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901) 5/5: "Very Prompt shipping. Very Happy with product."

902) 5/5: "Incredibly generous seller, allowed me to return the lens when it didn't suit my needs, even though he was not obligated to. Highly recommended"

903) 5/5: "NodalNinja was extremely helpful with my order. He went out of his way to make sure I received the product on time. The product was in MINT condition as advertised and he also provided helpful and intelligent responses to my product questions. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again. "

904) 5/5: "Seller very generously reversed all charges when I canceled an item during transit; very courteous and professional communication. "

905) 5/5: "Excellent shipping and packing."

906) 5/5: "good experience "

907) 5/5: "Item as described, great product, great service."

908) 5/5: "Excellent product and fast shipping, thank you!"

909) 5/5: "Good seller.Thanks."

910) 5/5: "Outtstanding service. Make sure when ordering check what carrier will be sending you your product. Highly recommend future customers to purchase from this company - quality,solid product with great customer service! "

911) 5/5: "Ordered late Friday, arrived early Monday morning, doesn't get any better than that. Excellent product, Excellent service, will do business with again."

912) 5/5: "quick delivery and quick response on contact."

913) 5/5: "Arrived very fast. Thanks for great service."

914) 5/5: "A definite 5 stars, and a BIG Thank You, Bill Bailey. When I inquired about the shipment date, Bill did not hesitate to upgrade the shipment option from "regular" to "express"... so that I could receive my Nodal Ninja on time for my trip. THANK YOU!"

915) 5/5: "Package arrived earlier than expected."

916) 5/5: "This product is as described and is doing the job I needed it for at about half the price of some of it's competitor. I have have used it with a Canon 5d mkII and 24-905mm lens. but will be using a lighter lens most of the time. Thanks"d fast shipping, thank you!"

917) 5/5: "Service was fast and accurate. I called to ask about a T-plate adapter which wasn't included in the kit but I may have needed. I intended to pay for the part, yet when I called the seller, he went ahead and sent it out express mail at no charge. He obviously wanted to provide good customer service and he did. The product is great and I have no complaints.

918) 5/5: "Product works well and as expected. Prompt delivery."

919) 4/5: " The only diffculty was getting the merchandise delivered. USPS simply dropped off a slip indicating that item needed to be picked up at the P.O., although I was at home at the time. Perhaps USPS is not he best way to ship merchandise."
Seller Response: We do offer UPS and FedEx and by default we do ask for delivery confirmation so if not home they can only leave a pick up slip. Also the slip they leave many times allows you to sign giving instruction to the carrier to redeliver and leave at your door. We're sorry the experience you encounter, even though out of our control, made you feel our product/service was only worth a rating of 4.

920) 5/5: "fast, great service."

921) 5/5: "The best customer service I have delt with."

922) 5/5: "Let me tell you, it does not come any faster. Trust me, these guys are a perfect "90"."

923) 5/5: "This is a great item, it does what it has to do perfectly well. I had a technical question and the answer came back within hours! Great product, great service."

924) Dear Bill, How should I tell the feeling of these thanks to you? Because I am weak in English, I may not convey my feeling well. I really thank for your goodwill of this time. I look forward to that an article arrives very much. You're very kind.
Best regards,Shigeru, Japan

925) Hi Bill, Thanks for the follow-up.  And for the kind gift. Cheers
Brian. K USA

926) Just like everything I've purchased from Nodal Ninja and Fanotec. This is an amazing tool. It allows me to get some truly unique angles, and being a stable platform I can shoot long into the evening when other elevated options have to pack it in as soon as the exposure times get longer.  Thanks Bill and Nick for your attention to detail and uncompromising quality! I'm always visiting the site to see what you've come up with next. (Can't wait to get my hands on that Pole 3 Extension!!) 
Bill H. USA 

927) Dear Bill, How should I tell the feeling of these thanks to you? Because I am weak in English, I may not convey my feeling well. I really thank for your goodwill of this time. I look forward to that an article arrives very much. You're very kind. 
Best regards, Shigeru, Japan

