninja Ultimate.
Mark H. - Panoguide forum

525.) Thanks so much - I don't think I've ever won anything before. I have been wanting one of these to go with my NN5L for quite some time. This is going to make my work so much easier!! The EZ Leveler that I won on Monday arrived to day and it is wonderful!!! I can't wait to shoot my next Virtual Tour and try it out. Thank you so much for your great products, helpful forum and the generous giveaways this week!! Y'all are awesome!!
Julie M. - Facebook

524.) Nodal is the best ... we use nn5 for many years now
Hans D. - Facebook

523.) Hi Bill, First of all I want to tell you how much I like my new Ninja 5 that I bought from you at the Tucson IAPP / IVRPA World Panorama Conference. The ability to shoot in the landscape mode makes all the difference to me since I shoot a lot of the big sporting events and being able to shoot landscape with the click stops makes my job so easy now. It is soooo simple and nobody seems to make their rigs to come apart like yours does to enable landscape shooting. Thanks, I love it.
George P. Georgia

522.) Hi Folks, I bought one of the NN3 panoheads after reading the comments on these forums and I have been well impressed with it since. A well constructed piece of equipment an well priced. Unfortunately, I managed to damage my NN3 and from that experience I am even more of a fan of the NN3 as I found that their customer service is second to none. I contacted Fanotec for advice after damaging the NN3 and I was bowled over by the quick response and by a quick replacement part shipped over from the states. Often I read customer reviews on web sites and seldom believe the comments. I have to say though, I now believe all I read about Fanotec and the Nodal Ninja. If anyone is considering buying a panohead, consider the NN3. To my mind, you really cant go wrong with the NN3.
Ped Glasgow UK

521.) We just had a Photo Adventure Maui and everyone loved the NN5 w/RD16. We had a shoot out between [deleted] and Nodal Ninja and The Nodal Ninja WON!!!!!!! 
Randy H. Hawaii - facebook

520.) I do love the NN3 and I really love the RD3L rotator/level. Why don't y'all market that combo more? It seems to be the perfect combo for the smaller cameras.....Just for your info, I am now a contract photographer for Everyscape and they have been very happy with my photos thanks to the Nodal Ninja. Thanks again,
Jarred A. Texas

519.) Mauro, Thank you again for everything that you and the team at Nodal Ninja did to get the product to me as you had promised. It made all the difference for me and what I was working towards in Italy...in fact, since this project, I don't know how I've lived without a Nodal Ninja in my photo arsenal before.
Nathan - Amazon.com

518.) Hi Bill, We got home from a successful 32 day road trip on US 89 last week. I really liked working with the Nodal Ninja 5. I could set it up quickly and it was very precise. I just did a post on our blog with a few of my shots and of a link to your site. 
Jim - James Cowlin Photographs

517.) Dear Bill, Thank you very much for adjusting the order.....It's nice to know that you read the comments carefully. Regards, 
Alex B. USA

516.) 5 out of 5: "Very Prompt shipping. Very Happy with product."
Rated by Buyer: lightspeedseven

515.) 5 out of 5: "Incredibly generous seller, allowed me to return the lens when it didn't suit my needs, even though he was not obligated to. Highly recommended"
Rated by Buyer: Joshua W.

514.) 5 out of 5: "NodalNinja was extremely helpful with my order. He went out of his way to make sure I received the product on time. The product was in MINT condition as advertised and he also provided helpful and intelligent responses to my product questions. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again."
Rated by Buyer: Tyler K.

