Nodal Ninja 5 (F5500)

  • Nodal Ninja 5 (F5500)
  • Nodal Ninja 5 (F5500)
  • Nodal Ninja 5 (F5500)
  • Nodal Ninja 5 (F5500)
$ 365.45 (was $ 429.95)

This item was used as display only and is in mint like new condition. 

Used by amateurs and professionals alike this pano head is easy to setup and use. Fits almost all DSLR’s (Nikon D3, Canon MKII, etc) and even some medium format cameras a

nd supports DSLR's with optional battery grips.

Still lighter and more compact than comparable pano heads in it class the NN5 was built for the more demanding photographer. The NN5 series heads also allow for mounting in landscape mode. Many customers prefer the NN5 over the NN4 due to the slightly longer arms.NN5 Landscape mode







This pano head is an excellent choice when using heavier gear and longer focal length lenses. It is extremely versatile with it's universal design. 

The NN5 incorporate 15° positive locks can be disengaged on the fly without having to remove your camera by use of a handy little lever. Because of the positive locks NN5 can now support up to approx 2.5kg (5lbs).  It's important to note these are the maximum weight load limits. Ideal consistent working load limits are approx half the maximum weight load limits.

Nodal NInja 5 Series Key Features:

  • Longer rails (about 40mm longer than NN3) accommodating larger cameras like the Nikon D3 or Canon MKIII and cameras with battery grips.
  • Allows the use of larger lenses.
  • Upper rotator with 2.5 degree marking, good for making high resolution mosaics.
  • Upper rotator 15 degree lock stops which can be disabled on the fly without any tool.
  • Supports approx 2.5kg (5lbs) 
  • Precise rotator base with locking function.
  • Angular increment of 2.5 degree in the lower rotator and 5 degree marks on upper rotator, great for making high resolution mosaics.
  • Rail stops for "remembering" camera and lens settings.


  • NN5
  • New 2nd generation camera mounting plate
  • 2 rail stops
  • Hard Shelled Zippered Case
  • 1ea 30/36 degree detent ring (extra detent rings available)
  • Lubricant
  • Misc hey keys and washers


The Nodal Ninja 5 series can be used with our new advanced rotators as well for increased versatility.