928) This is an awesome addition. Finally, you can shoot panos in rows with any lens. The click stops are poorly explained in the "documentation" but once figured out, is a snap. Click, click, click. I easily produced a vertical set pano 10 across in 3 rows. Using AutoPan (not PS), I produced a flawless pano with a 70 mm lens thus reducing barrel and lens distortion. Highly recommended. Highly crafted...
Comments by bodywise : awesome (Ultimate M1-L With RD16 II Rotator Panoramic Head) 5 stars

929) Hi Rob:We have been so busy but wanted to thank you for meeting with us on Monday morning. Brad and I really appreciate your time and support. The extension arm works great!
Regards, Suzanne

930) Extensive gear testing last week: Nodal Ninja M2 panorama head. 1st impression: super precise. built like a tank. manual gigapixeling at it's best!
Thomas B. Austria

931) This product is superior in cost performance. I am very happy :-))
Keiji Y. Hokkaido, Japan.

932) Very satisfied with your products.
Harry Hobo USA

933) While I have not used the Nodal Ninja system yet form the quality of the machine work that I have found in the construction of these units I would expect them to last for years and perform the task required of them with no problems. I am looking forward to my next purchase which will be the Series 2 Pole System.
Vern S. Vancouver, WA

934) You have a very special relationship with your customers, keep it up.
Anonymous USA

935) Just ordered for the first time but wanted to thank the Ozzy from Melbourne for the great customer service! Thanks!
Anonymous USA

936) Keep it up!
Anonymous USA

937) My NN5 has worked flawlessly since the day I got it. Lots of parts, but it's a quality tool. I wish I had a few more ways to lock in a camera at specific points, something like click stops for the rail. It never fails that I get a measurement set up for a camera / lens / focal length (65.x for this rail, something else for another one) and then still feel like I'm off a little bit. I've recalibrated / lost my numbers more than I care to admit ... perhaps a place on NN5's website for me to store my own combo's so I always have them later.
Anonymous USA

938) Nonetheless, you produce a beautifully fuctional piece of equipment from which I hope to get years of use. Kudos also to your top-notch customer service dept. & it's dedication to rapid response. Thank you....
Jeff T USA

939) I support and train on the Nodal Ninja 3 solution for Leica HDS in the UK and really do have confidence in recommending this equipment to Customers because of the quality and relaibilty of the products, which I feel are supurbly engineered.
Anonymous USA

940) NN3 was everything I was expected from this kind of product in panophotography market. It proved to be solid, reliable, ease of use and affordable. I would trust any product from Fanotec.
Laurentiu R. USA

950) Good to see that you are collecting data about your service!
Anonymous USA

951) Your products are, to my opinion, the best and easiest to work with.
Anonymous USA

952) R1 has been my pano head of choice for a few years, very compact, convenient, light and easy to carry good reproducibility. 
Nick C. UK

953) Made some virtual tours with NN4 :) It's better!
Anonymous USA

954)Keep on working so good and hard for the panocomunity. I hope to meet one of you at one of those interesting annual meetings I´ve always wished to attend. Maybe next time, who knows.
Anonymous UK

955) I plan to use your trade-in program with my recent NN4 purchase. This was the deciding factor for me. GREAT program, and makes me feel good about updating equipment on a more timely schedule. It's also the reason I am buying a NN4 rather than getting some needed replacement parts for my NN3.
Anonymous USA

956) I picked the NN3 a few years ago to shoot panoramas for expeditions that led me into remote areas. The NN3 was obviously compact and looked extremely sturdy. It's performed extremely well, under harsh conditions, and takes a beating. It's a fantastic product. I'm getting another one.
Jerry W. USA

957) The quality of your product in top rate. I was considering other manufactures but the quality and price point won out. This in a very high end product.
David J USA

958) altrough the internet site is nice, but he also is a bit complex visually, maybe there are too much indications given everywhere on the various pages (too much goodwill should I say) on the contrary it is more human (compare with 360 precision for example)
jean-and France