513.) Hello: The NN 3 is a fantastic tool to work with ... we fix this VR head on our motoriezed MK PanoMachine v. 3.0 => so it´s possible to make a full 360° panorama in only 3 seconds !!! The bracket is very light - that´s what I like very much...
Marc K. Germany

512.) Nodal Ninja just arrived; it is great! Thanks Bill for a great product!
Steve L. Facebook

511.) Having used swing-lens type systems to make panoramas for several years I have only just made the switch to digital. Starting with 'guessed' motions I was not very satisfied with the results I was getting. I started looking at panoramic heads and a friend recommended I check out the Nodal Ninja. I can not be more happy with the NN3mk2. It is very easy to set up and use. It is very light and comes in a very nice travel case even making packing easy. That alone should be enough, but add to that truly excellent customer service makes this a very easy recommendation.
Andrew J. Amazon.com

511.) Mauro is one of the reasons people will return to Nodal Ninja. I have experienced one of the best customer service managers I have met during 40 years in business. Service minded, polite, intimately familiar with your products and their practical use, and very goal oriented. Mauro is one of the reasons why I continue to use Nodal Ninja - and plan to upgrade my line of Fanotec products during the next few months. 
With regards, 
Leif N. Denmark

510.) hey bill - wow, thanks so much, RD16 is great, i was actually gonna borrow a friends for this shoot, ive got about 4 friends in NY who have picked up NN's lately, or are just about to, everyone is interested in shooting panos all of a sudden. You could give classes (ahem, [name deleted], cough) on marketing and social networking yourself, nick makes a great product, and the far ranging and proactive support you have provided is what puts NN in a class by yourselves, and is unparalleled with about any other product i can think of, too bad you dont have a brother working for nikon not that they would listen to him anyway...
Sam R. NY NY

509.) You will find people have their own preferences in equipment and lenses. My setup is: Cannon 450D camera body Sigma 8MM Fisheye Nodal Ninja 3 MKII. Nodal Ninja is a good starting place. The pano head is good, supports a wide range of lenses for either the Nikon or Cannon camera bodies and is relatively inexpensive.
Ray S. - PTgui Forum

508.) Ditto on the Nodal Ninja heads. I compared a Swiss piece at the camera store for about $1800.00 and went with the NN3II and it works great for much less. The camera store guy turned up his nose when I asked if they carried NN and said, "No, that's internet only stuff."
Rich - PTgui Forum

507.) Hi Bill, ....your system seems so much better. I like the easy set-up of the Ultimate system vs the Nodal 5. Thanks!
Roger P. Flickr Member

506.) I was tempted by a [deleted] head a few months back, although the high prices and the serious lack of support put me right off....Nodal ninja is, by far, the best company to go to for equipment.
mr vr Panoguide forum 

505.) First of all I want to thank you for your kind and friendly advice in guiding my first steps in Panoramic photography. Then, I would like to express my appreciation for the highly professional quality of the Nodal Ninja System, the ease of use and the great design. As I told you over the phone, I upgraded to the 5L (+90 degrees detent rings) with a little regret. The NN3 MKII is just fabulous, lightweight and fits perfectly in my kit but unfortunately my current set up is a little too heavy, hence the necessary upgrade. I am glad I get to keep at least the EZ-Leveler II and I am looking forward to receiving the NN 5L to continue my panoramic activities. Thanks again for all your help.
Very best regards,
Giovanni - NY 

504.) For my sphericals I use a NN3 or alternatively an R1 on a ski stick; due to the low weight the perfect ones for my tours. Thomas W. Facebook 

503.) Sandal Ponds- Just a couple weeks ago I had the same exact question on my mind as you do. I think what really sealed the deal for me was looking through the forums and reading some of the great advice here. I actually plan on upgrading my camera so I went with the NN5 + rd16 + ez-leveler II setup. I promise you will not be disappointed. At first i did not plan on getting the ez-leveler II for cost reasons but I can tell you it is well worth it. I am very happy with the setup I have and amazed at the stability and ease of use! There are no con's in my mind on the decision I made! Sure it cost a little more but that will only prove a good decision down the road! Hope this helps! vibes35 NN forum 

502.) * .....This once again proves that you DO NOT GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ... when Nodal Ninja is involved. You get so much more than anyone could ever demand, request or even hope for. The level of customer care is beyond anything known to human kind, combined with the exceptional quality of build for very fair pricing, you will get much more than what you actually pay for. You never seize to amaze us Bill! Respectfully,
Trausti - Panoguide forum 

501.) Need to second Trausti's comments. Very happy customer on NN products, and their support, all the way to Asia Pacific - Malaysia. regards
Sebastian - Panoguide forum

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