Terapixel Robotic Head

$ 15,000.00

Level 3 Model: The Terapixel "powered by PixOrb"

A higher-end model that is ruggedized.  Ethernet connection available for networking with multiple cameras and overlapping coverage of large scenes and internet connection with remote units.

The frame members are based on modular ‘T Slotted’ aluminum components from Bosch Rexroth that are re-machined with unique double-dovetails to facilitate Acetyl plastic sliding positioning components, which can be adjusted adjacent to linear gauges. Sliding stops allow for breakdown and easy re-assembly if the system is to be shipped or backpacked. A single tool can be used for making most field adjustments and breakdown. Mechanical and controller systems are protected by laminated composite aluminum panels made by AluPanel; and are rigid and very lightweight. 

Tera’s have refined mechanical components integrating metric timing-belt resolution-amplifying technology using Gates GT2 - 2mm belts that enhance torque and repeatability.  The integrated transmissions add only ounces to the overall weight of the systems.

Since lubricants gather dust and grit and only operate within limited temperature ranges, PRS has selected wear resistant industrial plastic bearings by Igus. Additional advantages with Igus bearings are lower cost and lower weight.

Modular Design
The integrated motor and belt-drive transmissions operate independently from the structural frame members. The units come in both left hand and right hand configurations; mirror images of each other. This enables matched pairs to operate opposite one another on either side of the frame, for example in case twice the power is needed to tilt heavy camera/lens packages. Since the clutch mechanisms are also integrated, pre-balancing in addition to pre-positioning is enabled.

All of the three products have the same basic structure and interchangeable parts. An upgrade path from one level product to next can be provided. Accessories for all three units are available for an additional cost. 


Manufactured by Peace River Studios