959) My experience with Nodal Ninja has been great. I feel that you sincerely care about the product and the people who use it. keep up the good work.
Anonymous USA

960) I just LOVE my NNs :-) AND Bill Bailey crew as well :-)
Anonymous USA

961) I just got the NN3 Mk 2 a few weeks ago. I am shooting practice panos to get used to using it. So far it has exceeded my expectations. I will be getting a new small DSLR soon, with some new lenses, including a zoom, about 24-100 (35 mm eq), and some primes. Will depend on how many images I will be using to shoot expanded landscapes. Still testing, but I love the NN3. It is well-made, lightweight, easy to set up and use. I might eventually get an advanced rotator also.
Mac F. USA

962) Great products! Fantastic service, second to none! Is Nick getting any sleep??? :)
Anonymous USA

963) The Nodal Ninja Forum is a big help for me. The local reseller here in the Philippines only have the NN3. I just hope they start keeping stocks of the Fanotec poles. - 
Ruel R. Philippines

964) That guy at North Bay Panos is great!!
Anonymous USA

965) I have not much money. But if I have money, I will consider greatly your products...
Anonymous USA

966) You should update this survey with your new products (NN4 and M1) so folks who have those or are looking to get them can mark those answers. Otherwise, keep up the great work!
Anonymous USA

967) I am realy Happy with NN3MKII, Easy to Handle, Now I am looking to buy advance roter whitch should be sutable to for markin's Ball Head.
Anonymous USA

968) I have been extremely pleased with the quick responses to emails. Your customer service is one of the best that I have experienced. The quality of products and after purchase support is excellent. Keep up the great work.
regards, karl Germany

969) With Nodal Ninja, the vast majority of my panorama work has been effortless. Any errors were generally human-caused (ie leaving the system on auto-focus, etc). I cannot blame any errors on the NN 5.
Anonymous USA

970) I bought my pano head and tripod from Red Door in the UK and was very satisfied with it.
Anonymous UK

971) Mauro Contrafatto was most kind in answering my multiple emails. While his answers convinced me to take the plunge and purchase I still have some unanswered questions. I will poke around the site more to look for user groups, PTGui Templates, tripod recommendations, etc. Over all I'm excited about my purchase and I can't wait to finally retire my home made wooden pano mount. It works fine, but looks completely amateur.
Anonymous USA

972) So far Nodal Ninja is the best for me - small,lightweight,sturdy - for use with medium sized cameras. I bought directly online- worked very well.
Anonymous USA

973) I have purchased items from Nodal Ninja in the USA and Red Door and 3D Tactical VR in the UK and have found all three excelent to deal with.... I have met Andrew and he really does know his stuff. However I have links to all 3 on my web site....The only problem with dealing direct with Nodal Ninja in the USA is the duty payable on items entering the UK and the £8 the Post Office charge to colect the duty, which is a great shame as USA prices are much keener than UK prices and I would have bought a Nadir Adapter for $34.95, but am recluctant to buy one at £51.54.
Hugh A. UK

974) I use My NN in conjunction with a leica HDS 6000 to apply color mapping. I also do some pano tours on the side.
Anonymous USA

975) Bill's service is amazing as always! :) Thank you guys.
Anonymous USA

976) Excellent quality!
Anonymous USA

977) there really isnt more I can say....you are great!
Anonymous USA

978) See 360precision.com for they do a great job showing their lines, but their reputation is horrible that's why I did not buy their gear. Even their distributors hate them. 

