NN3 MKII No Lower Rotator (F3118)

$ 149.95

Level: Amateur - Semi Pro. 
Lenses: 8mm - 50mm focal length     
Features: Compact, Lightweight, Inexpensive, Durable
Uses: Real Estate, Travel, Hobbyist, Hiker, Amateur
Cameras: Compact, Rangefinder, Micro Four Thirds, smaller DSLR's


NN3-MKII has won the Editor's Choice Award, Gold Award, Pixelmania Award, 5 out of 5 ratings from Chasseur d'Images and Applelinks.

This model is best suited for those on the go, a popular choice for Real Estate photographers, hobbyists, hikers and travelers alike. Use for single row and even multi-row. Produce stunning super high resolution panoramas with your point and shoot camera or smaller DSLR's. You can also mount your camera in both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) orientation.


  • Size - very small and compact making it easy to carry and stow (see specifications).
  • Weight: less than 1lb.
  • FULL rotation up and down and all-around (NO LOWER ROTATOR).
  • Fits almost all point and shoot cameras from ultra compact to compact and many smaller DSLR's using smaller lenses.
  • New rubberized metal knurled knobs. This not only allows for better gripping but also creates a better feel and enhanced look.
  • Made to higher precision tolerances than earlier models.
  • One knob adjustable resistance for horizontal panning.

Package includes:

  • Nodal Ninja 3 MKII lower rail and upper assembly.
  • Case
  • 2nd generation Camera Mounting Plate (CP-CP2)
  • 3 ea Metal Rail Stops
  • Hex Key + Misc parts


Note: The 16-35mm Nikkor lens is not compatible with both the NN3 and NN4 series pano heads.

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