iris360 Camera

  • Google - Iris360 Camera
  • Google - Iris360 Camera
  • Google - Iris360 Camera
  • Google - Iris360 Camera
  • Google Approved Iris360 Camera used for Street View
  • Google Approved Iris360 Camera used for Street View
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This camera has been sold out - stay tuned for the 90MP iris360PRO

archival listing of iris360 


World's First! 

Full Auto Capture, Auto Stitch, Auto HDR, Auto Upload 360 Degree Camera

with increased 360° x 175° field of view
This is the actual nadir

With an increased FOV the nadir (footprint) is substantially reduced.  And NCTech has added the "Pinch" option to blur the small black square that's left via firmware or via an option in Immersive Studio.  

All pre-orders have been shipped (if you have not received an email please contact us)

The NEW 2nd Generation iris360™ is the world’s "highest resolution", fully automatic, 360-degree HDR camera that’s designed to streamline the capture and upload of 360-degree images to Google Street View. 

Makes a great virtual tour camera. Also stores source files to SD card.
Virtual Tour Companies, Panoramic Photographers take notice


camera shown is older model


Check out the latest features of the iris360 on Vimeo.

Key features of the upgraded version:
* Easy Touch Top Panel
* Power efficient bright LED’s
* New fisheye lenses
* Extended 360 x 175 FOV
* Reduced Nadir Hole
* Improved DOF
* Various internal hardware updates and enhancements

Nodal Ninja is proud to partner with NCTech to bring our US customers the new iris360. NCTech has worked with Google over the last year to develop the iris360 which is the only automatic 360 degree camera approved for Google Trusted Photographers. The iris360™ is designed to help photographers, and the not so skilled photographers, to easily photograph businesses and upload them directly to Street View. As of August 2015 Google’s Business View program will be rebranded to “Street View | Trusted” and will remain focused on supporting pro photographers who publish photo spheres to Google Maps. This new platform and mobile app are designed to support iris360 images. Street View | Trusted Photographers using iris360 will continue to get the ‘see inside’ button on Google search results.

Other Uses:

But wait there's more - because the images are saved to SD card the source files can be worked in 3rd party software to include PTGui, Kolor, and Garden Gnome. This gives users much more versatility which will allow for use with personal panorama creation as well as real estate, commercial, etc. Virtual Tour Companies should pay particular attention to these added capabilities


Innovation in your hands:

  • Fast - time to capture 10 seconds
  • 360° x 175° field of view (onboard software completely eliminates the nadir)
  • Simple - developed to allow users to capture high volumes of 360-degree image data without needing photography skills or understand the challenges of 360 imaging.
  • Resolution 8000x4000 pixels
  • GPS, tilt and roll, and compass integrated.
  • Automatic onboard stitching (approx 2-3 mintues).
  • The images are fully compatible with any Virtual Tour editor.
  • Can be fully operated via WiFi from a remote tablet or smart phone and images can be shared publicly on the cloud via the Google Street View App.
  • Advanced onboard technology analyzes the entire scene around the camera, take the images, process them and produce an image ready for sharing.

World's first 360-degree camera features:

  • "High Dynamic Range" (HDR) - only 360-degree camera that provides on board automatic HDR capable of stunning images from even the most challenging light conditions.
    HDR off - 1 image
    HDR ON - 5 bracketed images
    HDR+ - 9 bracketed images
  • "Range analysis" - only 360-degree camera provides on board range analysis. Each time a picture is taken, iris360 calculates the distances to objects across the entire scene around the camera and uses these calculations to determine how to best process your image and provide outstanding stitching quality and performance.
  • "Parallax correction" - only 360-degree camera in the world that provides on board parallax correction to improve its stitching quality. Parallax error is a very complex issue to resolve and occurs when a camera has more than one lens. As part of our developments within the engineering sector with iSTAR, we pioneered a new, highly accurate 3D modeling.

iris360Integrates with Street View Upload panoramic photos directly.

The development of iris360 enables panoramic images to be published on to Street View, quickly and easily with a the tap of an icon. The iris360 is the first camera in the world to support the Open Spherical Camera interface which allows the user to control the camera from a mobile device running the latest apps including the new Street View app.

Thoughts from a Google Trusted Master Photographer:
"I am very interested in the product and will be discussing it in conjunction with the future of Google related work with my industry colleagues. Many think your device will be the death of the Google TIP program, I am looking for ways to leverage it to our advantage. Whatever the case there is no doubt in my mind that NCTech is offering a simple solution to a previously complex series of tasks. That simplicity opens the door for exponentially increasing camera users and will accelerate the implementation of the new “Street View” project. From the capture end of the project who wins or loses at the end of the day remains to be seen, but from the supply side the iris360 is a “Game Changer”....congratulations!" Robert (Bob) Hewitt - MPA Nationally Accredited Master Photographer

High-resolution stunning images taken with iris360

sample 1
sample 2
sample 3
sample 4
sample 5

camera shown is older model 

Technical data

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 4.5" x 4.5" x 6.2" (115mm x 115mm x 157mm)
  • Resolution: 8000 x 4000 pixels 360° x 175° field of view
  • Sensors: GPS, tilt, and roll, compass
  • Internal processing: Onboard HDR, range stitching, blending, compression of images
  • External processing: Optional “stitch later” of images using Immersive Studio™ desktop application
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs (1kg)
  • Wireless connectivity: WiFi 802.11n
  • Battery: 6500mA
  • Audio: 76db
  • Power and battery life - Designed to capture all day long. iris360 is shipped with an extra long life battery allowing for hundreds of images to be captured on one single charge. If you need more, the battery can easily be replaced on the go with a freshly charged battery or by connecting our external battery pack accessory. The iris360 can be powered directly from mains allowing the battery to be charged while in use or on standby.

Read full specifications

What’s included:

  • iris360™ camera with update
  • One-year limited consumer warranty
  • Removable battery
  • DC mains charger
  • Quick-start guide

Note: Warranties are non-transferable. Due to lens placement some parallax error/ stitching lines may appear on floor and ceiling and when placed close to walls or objects. Images in gallery are of older camera.


RETURN POLICY: iris360 Camera by NCTech 
If you are not completely satisfied with your iris360 purchase, for any reason, simply request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) within 7 days after receiving your product.
*Some restrictions apply:

  • Seller, at their discretion, may deny a return request.
  • Cameras must be in working order and undamaged.
  • Buyers are responsible for the shipping cost of return.
  • Returns must be sent with signature confirmation.
  • Items returned will incur a restocking fee.
    • 10% restocking fee if goods are returned within 7 days in like new condition (no signs of wear), complete with ALL packaging, original boxes manuals, and warranty/registration cards. 
    • 35% if goods are returned in working condition, incomplete or condition shows any signs of wear.


Refunds are made within 30* business days of receipt, and will be applied to your original payment method. A credit will appear on your next statement, depending on the issuing bank and billing cycle. Original shipping charges are not refundable.

If you have questions regarding returning an iris360 order, you can also call us at 480-659-9899 .



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