979) You are doing wonderful marketing for I see your ads everywhere I look. Probably the best job out there... It seems like your engineering is flawless from what I saw in Tucson.
Anonymous USA

980) Keep the good work guys.
Anonymous USA

990) I use the NN5 daily as the area's only full time VT provider for real estate.
Anonymous USA

991) You guys rock! 
Anonymous USA

992) I have found nothing but good things to say about this product. Strong build with easy moving parts and a sharp design. I have photographed many panos with this. Stitching is perfect and very accurate with the degrees. Happy customer.
Crosbydove OR

993) Nodal Ninja N4-PKG - Great tool, but requires setup. About Me Photo Enthusiast. Verified Buyer.Pretty slick little tool - worked great right out of the box, albeit after a bit of setup. Requires setup for each lens/camera combination, but making marks on the pano arms helps reduce changeover time the 2nd time around. Great for a dedicated lens/camera combo, but changing lenses in the field can be tricky (especially in the dark). Rotation of pano head became sticky and troublesome on 3rd use.Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
By Jazzerlex from Los Angeles, CA

994) Nodal Ninja 3 a Superb Kit. What a superb kit. I use the NN3 MKII with an old Sigma DP1s (circa 5 mpix) to stitch together moderate to ultra-wide fields and increase megapixel depth for higher resolution. I typically end up with 15 to 30 megapixel stitches sorted out in a minute or two with the NN3 and DP1 (and this after ruthless cropping later). The notch settings on the pano guide allow me to preset the next stitch while the (slow) camera loads the RAW image to memory without me looking through the LCD. 10 to 30 frame stitches (and I'm sure more but I don't need larger) are really fast and easy, which is helpful if you're doing landscapes with quickly moving clouds. The build quality of the NN3 is flawless, break down and set up quick and easy. It's super light and a great match for the tiny DP1, a Hakuba carbon tripod, and a small Joby ball head. I leave the verticle assembly attached to the camera and pack it in my tiny camera bag. I leave the horizontal assembly on the tripod and ball head and pack the lot in the tripod bag. In practice, I haven't even noticed the weight difference. I'm totally happy. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Troy SC

995) Nodal Ninja N4-RD16-2 - worth it! About Me Semi-pro Photographer Verified Buyer. It's awesome to have this piece.
24@K Brooklyn NY

996) Nodal Ninja EZL-II-C - A must when it comes to leveling! About Me Pro Photographer. Verified Buyer. I use the EZ Leveler with my Nodal Ninja panoramic head... absolutely perfect when it comes to ease of use and great results! I highly recommend! Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Rodasaurusrex from Vancouver, WA

997) Nodal Ninja EZL-II-C - On the Level ...Really. About Me Photo Enthusiast. Verified Buyer. I bought the EZ Leveler II in order to shoot level panoramas with my new Nodal Ninja M1L panorama head. It works as advertised. I attach the EZ Leveler II to my sturdy Manfroto tripod. To the EZ I attach the M1L. Using the M1l's bubble level I make adjustments to my tripod's ball head. Then I fine tune the level with the EZ until the bubble is centered. That's all there is to it. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
By RVDigitalBoy from Alachua, Florida

998) Nodal Ninja EZL-II-C - beautifully crafted. About Me Pro Photographer. Verified Buyer. I photograph architecture. Leveling is important to me.I get close to straight with my ball head and now I can fine tune my leveling with the EZ-Leveler. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
By andrea brizzi from honolulu HI

999) Nodal Ninja N4-PKG - Nice and easy. Very nice product for full frame camera. I use my d800 and it works very good. Making virtual tours with this it's fairly simply.
By Tony from Miami

1000) I'm convinced this is a critical tool. I've been doing panoramic photography for a short time, and I've been reluctant to plunk down a small chunk of money for a device like this, instead reverting to alternative ideas to make pans, i.e. fisheye lens adapters and lens rings. After my last road trip, and a few photographic epiphanies along that way, I decided to take the plunge and pick up this item. It's turned into a great investment. Using this device along with a simple point-and-shoot camera has taught me a ton more about shooting angles, no-parallax points, and just photography in general. It's also helped me understand better my camera's operational abilities and limitations. Do yourself a favor. If you are an aspiring panographer or just a typical spherical photography hack like me, plunk down the $[$]for this item, and also pick up a sturdy, headless tripod along for the ride. They'll both be worth the investment. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
M. lopez CA

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