LASiris VR – 3D Reality Capture Camera

  • LASiris VR – 3D Reality Capture Camera
  • LASiris VR – 3D Reality Capture Camera
  • LASiris VR – 3D Reality Capture Camera
  • LASiris VR – 3D Reality Capture Camera
  • LASiris VR – 3D Reality Capture Camera
$ 13,000.00

LASiris VR – 3D Reality Capture Camera

2 years in the making
Accurate, Automatic, Powerful, 3D 360

Capture reality at the touch of a button with the LASiris VR.
Vivid 120MP HDR imagery combined with 328 foot range (100m) LiDAR
and full ColourCloud® processing onboard.
Rethink how you Capture Reality.

No license fees, No contracts, Just capture

120MP HDR Image Resolution

Delivering the highest resolution and levels of detail, where 10 bit HDR and precision optics combine to deliver simply superior results, capturing a full 360 x 300 degrees field of view.

328ft (100m) Precision Lasers

LASiris VR captures precision depth data from the scene using 16 precision lasers angled across 30 degrees, spinning at 600rpm. When LASiris VR rotates, the laser beams criss cross each other to give an increased level of accuracy and resolution within the scene. ColourCloud® then combines data from the calibrated optics and lasers to produce a colour point cloud. The data is saved to SD card for use on any 3rd party system, or can be processed and shared on

Removable Storage

The removable SD card storage means you can capture as much data as you need and never run out of disk space when you need it most. Easily share data between computers without the need to purchase additional hardware or tablets.


The Kelpies are 100ft (30m) high horse-head sculptures in Falkirk, Scotland. The LASiris VR was placed at 7 locations around the heads at ground level and set to capture at medium resolution. 120MP images, 343 million points registered, excluding sky.

 Controlled from your phone

Our native IOS and Android App makes LASiris VR simple to control from any smartphone or tablet. It’s perfectly suitable for multiple markets including Video Game Development, Architecture, Survey, Construction, Heritage, Forensics, Collision Investigation, Visual Effects Creation.

 Capture - Process - Deliver

LASiris VR comes complete with access to to enable you to backup, process, edit and even share your 3D content through our VR cloud services. OnestopVR will automatically process your data fast and provide you with truly amazing immersive walkthroughs and virtual tours or your real world places. Fully compatible with ColourCloud®.
Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, UK – depth and colour data captured by LASiris VR

 Automatic data processing and filters

Onestopvr provides a number of fully automatic processing options to help provide the best quality of data, in the fastest time. Here we see data captured from a very busy scene where hundreds of people have walked through the image during a 20 minute capture. Each person causes a spike in the 3D data as they are measured. Onestopvr automatically removes problems such as this. 

Virtualise your real world places

NCTech have been at the forefront of 360 imaging for AEC markets since 2010. Our iSTAR® camera is used in many architect, engineering and construction markets as a trusted tool to capture reality in high resolution HDR. LASiris VR is designed to offer the ultimate workflow and onsite advantages. Image and point cloud data is automatically processed with ColourCloud® onboard to deliver immediate 3D color point clouds to review on your mobile device.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Range 328 feet (100m) usable range
  • Field of view 360° x 300°
  • Range accuracy 1.2" (30mm) typical
  • 3D accuracy 1.2" (30mm)
  • IP class 54
  • Speed 300,000 pps
  • ISO 100 – 6400
  • Scanner resolution User definable, up to 0.02° hor. / 01–0.4 vert.
  • Laser class 1
  • Principle approach ToF
  • Colour HDR 120 Megapixels
  • Data storage SD Card
  • File output E57, NCTRI
  • System O3D API
  • Dimensions 7.9" x 6.2" x 10.6" (20cm x 16cm x 27cm)
  • Weight 9.9lb (4.5kg)

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

NOTICE: This item is not yet available for purchase - for the latest news on availability please visit the NCTech website