We are proud to now offer an affordable rental/loaner program on many products we carry.

Rental Agreement Terms: 

  1. Renter or Renter Company shall pay to Nodal Ninja (NN) full product price charged during checkout, price refunded upon return less rental fee.  
  2. Rental term minimum 7 days followed by 7 day consecutive periods - 1 week, 2 weeks, or 3 weeks.
  3. Rentals only available inside the US,
  4. Deposit.  We require that the Renter provide an authorization hold to be placed on Renter's credit card in an amount of the retail cost of items sold separately and until the Equipment has been returned to Lessor in good working order. 
  5. Rental term begins the day following receipt and ends the day prior to sending the item back to NN via "UPS 3 Day Select or USPS Express only". Do not use FedEx. Example if item is rented for 7 day period:
    1. if received on Mon. rental begins on Tues. item due to ship back no later than the following Tues.
    2. if received on Tues. rental begins on Wed. item due to ship back no later than the following Wed.
    3. if received on Wed. rental begins on Thurs. item due to ship back no later than following Thurs.
    4. if received on Thurs. rental begins on Fri. item due to ship back no later than the following Fri. 
  6. Rental period applies to all 365 days in a year. If item is shipped on Friday we would expect to receive on Wed.
  7. In accepting delivery of the equipment the Renter thereby agrees that the equipment has been inspected, it is of satisfactory quality, free from defect and is suitable for the purpose of renting. Renter shall notify NN within 24 hrs of receipt should any items be missing or damaged.
  8. NN makes no representation or warranty that the equipment is suitable for the Renter's purpose whether made known to NN or not. 
  9. The Renter assumes full responsibility of the equipment against loss or damage to the full replacement value listed during checkout whilst in the Renter's possession or control. 
  10. The Renter shall keep the equipment in good and serviceable condition as received. Any damage caused to the equipment beyond normal use whilst in the Renter's possession or control shall be deemed the responsibility of the Renter. 
  11. Items rented may be used, if renter chooses to keep the unit please ask if any discounts for previous usage might be applied.
  12. If the equipment is not returned within the agreed rental term, NN shall be entitled to deem the equipment as purchased and the full cost may be charged to the Renter.
  13. Late return fee beyond rental period will be charged at a flat rate of $30 per day (including weekend and holidays) - no exception.  Returning late affects rental reservations for next renter in line.
  14. If the equipment is returned in a condition which, by industry standards, is not good and serviceable, NN may, at its sole discretion repair or replace the equipment and the cost shall be charged to the Renter at the cost of repair or replacement, as applicable. 
  15. The rental equipment shall remain personal property and continue in the ownership of NN.
  16. Renter shall return item with via UPS 3 Day Select Service at Renter expense. 

In order for our rental program to work we have to adhere to strict rules. Only a limited number of products are made available as rental units. Customers traveling from abroad plan ahead on these rentals and a delayed return would delay next customer in line which would back up the system causing an inconvenience for everyone. This is why we allow we set the terms to begin one day prior to receipt and end 1 day before sending back. Please re-read the above terms and make sure you understand them prior to renting. 

Loaners - Currently we only offer the Mecha as a free loaner for 1 week for US customers. We only have a limited quantity of loaners available and it is critical loaners be returned in 7 days or less so product is available for next person in line. If a product is offered as a loaner same rental terms apply with the following exceptions:

  • Loaner is available for term NOT to exceed 7 days. 
  • Late return fee based at a flat $30 per day (including weekend and holidays) - no exception. 
  • The Mecha product is in BETA phase (pre-production) and support is limited to forum only.
  • Offer limited to 1 item, 1 occurrence, per person.